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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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British Iraqi Goes On Trial for Protesting at Arms Fair

13-01-2004 18:03

Mehdi El-radhi, a British Iraqi, faces trial by jury at Snaresbrook Crown Court during the week of 9th February, 2004, for taking non-violent direct action at the DSEi Arms Fair in London in September 2003.

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They don't want you to see their stuff goin down...

13-01-2004 17:52

New resatriction on travel to the Occupied Palestinian Territories will facilitate the speeding up of this silent genocide...

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U.S. Army Happy Family (by Latuff)

13-01-2004 05:21

Family portrait
Cartoonist Latuff would like to express his gratitude to U.S. Army Pine Hills Recruting Station for illustrated material, where he took original photo. ( He! He! He! )

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13-01-2004 01:47

Please sign the Online Pledge at

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) hereby announces its participation in the Global Day of Action and calls on all its more than 250 member-organizations throughout the world and all other organizations and people within their reach to initiate or join protest mass actions on March 20, 2004, the first anniversary of the US-UK invasion of Iraq.

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Tues, 20 Jan. Talk by International Peace activist Ciaron O’Reilly

12-01-2004 20:26

International Peace activist Ciaron O’reilly speaking in London on Jan.
20th @7.30 PM. St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

Riverside Ploughshares Activist and Catholic Worker Sr. Susan Clarkson speaking in London on Jan. 27th. 2004 @7.30 PM. St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

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US F-15 Jet Accidentally Bombs Suffolk

12-01-2004 15:17

A US F-15 jet based at the "Royal Air Force" base at Lakenheath (really a U.S. Air Force base in disguise) accidentally dropped an inert practice bomb in Suffolk UK at 1715 GMT on 8 January 2004.

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Judicial Review: 15th Jan: 'Kidnapped' Protestors Challenge Police

12-01-2004 11:51

one of the coaches forced back to london
Judicial Review Advance Press Release
12 January 2004

"If you only see one case this year make it this one!" Mark Thomas

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How to Cover Up War Crimes: Kissinger and Chile

11-01-2004 13:24

Kissinger and Chile, or, the Mechanics of a Propaganda Cover-Up. Commentary has recently published a column by a “scholar” from the American Enterprise Institute rehearsing some well-worn arguments concerning US involvement (or lack, thereof) in the coup which replaced elected President Salvador Allende, a self-professed “Marxist” with dictator General Pinochet. In the main, it involves a spurious defense of Henry Kissinger, based partially on a reading of telephone transcripts not currently in the public domain but which the impish Kissinger has kindly allowed him to peruse in advance. Drawing selectively on declassified documentary evidence, he claims to construct a case against Kissinger’s indictment and against any blame being apportioned to the Whitehouse either for the death of General Rene Schneider or the coup attempt in 1973. He compares his suggestions to Christopher Hitchens’ book The Trial of Henry Kissinger and also a BBC documentary with a similar name. Unlike Falcoff, I’ve read the book and watched the film. So the gaps that emerge in his account prove relatively simple to fill.

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Baby Killer Ziombies (by Latuff)

11-01-2004 02:36

License to kill children
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed Israeli terror.

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10-01-2004 16:25

Trident costs 1.5 billion squid a year. that could pay for every student in the UK to go to Uni for free. In other words, Blair reckons plotting genocide is more important than my education and the education of students everywhere. Tell your MP to vote NO to FEES, (use where it takes 2 secs) and to tell Blair and Clarke they've got their priorities wrong. To Stop Fees, Stop Trident.

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10-01-2004 15:21

Three Trident Ploughshares activists will soon be on trial for trying to DISARM TRIDENT at Devonport Dockyard, on 2 seperate occasions. One of the activists, Sue Brackenbury from Faslane Peace Camp, who was involved in both attempts at the Direct Action, is currently in prison.

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Weapons of Mass Distraction (revisited)

09-01-2004 19:14

On Blair's (Freudian?) slip of referring to weapons of "mass distraction"
while in Iraq. Plus more in Blair's lies and how these reinforce the
anarchist case against the state.

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09-01-2004 14:38

On Thursday 15 January 2004, the High Court will consider whether the
police acted unlawfully by forcibly detaining innocent people and
preventing them from protesting against the war on Iraq.

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David Blunkett

09-01-2004 12:54

On the 11th December 2003, Criminal TV attended an event hosted by The Scarman Trust. There Key speaker was David Blunkett, introduced by John Snow.
Criminal TV wanted to ask David why we went to war with Iraq.

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the LSE boy

09-01-2004 08:30

The Greek foreign minister bastard

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"Emergency" fascism now in UK??

09-01-2004 01:10

I see that an Emergency Powers act is now going through Parliament, similar to the so-called "Patriot Act" we're fighting in the U.S. In the "emergency" created by the Bush Regime's 9/11 Propaganda Coup, acts go through which make it much harder to expose the terrible truth that power is hiding. Unless people realize the danger and come together right now, authenic Democracy will be destroyed, and the future of the whole human race will go dark.

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Burning U.S. Passport Baghdad

08-01-2004 09:45

Burning Passport
Photo Essay of passport burning;

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US conference to revisit USS Liberty sinking

08-01-2004 01:04

Controversy has raged for
years over the sinking of the Liberty, a signals intelligence ship, in international waters by
Israeli jets and torpedo boats in which 34 US sailors were killed and 171 wounded

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Five Israeli Conscientious Objectors Jailed

07-01-2004 16:38

Israeli Conscientious Objectors Jailed

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political fun for the grey winter of 2004

06-01-2004 11:50

here are some animations to cheer you up in this cold grey winter of capitalist world domination and the reign of the fools.