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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Mayor of Hiroshima speaks in Manchester

26-10-2003 12:16

Mayor Akiba speaking in Manchester
On Saturday 18th october 2003, the Mayor of Hiroshima spoke at a CND meeting in Manchester.

You can see a dial-up encoded video clip of mayor Akiba's speech at:

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Lockheed Martin and the Canadian Census

26-10-2003 07:18

A call for help from U.K. activists

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suspicion after squat fire

25-10-2003 19:45

The XL squat in Londons commercial road has burnt down (sometime Saturday afternoon). It was a full on massive fire with a good half dozen or more fire engines in attendance. No one appears to be injured. There were only four people in the building (everyone else at the anarchist bookfair?).

Candle fire, dodgy electrics? Or something else?....

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Bush in Australia

25-10-2003 18:56

For detials of how our Australian friends welcomed Bush, check out the following links...

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Shooting of ISM-ers in Balata

25-10-2003 10:26

Just received this account in the middle of last night from my close friend, a former Cambridge student who is working in Palestine.

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anti-war protestor court case

25-10-2003 09:11


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Bristol Peace Vigil News : 25th October 2003

25-10-2003 00:20

Wednesday 19th November. See Below For Details*

Book The Day Off Work, & Book Your Bristol Coach Ticket!

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Impostors, filchers & murderer

24-10-2003 23:15

To be a Donor is to be a financier of american robber & murderer gang

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Tony Ben analysis if Iraq war is correct

24-10-2003 13:52

Tony Ben interview to BBC in "Hard Talk" ( one week ago ) provided a clear and honest perspective of the reasons behind the Iraq War...
In this short article, we can analyze with real facts, why Tony Ben is correct when he says... : This is armed roberry...

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All Souls Actions at USAF Fairford

24-10-2003 07:57

Weekend to mark the massacre of 10,000 people in the continuing war against the people of Iraq.

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fiction: The Death of Ariel Sharon

24-10-2003 07:26

A Short story (or a poem in prose) by Andrew L. Wilson

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Hunt for GOLD "Weapons of Mass Destruction" trophy

23-10-2003 23:59

College Student Creates Nationwide Treasure Hunt For $5000 Solid Gold "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" Trophy, A Bag Of Cash, And A Barrel Of Oil

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Join the George W. Bush NOT WELCOME Pretzel Campaign

23-10-2003 20:14

New Website:
Join the George W. Bush NOT WELCOME on-line Pretzel Campaign.
Join the electronic campaign to protest George W. Bush's visit to the UK in
late November. Visit the website now!

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Bum Rush Bush! - Full Info on Campaign (ru ready?)

23-10-2003 19:04

main message (gr stencil from
Here's the lowdown from the bloggerspot bum-rush-bush campaign, covered already by quite a few corp media outlets, and no doubt part of the reason why the public procession down the mall was cancelled (heh heh!)

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Reclaim The Bases

23-10-2003 12:04

Reclaim The Bases - new website & weekend of events jan 17-18 2004

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Bring pots and pans for (globally) warm welcome to BP boss, today, 5pm

23-10-2003 10:47

Bring pots and pans and whatever else you can find to make a right royal racket at BP boss Browne's greenwash-fest at the RIBA today at 5pm. We should be done by 6.30pm at the latest.

And wear a 'lounge suit' (!) if you have a ticket to hear the talk.

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FINALLY Some Truth about the USS Liberty

23-10-2003 04:21

And NOW, are there ANY Israeli high level ranking military men of HONOR..ANY Israeli soldiers or men.. ANYWHERE who will Break this Ugly Wall of Silence and present the Truth about this?

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Cheap Migrant Labor Imported into Iraq

22-10-2003 17:51

Reconstruction subcontractors in Iraq are importing cheap migrant labor from south Asia.

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22-10-2003 16:58

Menwith Hill, the biggest US spy base in the world, has provided critical surveillance information to assist the US in the illegal war and occupation of Iraq. Along with Fylingdales, Menwith Hill is part of the US National Missile Defence system, which allows the US to launch a nuclear attack on another country without fear of retaliation.