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EDO MBM deserted by their own lawyers!

no-war | 15.02.2005 23:58 | Anti-militarism | London | South Coast

The company EDO MBM has been deserted by its own lawyers, only

I have today received confirmation by e-mail from the law firm, RPC, confirming that they "no longer acting" for EDO MBM.

This is a major victory for the Smash EDO campaign!

RPC had sent a letter on 3 February telling Indymedia not to call EDO MBM "warmongers". This issue is documented in an article of 6 February here:

On 8 February I e-mailed Stephen Mayer of RPC and copied several EDO MBM staff.

Stephen Mayer did not reply, so on 14 February I e-mailed again asking for a response.

On 15 February, RPC replied confirming that they are no longer dealing with EDO MBM.

This shows that neither RPC nor EDO MBM can defend the indefensible:

EDO MBM has blood on its hands.

For more info about the Smash EDO campaign, see here:

Exhibit 1: E-mail from RPC confirming that they are no longer acting for EDO MBM

Subject: Response
From: "Email"
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 17:42:53 -0000

Thank you for your email.

We are no longer acting.

Reynolds Porter Chamberlain

Exhibit 2: E-mail to Stephen Mayer of RPC, sent on 8 February 2005 and chased up on 14 February 2005

Subject: EDO MBM
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 03:00:27 +0100

Mr Mayer

I see from this news article:

that EDO MBM, and your company, are trying to threaten freedom of speech and are also denying that EDO MBM is involved in the deaths of innocent people.

Could you please provide the evidence to prove that EDO MBM is *not* involved in creating products which cause injury and death to innocent people? I suspect that you will not be able to do so.

On the contrary, EDO MBM produces, according to its own press release:

"...weapon carriage and release systems, rugged portable computers and data storage products, cable assemblies and electrodynamic products for the aerospace and defense industries."

Thus, EDO MBM, by its own admission, is involved directly in creating products for the transport and "release" of weapons. This means dropping bombs on human beings. An EDO MBM weapons rack was part of the equipment onboard the F-16
aircraft which killed innocent people in Fallujah, Iraq, as you can see here:

In this incident, weapons were released from the F-16 aircraft, by an EDO MBM product, causing the death of the people shown in the picture.

F-16s, equipped with EDO MBM weapons racks, have also been used in Palestine to kill innocent people. I'll leave you to do the research on that for yourself.

So, why are you defending a company which clearly has blood on its hands?

Instead of asking people to stop telling the world about this company, why not demand that this company stops selling these weapons systems which are responsible for the injury and death of innocent people?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks & regards



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