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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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The next U.S.-Israeli target (Iran) for another "supreme international crime"

28-01-2007 03:23

Still digesting their recent and ongoing aggressions in the Middle East, the Bush and Israeli regimes now threaten to attack Iran. As these warrior states cast their long shadow across the region, they find themselves aided and abetted by the Security Council, the other major powers, parties of the opposition, and the media.

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Doomsday Clock Warns We Are Closer To Becoming A Planet Of The Nuclear Dead

28-01-2007 00:34

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has moved the hands of the Doomsday Clock two minutes closer to midnight - to 11.55 - I believe it should be closer.

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Thousands Protest Iraq War In Washington - Jan. 27, 2007

27-01-2007 23:56

100,000 people.
The coalition "United for Peace and Justice" organized the march and pledged to hold more demonstrations in the future.

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9/11 in Context: The Strategy of Tension Gone Global

27-01-2007 23:21


Attached is an mp3 of an interview with Tod Fletcher, covering the protests at the G8 in Genoa in 2001, 9/11, the 'strategy of tension' (Gladio) and it's morphing into the 'war on terror', which was brodcast by Guns and Butter on 24th January 2007.

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Is The Independent for or against a military attack on Iran?

27-01-2007 13:07

The Independent's leading article is a perfect example of subtle propaganda by the liberal press.The contrast of tone between the first parargraph and the rest of this
'anti-war' article is rather schizophrenic.

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"Surge" or "Involuntary" Conscription: Neo-Con Architects of Military Escalation

27-01-2007 00:17

The decision to substantially increase US forces in Iraq is not a makeshift initiative, which emerged in response to the evolving crisis in Iraq. It is part of a carefully formulated NeoCon agenda to increase the size of US forces and reinstate "involuntary" forms of military conscription.

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Protest against Mexican "president" - this Sunday and Monday - Please publicise

27-01-2007 00:01

Fradulent Mexican "president" Felipe Calderon is visiting the UK this Sunday and Monday. His first major act since taking office in December, having stolen the vote, has been to crush the social movement in Oaxaca, which has been mobilising against a corrupt and murderous local governor.

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Global poll condemns Bush administration on Iraq war and global militarism

26-01-2007 21:04

"Global poll condemns Bush administration on Iraq war and global militarism
By: Kate Randall on: 26.01.2007 [17:13 ] (72 reads)

Big Anti-War Rallies in DC, Elsewhere Tomorrow
Speakers to Include Jesse Jackson, Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon

Major anti-war rallies are slated for tomorrow across the United States, with the biggest gathering expected at the National Mall in Washington."

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American Politicos Campaign for Likudnik Total War Against the Palestinians

26-01-2007 18:28

Naturally, come the election next year, with the American election selectees all lined up neatly in a row like rubber ducks with their Likudnik endorsements in hand, we will hear nothing of this long planned ethnic cleansing campaign, although we will assuredly hear about the threat of Iran, determined to cobble together a nuclear bomb or two and take out Israel in one last suicidal gasp.

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Escalation of US Iran military planning part of six-year Administration push

26-01-2007 15:51

The escalation of US military planning on Iran is only the latest chess move in a six-year push within the Bush Administration to attack Iran, a RAW STORY investigation has found.

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U.S. Military Shows Off New Ray Gun

26-01-2007 07:13

The latest tool of The Military Industrial Complex was unveiled for the first time today, reconfirming years of speculation that Directed Energy Weapons will be part of the New World Order arsenal. This sick invention will torture the innocent women, children and enemies of "democracy" in a way the Geneva Conventions never could have envisioned.

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Nablus: Military Operation January 25th

25-01-2007 21:52

Here's a short clip of the most recent military operation in the Ma'jeen area in occupied Nablus.

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“Welcome to London” DEMONSTRATION

25-01-2007 18:11

Opposite Downing Street & the Foreign Office, Whitehall, London SW1.

From 9.00am Wednesday 31st January 2007


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Stop the Iran War Before It Starts

25-01-2007 16:50

In April 2001 I was invited to Washington, DC, by a group of Republican Congressmen collectively known as the Theme Team. The subject was Iraq. It seems that the Theme Team, responsible for monitoring the ideological pulse of America, was somewhat perturbed that a self-described Republican and former Marine officer, not to mention a former UN weapons inspector, was trash-talking America's Iraq policy. While this sort of action might have been acceptable during the tenure of a Democratic President like Bill Clinton, it was not part of the grand design when it came to the presidency of George W. Bush.

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Presidential Selectee Hopefuls Do the Bomb Iran Conference

25-01-2007 12:22

Newt Gingrich once again climbs up on the soapbox, this time at the Herzliya Conference sponsored by the Institute for Policy and Strategy in Israel. Newt tells us that the “terrorist threats are larger and more formidable than the political system in Israel or the US can cope with,” and of course, following the official fairy tale, this threat is nuclear, never mind Israel and the United States combined have more nukes than any other nation on the planet and have expressed their avid desire to use them, explicitly against Iran.

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Early CIA Involvement in Darfur Has Gone Unreported

25-01-2007 12:08

There has been a glaring omission in the U.S. media presentation of the Darfur tragedy. The compassion demonstrated, mostly in words, until recently, has not been accompanied by a recognition of U.S. complicity, or at least involvement, in the war which has led to the enormous suffering and loss of life that has been taking place in Darfur for many years.

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British lies

25-01-2007 11:45

Scooter Libby is today on trial for lying to Congress and is blaming his old boss Karl Rove - and indirectly implicating Bush. The 'original lie' was that Saddam was buying uranium from Niger to make WMD. That lie was used to justify the Iraq war and can be traced back to Tony Blair. Tony Blair is now the only person on the planet who has yet to admit it was a lie and this will be a major part of his prosecution WHEN he is tried for war crimes.