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End the Cycle of Violence, Support the Cycle of Peace

(richarddirecttv) | 03.08.2004 13:48 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Oxford

Rebecca Tyrer from Jesus College, Oxford is undertaking the peace cycle from the UK to Palestine in August.

The cycle of hatred and violence in Palestine and Israel is destroying any possibility of peace for every person living in Palestine & Israel today. Rebecca believes that this can change, if enough people work for that change and that just as one act of violence leads to another act of violence, so can one act of peace lead to another act of peace. Oxford Palestine Solidarity Campaign is supporting her efforts, and if anyone feels they can support her individually, Rebecca would be very grateful for donations.

Please contact Rebecca Tyrer: Jesus College, Oxford XO2 3DW, or by email, or telephone: +44 7967628398

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