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Update on Fairford Five Appeal - Toby and Phil from Oxford

sarah l | 16.02.2005 11:59 | Anti-militarism | Oxford

The House of Lords (Judicial Appeals Committee) has granted leave to hear the appeal of the Fairford Five including Toby Olditch and Phil Prichard of Oxford.

The question to be considered is whether or not the "Nurmeburg principals" international criminal offence of a crime against peace/international aggression is now also a crime under English Domestic Law for which individuals in this country may be held liable, including also those claiming government immunity (under the Royal Perogative) i.e. Blair, Straw and Hoon et al. The hearing will be in about a year’s time in the highest court in the land. To say this is the biggest peace protest case of the past 50 years is no overstatement.

sarah l