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Three interesting talks at 'The Shunt' (24-25-26 September)

Alisa | 23.09.2008 11:22 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Social Struggles | London | World

The Global Economy - Past, Present and Future (24 Sep at 9:30 pm)

A Debate - Should We Re-open the 9/11 Enquiry? (25 Sep at 9 pm)

The Rise of 21st Century Fascism & 'Corporatism' (26 Sep at 9 pm)

The Global Economy - Past,Present and Future

Wednesday 24 September at 9:30 pm

Martin Summers is an activist, author and public speaker. Former East
European Project Manager for The New Economics Foundation, Martin will
talk on the history of the global economy from the 1930s to the
present day and charts its future.


A Debate - Should We Re-open the 9/11 Enquiry?

Thursday 25 September at 9 pm

This debate will see various evidence presented by Martin Summers (see re-open 9/11 campaign) which challenges the accepted theories of the events on September the 11th 2001. Nick Pope will respond to this evidence and a debate will ensue chaired by Franky Ma. The debate will then be opened up for the audience to offer their opinion.


The Rise of 21st Century Fascism & 'Corporatism'

Friday 26 September at 9 pm

Independant journalist and activist Tony Gosling will give a talk on the rise of 'corporatism' and the dumming down of the mainstream media. He will welcome the audience into a debate in regards to this as 21st century fascism.