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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Congrats from The USA

21-11-2003 04:08

Powellocchio Lies placard
Congrats from those of us not so obsessed with the Michael Jackson arrest. We support your valiant efforts! Looking for peace protest artwork? Go to, a free anti-war, anti-empire, anti-occupation and peace protest artwork resource center.

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bombs target civilian people in istanbul

21-11-2003 03:37

in istanbul bombing attacks target civilian people. Just 5 days after the suicidal bombings to two Sinagogues in istanbul (15-11-2003 / 25 dead, 300 wounded), there were 2 new bombing attacks. One to the british consulate and the other to the HSBC bank head quarter. (27 dead, over 450 wounded)

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Peace, Chinese Food, and Sprinklers

21-11-2003 02:49

England's people show opposition to illegal war, while for London, life goes on as normal, on an evening dominated by peaceful happenings in a jumbled-up city.

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Fiery scenes from Trafalgar Square Thursday evening of Bush visit

20-11-2003 23:33

Video Just like any camp fire from the road protest days.
Lots of bonfires started to be lit in Trafalgar Square as the main protest was ending - at least 8 of them when I left so these pictures have a distinctly fiery feel to them.

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My favorite placards of today. (and a bit of graffiti)

20-11-2003 23:14

says it all
here are a few of the best placards I saw today/tonite

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A Prophetic Quote

20-11-2003 22:52

A quote from 1998 by Tony Benn...

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First batch of pics from Trafalgar Square Thursday evening

20-11-2003 22:04

Dense crowds when I arrived
It's November and those people have all had to wade through that cold, blood-red dyed fountain water to climb onto the wedding cake in the middle.

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Derby Rolls Royce Blockaders Found Guilty

20-11-2003 21:43

The trial of eight anti-nuclear protesters finished today at Derby Magistrates Court after a hearing lasting two and a half days. Protesters from Faslane Peace Camp and Trident Ploughshares had blockaded the gates of Rolls Royce in Derby during an action to highlight Rolls Royce's part in the illegal UK nuclear weapons programme.

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Bush statue toppling in Swindon

20-11-2003 21:09

statue toppling
Anti-war activists in Swindon who were unable to join the national demonstration in London against the Bush visit held their own protest in the town centre this evening.

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time to deal with the BAND OF THUGS

20-11-2003 19:57

so Bush and Blair are now advocating more violence to deal with the mess they have already created? wonder who THAT benefits, hmmm?

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Time lapse video of Trafalgar Square

20-11-2003 19:20

Time lapse video of Trafalgar Square from webcam. 16:00-19:00. More later.

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Audio Report: Party in Trafalgar Square (18:53)

20-11-2003 19:13

mp3 file: 36 seconds, 580 kb

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Jon Snow's tie

20-11-2003 17:56

Nice stars...
Look what Jon Snow was wearing on the 7pm Channel 4 News Wednesday...

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Audio report from Trafalgar Square: the toppling of Bush (17:22)

20-11-2003 17:53

mp3 file: 53 seconds, 836 kb

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Audio report 16:05

20-11-2003 17:35

mp3 file 23 seconds, 372 kb

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Statement of Solidarity from the DC Anti-War Network

20-11-2003 16:44

Statement on behalf of the D.C. Anti-War Network (DAWN) to
officially declare our support and solidarity for your protest of George
W. Bush's visit to your country.

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STOP PRESS: Times reporter done it before

20-11-2003 16:25

+++====+===TIMES REPORTER Laura Peek at it BEFORE!!!+++====+===

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tell the world

20-11-2003 16:24

we wish to hear and read and see reports of the protests in vancouver, canada, if you will please.

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Japan is with you!

20-11-2003 16:01

The anti-war movement here in Japan offers solidarity to all the protestors who with anger, humor and creativity call the world's attention to the hypocrisy of two war criminal-terrorists seff-congratulating themselves on standing up for democracy.

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London street webcams offline (surprise surprise, again...)

20-11-2003 12:48

webcams down again today - same as yesterdays crucial times

the register reported on it - correctly mentioning how this has happened during several other large demonstrations...