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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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US blew agent's cover to ramp up terrorism threats

11-08-2004 11:35

Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan appears to have been covert intelligence agent hacking 'al Qaida' computers.

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Security Breach at Faslane Trident Base Highlights UK Government Hypocrisy

09-08-2004 20:00

At 12.30 am, three peace activists entered the high security Faslane Naval Base on the Clyde and remained inside the base for over 2 hours. On the anniversary of the US bombing of Nagasaki, the two women and one man highlighted the continuing and illegal development of the UK's own weapons of mass destruction.

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Campeace vigil to remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki

09-08-2004 17:42

At 8.30 this yesterday evening on midsummer common a vigil was held to commemorate the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. 30 people attended the Campeace organised event.

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International Criminal Court inaction re Iraq

09-08-2004 05:38

This is an open letter to the President of the International Criminal Court, asking why his court has done exactly nothing about investigating war crimes that may have been committed by the heads of state of Australia and Britain, in Iraq

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The Western and the Apartheid walls (by Latuff)

08-08-2004 17:06

The difference between the Walls...
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of Neturei Karta.

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CamWIB Hiroshima Vigil

06-08-2004 15:05

CamWIB Hiroshima Vigil

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Oil: "There is no more supply"

06-08-2004 09:55

Industrial civilisation is dependent on oil. It is a key fuel – it powers cars and the planes and ships that transport our food to our plates in this age of globalised food supply. Oil is also essential for plastics – used in such a wide variety of products it is hard to imagine. The thing is, oil is running out. Now.

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Statement on Darfur, Sudan from the Muslim Youth Movement of South Africa

05-08-2004 21:29

The Muslim Youth Movement of South Africa have published a statement on the violence in Darfur and plan further protests

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05-08-2004 19:37

International call for solidarity.

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Darfur - Another Brit COlony Abused - British Hypocrisy Everywhere

04-08-2004 22:25

Walk the Plank Damn Brit-Yankees Doodles
In any instance, it is clear that the gunmen who have caused so much havoc in Darfur have had considerable outside assistance. The 'Sudan Liberation Army' were reported by Agence France Presse to have "weapons, vehicles and modern satellite communications". (12) UN media sources have also noted claims by tribal leaders that the rebels have better weapons than the Sudanese army. (13) The rebels have also been receiving military supplies by air. (14) And, in a disturbing resonance of the gunmen who have dominated parts of Somalia in four-wheel drive "technicals", the gunmen have also been operating in groups of up to 1,000 men in four-wheel drive vehicles.(

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Human Rights Horros in Haiti

04-08-2004 18:55

What did the imperial powers give Haiti for their 200-year anniversary of independence from slavery? A coup and the murder of several thousand pro-democracy Haitians. Read about the news the "deniers" don't wan't you to know or care about...

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Iraq: Church bombs in Welsh Activist's neighbourhood!

04-08-2004 10:44

Church Bomb Photo, Kerrada, Baghdad
Welsh Activist, Helen Williams, living amongst Iraqis in Kerrada, Baghdad expresses her upset as again innocent civilians in her neighbourhood bear the brunt of the illegal invasion of Iraq. Luckily, for her, the damage to her appartment was light. Another report about "real" life for Iraqis, from their viewpoint. Read also "Murder of a Father".

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- Art of War : Words of War

04-08-2004 05:22

Words of War
Words of War

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We kill for FUN! (by Latuff)

04-08-2004 03:04

Bush and Sharon: Black humour comedians
Copyleft by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's occupation.

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Murder of a Father

03-08-2004 21:42

Ahssan Abdul Azziz with daughters
Welsh Activist, Helen Williams, based in Baghdad, reports on a family's personal tragedy. Their father, Ahssan Abdul Aziz, is killed by American troops. A friend of the family - Helen can vouch for his innocence. The authorities will not even take the name of the deceased. This is a very moving account.

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Action Alert: Help Cancel Showcase of Chinese Army

03-08-2004 15:55

Every year, Scotland hosts an event called the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, that showcases military bands from around the world. The prestigious event is attended by 217,000 people and broadcast around the world to a television audience of millions. This year, the Tattoo organizers have invited the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA).

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End the Cycle of Violence, Support the Cycle of Peace

03-08-2004 13:48

Rebecca Tyrer from Jesus College, Oxford is undertaking the peace cycle from the UK to Palestine in August.

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Never again: protesters vow to "block the builders" at Aldermaston

03-08-2004 12:51

On Saturday 7 August, the anniversary weekend of the dropping of the first nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, anti-nuclear campaigners will launch a new campaign to stop another generation of nuclear weapons being built at AWE Aldermaston in Berkshire.

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Drawing A Line In The Sand: Bush & The Election

02-08-2004 19:31

Shortly after Bush stole the 2000 election, I wrote an article in which I suggested that it might be wise to consider the purchase of an AK47 as an investment. Today those words sound strangely prophetic, yet eerie alien.