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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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pResident Bush & his Dad are both card carrying cowards. It's in their blood.

06-08-2003 03:36

Papa Bush, like his stupid, monkey-faced son, was also a coward. Now we know
where pResident George got his yellow streak: it's in his genes.

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Impeach Bush

06-08-2003 01:27

Impeach Bush
Impeach Bush (and remove Blair).

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Arms dealing

05-08-2003 16:37

The arms trade has disastrous impacts the world over, and has even managed to show its ugly head in Oxford in the guise of the Said Business school. Oxford Universities new Business school opened in 2001 was mostly funded by Wafiq Said, a Syrian with links to arms dealing who fronted £20 million of the £45 million needed to build the school.

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40+ arrested protesting Israel's Apartheid Wall

05-08-2003 13:51

As of early this morning the IDF illegally arrested over 40 internationals, Palestinians and Israelis that were gathered at the Mas'ha peace camp trying to peaceably block the building of the Apartheid Wall
report 1) 2:30AM 5min 13sec
report 2) 6:54AM 6min 8sec

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"Disrupting the masters of war" - support the Sheffield one!

05-08-2003 11:25

This is a repost from the Sheffield Against War web site about Heather who was taken to court for blockading the main gate of Northwood Military Base, the HQ of UK military operations, for 3 hours on the 19th January this year.

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Arms Dealing In London

05-08-2003 07:50

From the 6th to the 12th of September ExCel in London will host DSEi, Europe's largest gathering of arms dealers.

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Intl. Vigils to Free Vanunu, Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower

04-08-2003 17:10

Vigils to be held at Israeli embassies, consulates and other sites in cities large and small around the world to call for the immediate and unconditional release of imprisoned Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu, on or around Sept. 30, 17th anniversary of his kidnapping and imprisonment

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Procession & die-in at Faslane on Hiroshima Day

04-08-2003 11:41

Description of Trident Ploghshares camp-sponsored Hiroshima Day event, 9:30 AM at Faslane North Gate, Wednesday 6th August

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The Nuclear Nightmare - We Are Running Out of Time

04-08-2003 05:43

The world is being plunged into a new nuclear crisis due to the war policy of the Bush Administration, which includes the possible use of nuclear weapons.

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Vancouver man killed by police

04-08-2003 03:54

VANCOUVER - A 36 year-old man is dead after being shot by Vancouver Police inside a home on the city's West Side on Saturday night.

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US Military Study to Improve US Air Travel Security that Took Place in 1976.

03-08-2003 20:57

In 1976 the US Congress conducted a Military Study to Improve US Air Travel Security.

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PNAC: Philosophy of Deception

03-08-2003 20:07

A short, interesting article about Leo Strauss, the 'father' of the neo-conservative (PNAC) ideology. Deception, religion, nationalism, all for the benefit of the elites and to control the masses.

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U.N. Peacekeeping Troops in DRC to Stay Until July 2004

03-08-2003 05:30

Even as the newly formed transitional government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) announced that ethnic troubles in Ituri province were its first priority, more people were dying.

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IOF brutally represses atempts to damage Apartheid Wall in Tulkarem region

02-08-2003 18:23

Deir al Ghassoon, north of Tulkarem

At 11:30 approximately 200 farmers from Deir al Ghassoon, at least 50
internationals, and many television cameras, started their march from
the center of the village to the fence that has prevented access to
the fields of the village for two weeks now.

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Oxford lady in court over taxes for Iraq war

01-08-2003 20:50

Brenda Boughton, an elderly retired teacher, will attend Oxford County Court
on Tuesday 5 August over her refusal to pay taxes that contribute to the war
in Iraq. She has paid the military part of her taxes to an aid agency for
war and famine relief.

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alternatives to depleted uranium

01-08-2003 11:39

click on the link-

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Fairford Tattoo Saboteurs

31-07-2003 14:28

The war-propaganda fest which is Fairford Air Tattoo 2003 was damaged by the actions of unknown saboteurs.

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WMDs Found In Gloucestershire!

31-07-2003 13:16

A fun family day out admiring mass murder machines at the Fairford Air Tattoo was spoilt by the actions of protestors craftily disguised as stewards. They gave out leaflets informing the public how the aircraft on display were used during the recent Gulf War to drop cluster bombs and fire radioactive DU missiles. Party poopers!

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Art of War

30-07-2003 19:10

Art of War 2003
Art of War 2003