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Procession & die-in at Faslane on Hiroshima Day

Trident Ploughshares | 04.08.2003 11:41 | Anti-militarism

Description of Trident Ploghshares camp-sponsored Hiroshima Day event, 9:30 AM at Faslane North Gate, Wednesday 6th August

Trident Ploughshares invites you to join a silent procession from Faslane Peace Camp, leaving at 9.30am on Wednesday, August 6th, to the North Gate, followed by a die-in at the North Gate. Although some people will be risking arrest there are many other ways to share meaningfully in the ceremony without risking arrest. Please dress solemnly and bring flowers to lay on those participating in the die-in.

Trident Ploughshares
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