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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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US Army in Afghanistan: SCREWED! (by Latuff)

03-10-2010 10:11

US Army in Afghanistan: SCREWED!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Invisibles at Menwith Hill, October 2nd, 2010

03-10-2010 09:46

The Invisibles at Menwith Hill
As part of the Keep Space for Peace week, the Invisibles visited the American Spy Base at Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire, making the invisible visible. For more photos go to

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Behind the coup in Ecuador – The attack on ALBA

03-10-2010 07:53

The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) members (2009)
The latest coup attempt against one of the countries in the Bolivarian Alliance For The People of Our America (ALBA) is attempt to impede Latin American integration and the advance of revolutionary democratic processes. The rightwing is on the attack in Latin America. Its success in 2009 in Honduras against the government of Manuel Zelaya energized it and gave it the strength and confidence to strike again against the people and revolutionary governments in Latin America.

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Ecuador's Correa Haunted by Honduras

02-10-2010 14:25

"The co-ordinated actions in various cities, the takeover of Quito's airport by a section of the armed forces – all this indicated a planned coup attempt."

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Ahava shut down by Lock-On

02-10-2010 12:44

Cycle delivery of concrete block

The Ahava store in Covent Garden's Monmouth Street has been shut down since 11.30 this morning after BDS campaigners entered the store and locked onto a concrete block. As this report is being written police are attempting to chip away at the block with a hammer. It lloks likely to take them some some time

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NATO expands Afghan war into Pakistan

02-10-2010 08:39

On October 7 the United States and its North Atlantic Treaty Organization military allies will begin the tenth year of their war in Afghanistan, over 3,000 miles from NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

The following month midterm elections will be held in the U.S. and NATO will hold a two-day summit in Portugal. The American administration is eager to achieve, or appear to have achieved, a foreign policy triumph in an effort to retain Democratic Party control of the Congress and NATO something to show for the longest and largest military mission in its 61 years of existence.

Not satisfied with the Vietnam that Afghanistan has become, NATO has now launched its Cambodian incursion. One with implications several orders of magnitude greater than with the prototype, though, into a nation of almost 170 million people, a nation wielding nuclear weapons. Pakistan.

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TAKE ACTION: Ban BAE from campus this term!

01-10-2010 16:51

Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) has launched our Ban BAE counter-recruitment campaign across our Universities Networks. We are calling all interested activists to get involved in direct action against arms companies on university campuses. Education and arms companies should not mix so find out how you can get involved!

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New Aldermaston nuclear W.M.D. facility rubber-stamped

30-09-2010 11:00

West Berkshire Council has approved another multi-million pound nuclear warhead facility at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) at Aldermaston, England despite 1331 objections from members of the public. The new hydronamics facility, or 'Project Hydrus', will form an integral part of the £5bn+ ongoing modernisation of AWE designed to equip it for producing a new generation of nuclear warheads, with no public consultation or parliamentary scrutiny or debate.

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Smash EDO to lay siege to Brighton Weapons Factory

30-09-2010 08:29

For more info contact: Andrew Beckett or Chloe Marsh, Smash EDO campaign Tel: 07526557436 E-mail: Website:

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'Death Squad' Killings: Soldier Blames Leader

29-09-2010 21:27

A US soldier accused of being part of a "death squad" which randomly killed Afghan civilians for sport has appeared in court as videotape emerged of him blaming his superior for the atrocities.
The men are said to have shot their victims ..........

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Smash EDO Announce location of ITT's Hammertime

29-09-2010 21:23

Smash EDO have announced that the ITT's Hammertime mass demo will be meeting at 10am on October 13th at the Wild Park Cafe in Mouslecomb, Brighton to besiege EDO/ITT

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Mumbai-style terror plot’ against UK uncovered

29-09-2010 20:58

Speaking after recent reports that security services had foiled plans to launch “Mumbai-style” terror attacks in UK cities, Massoud Shadjareh, the Chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), has called on the media to treat such claims with scepticism.

He called the claims “politically motivated” and warned that they served to “further demonise” a Muslim community that is already suffering hate crimes and feeling marginalised and under siege.

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Devonport Big Blockade, Plymouth - 1st November 2010

29-09-2010 13:06

Aldermaston blockade, Feb 2010 (D. Viesnik)
On Monday 1st November, join Trident Ploughshares for the Big Blockade of the Devonport nuclear submarine base in Plymouth, Devon.

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More local contacts for Smash EDO's Hammertime

29-09-2010 10:01

There are now several local contacts from across the country for Smash EDO's 'ITT's Hammertime!' on the 13th of October, making it all the easier to join in with friends!

If your town is not on the list but you would want to help with sorting out meeting points or transport from where you live get in touch!

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Brown Berets and their political goals

29-09-2010 08:31

Brown Berets and their political goals

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The President and I (a *must watch* interview of President Ahmadinejad)

28-09-2010 21:43

Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich interviews President Ahmadinejad
Today I am truly delighted to post a really unique item: a 50min interview of President Ahmadinejad conducted by somebody who actually understands the issues and who wants to discover what this man is really like.

So far, all the interviews given by President Ahmadinejad to US reporters have inevitable resulted in idiotic questions, outright hostility, petty accusations and outright nonsense.

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Coach company will not carry EDL 'scumbags' again

28-09-2010 15:44

A coach company that transported English Defence League supporters to a rally in Bradford last month has expressed its deep regret and promised it will not do that again in the future.

In an email to Corporate Watch, which exposed the affair earlier this month, Ausden Clark's operations manager Adam Frost said: “We are deeply sorry we got involved in the transportation of such narrow-minded individuals […] and we are NEVER going to transport this group again.”

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Did Obama really say that?

28-09-2010 14:59

Cindy Sheehan
One thing the Obama regime has shown me is that the Democrats are also the Party of No: NO peace, NO justice, NO relevant healthcare reform, NO improvement in education, NO civil liberties, NO economic justice, NO environmental sustainability, NO jobs, NO anything that is positive for those who were made weaker after 9/11.

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Justice Dept. Assinations and Drone Attacks

28-09-2010 13:24

"Between our area and Waziristan is an 8 hour journey. The drone attack happened at night time and we all knew about it by the following morning. People who had witnessed the attack had come to tell us and described what they saw of the remnants and damage in the aftermath. They said the attack was so severe that they could not even distinguish the bodies from one another- even the bones of the people were completely blown apart. The dead were completely unrecognisable. My brother in law’s coffin was tightly sealed and we were not allowed to open it to view anything. We had the coffin with us for 30 minutes before it was taken away for burial."

"In fact the papers filed by the Justice Department attempting to quash the case argue that the court system should have absolutely no oversight over the administration’s sudden, bizarre claim that it can assassinate any American citizen it wants on the basis of national security, arguing that such issues are “for the executive branch of the government to decide rather than the courts.”

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President Ahmadinejad's New York meeting with U.S. activists

28-09-2010 13:07

President Ahmadinejad's meeting with US activists in New York, 21 September 2010
The opening week of the United Nations' 65th session was a busy one for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In addition to giving his annual address before the U.N. General Assembly and granting interviews with everyone from ABC's Charlie Rose to Fox News' Eric Shaw, he also found time to meet with groups of Iranian-Americans, Muslim leaders, academics and members of think tanks.

On Sept. 21 – the annual U.N.-declared International Day of Peace, he held a particularly interesting meeting at a midtown hotel with some 130 members of the U.S. peace and social justice movements, including major figures in the Black activist community.