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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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07-03-2007 20:47

I just watched this great new video about the clash between Islam and the West and how to stop it

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Israel's Weapons Sales to Iran

07-03-2007 20:29

Israel's sale of conventional weapons and weapons of mass destruction into Iran during the last 27 years.

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Dump the Democrats and unite!

07-03-2007 18:32

U.S. foreign policy has not and will not change direction as long as the Democratic Party continues to be dominated by corporate interests and tacit compliance with the neoconservative agenda. The antiwar movement needs to understand this reality or it is doomed to collapse like it did under the pressure of the 2004 elections.

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SHUT DESO protest and petition - report

07-03-2007 17:28

demo outside deso symposium
the 'defence export services organisation' is a government department that directly promotes and subsidises the uk arms export business. with nearly 500 civil servants, it is unique in its support for a particular sector of british industry and with its use of taxpayers' money to protect the huge profits of private business engaged in the proliferation of weapons around the world

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French UNIFIL Troops "Seconds Away" From Downing Israeli Jet

06-03-2007 22:46

This is not the first such incident, as Israel violates the cease-fire, Lebanese airspace, and a legally-binding UN SC Resolution on a daily basis. These soldiers are no doubt nervous, as they know that Israel targeted and murdered several UN monitors during their assault on Lebanon, after UN personnel referred to Israel's actions publicly as "War Crimes".

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Bush Record of Illegalities Suggests Possible Role in 911

06-03-2007 22:43

Of course, this goes for all of the Fascists gathered around Bush, as their histories are filled with similar actions, professed Fascist ideology, and their fortunes were all built upon the human misery their actions have caused.

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US Troops Run Amok in Afghanistan

06-03-2007 22:32

”Moreover, there is this vicious circle inasmuch as even professional occupying armies become demoralized in time, which leads to acts of violence against the civilian population and thus strengthens resistance.”
-Zbigniew Brzezinski on Occupying Armies

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US Congress remains in a state of mental paralysis

06-03-2007 01:43

Is this U.S. Congress a modern-day version of the German Reichstag, the governing body that watched in silence and total submission as a powerful war machine was assembled and then launched those preemptive attacks that led to the horror of World War II?

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Tunez NOT Trident, Peace Not War - Oxford F365 Fundraiser

05-03-2007 21:33

This Sunday, benefit gig for the Oxfordshire Faslane 365 group's blockade at the end of the month. Ooo look, poster! Download and distribute where you live/work/drink/stick on your bedroom wall etc.

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Conferência mundial contra as bases militares estrangeiras

05-03-2007 17:28

Pela abolição do militarismo

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Mass murder of Afghan women & children

05-03-2007 09:22

It is clear that passive killing, passive mass murder, passive holocaust-commission and passive genocide involve the same moral culpability as the corresponding active processes. Indeed you can be the judge of to what extent what is clearly an Afghan Holocaust, the Mass Avoidable Death (MAD) of Afghans, constitutes Genocide (albeit a Passive Genocide that nevertheless involves the same moral culpability as Active Genocide) by simply considering the precise wording of the relevant parts of the UN Genocide Convention.

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Kurdish issue: Turkey to the negotiation table, Iran to the front!

05-03-2007 02:32

There is no question that neither Turkey nor Iran is willing to engage in a conflict with the Kurds. But, the fact that the negotiation process in Turkey has been, by and large, led by the USA, means that there is less hope for a healthy solution. US policy of bringing Turkey to the negotiation table while engaging Iran in a conflict will lead to tension between Turkey and Iran. As long as the USA and the UK hold the Kurdish trump card, PKK trump card, PJAK trump card, terror trump card, they will destabilise all the countries in the region.

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Sy Hersh: Neolib Disinfo Operative?

04-03-2007 18:44

Seymour Hersh
According to journalist and author Douglas Valentine, Sy Hersh is a “disinformation specialist” pedaling half-truths, a claim Valentine makes in relation to Hersh’s story on “Preemptive Manhunting” in Iraq (i.e., a rebirth of the Phoenix program, the nefarious assassination operation carried out in during the Vietnam war). “

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Nottingham Faslane 365 sign-up stall

03-03-2007 17:05

People from Nottingham Faslane took to the Market Square this Saturday to spread the word about our impending trip up to Scotland to blockade the evil Trident nuclear weapons base.

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Who is the threat? US military budget 500 times Venezuela's

03-03-2007 09:25

Using dubious figures, and fallacious comparisons, the New York Times has published an article trying to make it appear that Venezuela is a military threat to security in the Americas. Actually Venezuela spends less than Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, and, of course, the US-- Washington spends about 500 times as much as Caracas.

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Hicks, Howard and Rogue USA

03-03-2007 02:02

Anyone familiar with the criminal tactics of thoroughly corrupt State Institutions would not be surprised to learn of the plea bargain offered Guantanamo Bay detainee, David Hicks. After five years of torture and various other forms of physical and psychological abuse, the U.S. has offered a deal that would see Hicks released from Guantanamo but not necessarily from continued incarceration.

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Poltergeist Osama Makes His Return

03-03-2007 01:05

Isn’t it curious “al-Qaeda” has decided to “open new fronts” in countries that figure on the neocon target list?

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Two East Timorese protestors killed by Australian troops

02-03-2007 20:30

neo-colonial operation
The entire political and media establishment is complicit in the Howard government’s neo-colonial operation in East Timor, and the latest killings have, predictably, produced not a word of protest. While posturing as opponents of Australia’s participation in the occupation of Iraq, the Labor Party and the Greens back every military intervention in the Pacific to the hilt—from East Timor in 1999, to the Solomons in 2003 and 2006, and the Timor operation last year.

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What will you be doing?

01-03-2007 22:17

Faslane365 is an audacious year long protest at the Faslane Trident nuclear weapons base. Dozens of groups from all over the world are taking turns to peacefully blockade the base. Join the Nottingham group now.

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racist empire revivalist Blair has key British 'left' doing his propaganda

01-03-2007 21:21

An interesting spectacle is occurring in Britain, with the very successful careerist as the authorised [by the state] left socialist platform grabber Viscount Stansgate [Oops! Tony Benn, how very populist sounding!] providing reliable guidance and protection for his successors Ken Livingstone and George Galloway as they find their spots as the next generation of elder statesmen doing the sales pitches for UK PLC. So close is Benn to Livingstone and Galloway that any visitor even from across the channel will be shocked to be told that these are persons of the left. They are very very happily doing the job for British military and racist propaganda that Blair could not dream of doing himself.