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What will you be doing?

Concerned person | 01.03.2007 22:17 | Faslane | Anti-militarism

Faslane365 is an audacious year long protest at the Faslane Trident nuclear weapons base. Dozens of groups from all over the world are taking turns to peacefully blockade the base. Join the Nottingham group now.

On 31st March – 1st April a diverse group of concerned individuals from Nottingham will be taking their turn.

We need more people to join us to make this an effective protest, either to actively participate in the blockade or to provide support roles. We are arranging training, transport, accommodation and catering for everyone who wants to join us.

Even if you cannot travel up to Faslane your support is needed as there are many jobs to do in advance.

Everyone is welcome to our weekly meetings on Monday at 7.30pm at the ASBO Community Space, 35 Burns Street, Arboretum (use the door at the back if the front door is locked). If you are intending to come with us to Faslane it is very important that you do come to the meetings.

If you would like to get involved please contact us at the email address below and also let us know whether you intend to come with us to Faslane or will be supporting in other ways.

For more information and reports from the campaign see:

Concerned person