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Gaza Protest Pictures (10/01/2009) pt 1

15-01-2009 00:53

Disclaimer first.

It took this long to get these pictures to the Newswire simply because I shot so many (644 images), so it's taken quite some time to sift through them all and pick out the good stuff.

I'll be publishing them in several parts, as there is a lot of pictures to work through. They will also be in the order they were taken in each installment, so hopefully some kind of visual narrative will emerge as a result.

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Direct Action Germany: 24th Dec - 4th Jan

15-01-2009 00:18

04/01/2009: Again two upperclass cars burned, Berlin
01-03/01/2009: Stones against a CDU-citizen`s büro and the local courthouse, Rastatt
02/01/2009: War memorial made nicer!, Munich
02/01/2009: Again another car burned down, Berlin
01/01/2009: Up to 1000 people attacked a police station and police cars, Berlin
01/01/2009: Confrontation with the police on new year's eve, Germany
31/12/2008: 7 upperclass cars torched, Berlin
28-29/12/2008: Protests against the Mövenpick Hotel, Hamburg
25/12/2008: Five posh cars damaged in Kreuzberg, Berlin
24/12/2008: Color against police station, Bochum
24/12/2008: Action against deportation, Eutin

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Subcommandante Marcos over Gaza

14-01-2009 23:22

Two days ago, the same day we discussed violence, the ineffable Condoleezza Rice, a US official, declared that what was happening in Gaza was the Palestinians' fault, due to their violent nature.

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Smash EDO events updates‏

14-01-2009 23:19

With Israeli war crimes continuing in Gaza, Smash EDO and Gaza need you more than ever! As you might know EDO/ITT make weapon components for the Israeli army, including parts for the F16s which are currently bombing Palestinian civilians.

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A very jewish confession

14-01-2009 21:09

On the 9th of January an email was sent to thousands of jews around the country telling them that the Board of Deputies of British Jews had canceled the so-called 'Peace Rally' on the 12th. A copy of the email was posted on indymedia and quickly hidden, correctly identified as a hoax. Now indymedia can reveal the culprits were the satirical 'Jewdas' anti-culture group whom some might remember from a really weird and rammed event at the rampART social centre several years ago. Below is their confession...

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From Guernica to Gaza: The History of Terror Bombing Victims

14-01-2009 16:17

This article reviews some of the most infamous terror bombings in history.

Remember Gaza - immortalized as one of history's terror-bombing victims.

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Zipi Livnis Christmas party, etc

14-01-2009 12:03

An ope letter sent to Zipi Livni today, under the headline "Some jingles to cheer up for your pilots and tank commanders"

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Who is Black America's Moral Emissary to the World?

14-01-2009 08:49

The global reputation of Black America has suffered greatly under George Bush, who deployed Black faces as fronts for his vicious brand of U.S. imperialism. Barack Obama's silence on the Israeli assault on Gaza suggests that his honeymoon with the planet won't last long. So who is to represent the progressive values of African Americans on the world stage? "Thanks to Cynthia McKinney, millions of Arabs have been made aware of a different Black America, one that is not silent, like Barack Obama, in the face of a purposely inflicted human rights catastrophe."

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Is Gaza a testing ground for experimental weapons?

14-01-2009 07:59

“I fear the thinking in Israel is that it is in its interests to create as much mutilation as possible to terrorise the civilian population in the hope they will turn against Hamas.”

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The both sides of Gaza conflict (by Latuff)

14-01-2009 07:53

The both sides of Gaza conflict
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their resistance against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terror.

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Israeli weaponry under scrutiny

14-01-2009 00:55

NAZARETH, ISRAEL // Concerns about Israel’s use of non-conventional and experimental weapons in the Gaza Strip are growing, with evasive comments from spokesmen and reluctance to allow independent journalists inside the tiny enclave only fuelling speculation.

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Smashing the Israeli war machine - Starbucks, Whitechapel firebombed

13-01-2009 16:39

A branch of Starbucks in East London has been smashed and firebombed in what appears to be an anti-Israeli protest. Police are investigating the series of attacks in Whitechapel. First rocks were thrown through the store's window at 11.25pm on Monday night. Later, after midnight, a petrol bomb or similar was tossed into the zionist owned premises starting a fire which damaged the interior. No one was injured in the incident and the store was boarded up today as police examined the scene.

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Gaza support demo. UAV Engines, Lichfield, Staffs. Monday 19th January

13-01-2009 16:35

There will be a demonstration outside UAV Engines, of Lichfield, Staffordshire, on Monday 19th January, regarding evidence that has been revealed that the company is building engines that are used in Israel's military drones that are aiding the attacks on Gaza.

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Leak: Israel plans to attack Free Gaza relief boat

13-01-2009 13:07

This message has been received from medical sources inside Gaza. It alleges that the Israeli Navy intends to attack the Free Gaza relief boat "Spirit of Humanity," which had to return to port with engine trouble yesterday. Suggested contacts are included.

See also

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Protest for Palestine - 17/1/09

13-01-2009 12:07

Two weeks ago thousands protested in Liverpool. Therefore we are looking for an even bigger turn out and these protests shall continue until Israel ceases its barbarity and lifts its draconian siege of Gaza. For the sake of the children and civillians dying in this catastrophe please spread the word far and wide.

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Daily Israeli Embassy protest over the brutal invasion of Gaza

12-01-2009 22:32

Daily protest from 5 to 7pm outside the Israeli Embassy against the brutal invasion of Gaza.

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Spirit of Humanity sets sail for Gaza.

12-01-2009 21:53

UPDATE - 3 hours into the journey, the boat appears to be turning back to Cyprus. According to the Jerusalem Post, "Karin Pally told The Associated Press that a generator blew three hours into the 24-hour trip, forcing the 66-foot (20-meter), Greek-flagged vessel to return to port in Larnaca.

The Free Gaza Movement's new boat the Spirit of Humanity, left Larnaca Port at 3pm (local time) this afternoon - bound for Gaza port, where it is due to arrive at 11am tomorrow. The boat has been acquired at short notice, to stand in for the Dignity, which was rammed three times and fired on in international waters on 29th December,2008. On board the Spirit are several tons of medical supplies, and a number of doctors, surgeons, parliamentarians, journalists and activists, all intent on showing solidarity with the people of Gaza in the face of the crippling siege that has been visited upon them for the past eighteen months.

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An Eye For An Eyelash: The Gaza Massacre - Part 1

12-01-2009 21:47

On March 24, 1999, an emotional Tony Blair appealed to the House of Commons and to the people of Britain:

"We must act to save thousands of innocent men, women and children from humanitarian catastrophe."

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New Free Gaza boat leaves Larnaca for Gaza, 12th January

12-01-2009 21:33

The Free Gaza boat 'Spirit of Humanity' has sailed from the Cypriot port of Larnaca carrying doctors, parliamentarians, human rights observers and journalists. Israeli press reports suggest that the Israeli Navy plans to attack the boat in International or Gaza waters (the former would legally be piracy). The previous Free Gaza boat, the 'Dignity,' was rammed and had to seek refuge in Lebanon.

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Shimon Perez, Nobel Peace Laureate (by Latuff)

12-01-2009 17:47

Peace lover Shimon Perez
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their resistance against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terror.