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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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STOP THE WALL. June 5th, Naksa Day

03-06-2004 11:40

June 5th, Naksa Day

No Occupation! No Apartheid! No Expulsion!

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UNRWA Condemns Rafah School Shooting

03-06-2004 11:34

UNRWA Press Release 2 June 2004
UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East-Headquarters Gaza
Press Release No. HQ/G/18/2004
2 June, 2004

UNRWA Condemns Rafah School Shooting

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Abuse of Iraqi prisoners provokes anti-gay hate among Arabs and Muslims

02-06-2004 23:31

The US military’s use of homosexuality to humiliate Iraqi prisoners has been condemned as “homophobic sadism” by the gay rights group OutRage! It says the officially sanctioned culture of homophobia in the US armed forces is directly to blame.

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Daily Mirror D-Day Cartoon - almost

02-06-2004 14:07

Not the Daily Mirror D-Day commemorative issue cartoon!
With no apologies to the Daily Mirror.

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Activist Jailed for Breach of the Peace

02-06-2004 13:17

On 1 June, 2004, Ludd, a For Mother Earth Scotland activist handed himself in to the police. A hearing was anticipated on 2 June, 1994. He is spending this time in jail for refusing to pay a £550 fine, imposed on him for opposing Government’s Weapons of Mass Destruction. He was charged only with of a breach of the peace. He was immediately taken to jail for 28 days on an extract warrant.

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Activist on Remand for Resisting Government Weaponry

02-06-2004 12:41

Activist on remand in Scotland for refusing to pay £550 fine for action at Faslane.

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D-Day against the BNP (June 6th)

01-06-2004 16:17

Please join Anti-racist campaigners from across the West Country to leaflet Calne this Sunday (6th June) against the far-right BNP. We will be assembling at 11:00 in the car park of St Edmunds Church, Oxford Road.

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Some thoughts on UNSCR 1441 and the dubious legality of the invasion of Iraq

01-06-2004 08:58

This short essay is a collection of my thoughts on the legality of invading Iraq, specifically in relation to the infamous Resolution 1441. It is largely the product of various exchanges with posters to Medialens (mostly trolls). As so many journalist, politicians, bloggers, and the like continue to appeal to 1441 (frequently distorting it), it seemed useful to collect my thoughts. I should emphasise that I am not a lawyer but I hope that some people may find it of use -even if it is decidely old news now

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Ariel Sharon Short Story Contest

01-06-2004 01:38

special project: Send us stories that focus on, are inspired by, or related to Ariel Sharon. Judges: Michele Serros, Benjamin Hollander and Andrew Wilson. First prize 50 € (Euro), all entries judged worthy will be published on

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Jews fear being blamed for Iraqi war

31-05-2004 21:39

"If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq, we would not be doing this."

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Mistakes and Apologies

31-05-2004 21:36

Mistakes that aren't mistakes in reality, but part of a strategy of US global domination and apologies for imperialism that are insincere or ludicrous.

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US trying to reinstate draft

31-05-2004 11:14

Bush is slyly trying to introduce draft

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Kolot Shalom Statement on Recent Events in Rafah

30-05-2004 16:45

In accordance with the humanitarian principles in Judaism, and universal values of peace, justice and human rights, Kolot Shalom expresses its condemnation of the following events in the Middle East:

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Anti-terror search receipts needed from London activists ASAP!!

30-05-2004 07:11

Activist at DSEi 2003 gets searched on his way home.
On 12-13 July, Liberty will be in the high court with a judicial review appeal of the police use of anti-terror searches at DSEI. Were you or your friends searched in London by police during/before the week of September 6th-12 "DSEI week"? Liberty needs your search receipts ASAP for the second stage of a High Court legal battle against the Metropolitan Police.

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30-05-2004 01:31

Crazed rantings about the state of the world; in particular my thoughts about the increasing amount of anti-American sentiment now spreading across the planet.

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Report from demo at the Joint Services Interrogation Centre, Chicksands, Beds

29-05-2004 18:29

Demonstration outside the Joint Services Interrogation Centre, Chicksands, Bedforshire.

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The Empire's Fiasco

29-05-2004 16:36

"The loud-mouthed goals of the imperial presidency are already buried in the desert sand of Iraq. The world is more complicated and contradictory than these men thought. The world cannot be controlled militarily. The military cannot be made the lasting foundation of politics.. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are already guilty.." translated from German

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Unevolution (by Latuff)

29-05-2004 13:30

"Evolution" of ordinary U.S. citizen...
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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George W. Bush master of ceremony for Iraqi killing fields in Belgium

29-05-2004 09:36

George W. Bush master of ceremony for Iraqi killing fields in Belgium
Gent, Belgium, May 28 2004 - The sun is blazing near one of the main railway stations in Belgium. A bride and groom sit still on a chair with red stained blood running down their white face. They are death. Thirty corpses with white masks wrapped in blankets lay around the just-married couple. Many travellers at the Gent railway station know immediately that this street-theatre is referring to the innocent Iraqi civilians killed during a wedding party by the occupying U.S. forces in Iraq during the night of May 19th 2004.