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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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State of the Union

16-02-2005 12:46

There has never been an instance in recorded history when a nation that achieved military superiority did not attempt to dominate other nations. This is the inevitable result of gaining a strategic or technological ‘advantage.’ In view of the historical record, is it unusual that America would abandon its founding principles in favour of despotism and the pursuit of world domination? The path the US has taken is not new; it is a tired well-worn path that leads to certain destruction.

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Update on Fairford Five Appeal - Toby and Phil from Oxford

16-02-2005 11:59

The House of Lords (Judicial Appeals Committee) has granted leave to hear the appeal of the Fairford Five including Toby Olditch and Phil Prichard of Oxford.

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anti war critical mass nottingham

16-02-2005 07:53

on Tuesday 15th Feb 05 there was an anti-war anti-g8 critical mass in nottingham.

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Glasgow day of civil disobedience 15th February 2005.

16-02-2005 02:03

George Square being refurbished. Statues are of Robert Peel and Prince Albert.
This is a 1,000 word report with photos of the day of civil disobedience in Glasgow on Tuesday 15th February 2005.

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EDO MBM deserted by their own lawyers!

15-02-2005 23:58

The company EDO MBM has been deserted by its own lawyers, only

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Silent Vigil Shames EDO Warmongers

15-02-2005 23:41

Today (15/02) saw the first silent vigil at the premises of Brighton's bomb-part manufacturers EDO MBM. EDO make crucial parts of the Paveway series of bombs as well as bomb racks and release mechanisms for warplanes.

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Menwith Hill – the spies in our midst: the vigil, the intimidation...

15-02-2005 22:52

The watchers are watched
Every Tuesday evening a vigil is held outside USA spy base NSA Menwith Hill near Harrogate in North Yorkshire.

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Elections under occupation (ISM in Palestine IV)

15-02-2005 22:45

Account and analysis of the Palestinian Elections

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BBC re-writes demo history

15-02-2005 22:33

On looking for info on todays "die in" at parliment square, i was suprised to find that there were only 100,000 people on the biggest demo in london, ie the Anti War demo on the 15th Feb 2003. And i thought it was between 700,000 and 2 million?!

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NYC F15-03 Photographs Never Before Seen

15-02-2005 21:36

These 'never before seen images' were taken during the F15-03, Global Day of Protest, in NYC where more than 500,000 marched in freezing cold temperatures to protest against the US led war on Iraq.

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F15 anniversary - naming the dead

15-02-2005 20:52

A pair of boots for each dead UK soldier
"The best way we can support our troops is to bring them home, out of harm's way" - Lord Stoddard of Swindon.

At lunchtime today, anti-war campaigners in Swindon marked the second anniversary of the largest anti-war demonstration in living memory, by holding a ceremony at which the names of soldiers who had died in Iraq were read out.

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police hostility at anti-war demonstration in london

15-02-2005 20:48

I attended the ‘Stop the War’ protest in Parliament Square London on the 15 February 2005 and was shocked by the police’s hostile management of this event. I also got the chance to talk to a leader of left-wing politics for the last half-century Tony Benn.

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War Crimes in Fallujah: Photographic Evidence.

15-02-2005 19:18

Doctor Salam Ismael took aid to Fallujah last month. This is his story of how the US murdered a city

IT WAS the smell that first hit me, a smell that is difficult to describe, and one that will never leave me. It was the smell of death. Hundreds of corpses were decomposing in the houses, gardens and streets of Fallujah. Bodies were rotting where they had fallen—bodies of men, women and children, many half-eaten by wild dogs.

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15-02-2005 18:40

Socialist Worker publishes the first evidence of
a massacre of civilians by US troops in Fallujah

LONDON, 15 FEBRUARY 2005 -- In November of last year, US forces
in Iraq launched an all-out assault on the city of Fallujah. They claimed they were hunting down terrorists.

Tomorrow Socialist Worker carries the first hard evidence that the attack on Fallujah involved the systematic and deliberate murder of hundreds of civilians. We print at length the testimony of Dr Salam Ismael, who visited Fallujah last month with humanitarian aid from Britain...

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British youth and their perception of the Iraq War

15-02-2005 18:25

The Iraqi elections have seemingly gone rather well and the anti-war lobby is taking a bit of a bashing from Michael Gove et al. In my experience, it was opposition to the invasion that re-politicised my generation. Is their re-awakening based on false premise?

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Oxford marks the second anniversary of the war on Iraq

15-02-2005 16:37

Two years after the enormous anti-war march and rally in London in 2003, Oxford activists sought today to remind us of the shocking and violent events that have taken place in the intervening period.
A national demo has also been called for Saturday 19 March by the STWC, see details at

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Police Violence at Hebron Anti Roads Protest

15-02-2005 16:30

Grnadfather Prays for the sanctity of his land
The local Palestinian community of Hebron, attempt to protest against construction plans for an illegal settler road which would destroy part of their ancient grave yard, but are prevented from even gathering to protest by IOF and Border Police. One Grandfather was arrested as he prayed for his land.

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Possibilities for protest using "small, clued-up & largely autonomous groups"

15-02-2005 15:06

NVDA workshop with the Seeds for Change training co-op in the run-up to George Bush's European tour. 11am – 5pm, London School of Economics, Clement House (NOT the Student Union as previously advertised), Room D202.