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Labour MP's speak out / Not hate, vengeance / Tell Sid - from FIGHT BACK today.

16-07-2005 11:41

Today’s news articles in the FIGHT BACK Blog.
Saturday 16th July 2005

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Protests to free Mehmet Tarhan (photo)

16-07-2005 10:24

Protest in support of Mehmet Tarhan
Photo and report of protest supporting Gay Turkish conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan

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Mehmet Tarhan: protests in London, NY, Venice

16-07-2005 10:19

Report on protests in support of Mehmet Tarhan, Gay Turkish conscientious objector on the day of his trial.

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Art of War : Abu Gharib

16-07-2005 09:22

Abu Gharib
Abu Gharib

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Reviewing Pre-1950 Iraqi History: Part 2

16-07-2005 04:28

Part 2 of a short review of pre-1950 Iraqi History for US and UK anti-war movement activists.

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In Times of Terror the Truth takes a Tumble

15-07-2005 21:45

"A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes”, said Mark Twain. Modern communications help the lie travel even further, although Velcro having replaced lace-ups, the truth is not all that slow anymore in getting ready – mainly thanks to the internet.

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Oil, Power, & Empire: Iraq & the US Global Agenda - Video 51 minutes (Realplayer

15-07-2005 19:26

Author and documentarian Larry Everest gives a speech with Q&A in Berkely, California about US foreign policy involving oil, world power, Iraq. Produced by Jay Finneburgh

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Reviewing Pre-1950 Iraqi History: Part 1

15-07-2005 18:10

Part 1 of a short summary of pre-1950 Iraqi history for US & UK anti-war movement activists.

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Esso station shut down

15-07-2005 16:40

G8 activists have shut down Esso’s Musselburgh services near Old Craighall in Edinburgh by pouring vegetable oil over the forecourt in protest against the G8’s complicity in catastrophic global climate change, and in a refusal to let their dissent against the G8 be silenced.

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Aust-Gov't Failure Card: Community

14-07-2005 22:40

Since when did Australia own us?
The controversial plan was yesterday raised by Queensland Premier Peter Beattie, who suggested a national ID card to prevent unlawful detention similar to that suffered by Cornelia Rau and Vivian Alvarez.

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G8 protesters accuse cops of torture

14-07-2005 20:14

FOUR G8 protesters may sue police after claims they were psychologically tortured and mistreated while in custody in Glasgow.

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14-07-2005 18:21

Jaya Sacca, a long term peace activist was remanded in Lewes Prison this afternoon (JJULY 14TH) by District Judge Arnold. On Wednesday 13th July he was ‘arrested’ and handcuffed by members of Guardian Security hired by arms dealers EDO MBM. He was ‘detained’ by the security firm for allegedly stepping onto the road which constitutes the ‘no protest zone’. At the time no police were at the scene. Mr Sacca is also alleged to have assaulted one of the security guards when four of them ‘arrested’ him as attempted to leave the area.

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At Camp Lima Base in Iraq

14-07-2005 17:29

Brief slice of life about Iraqis and the US military's role.

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Dumbing down the

14-07-2005 15:25

Our enemies think they are fighting a war, but even after London, do we?

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14-07-2005 15:18

According to corp media, the fourth bomber is ...

Lindsay Germaine (NY TIMES, BBC)
Lindsey Germail (Skynews)

Take your pick and then ask yourself why the corp media would be interested in targeting a prominent antiwar activist for public slander.

To protect the Poodle, that's right!

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DISARM DSEi public meeting - 30th July 2005

14-07-2005 14:42

Feeling lost after the g8? Need a new direction, a new focus? Looking to fill the void? Don’t fear, dsei is near!

PUBLIC MEETING 2pm Saturday 30th July 2005 Bertrand Russell Room, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1 (nearest tube Holborn)

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Theses on Domination and Barbarism

14-07-2005 14:25

"The policy of scapegoats in Germany and elsewhere devours the liberal foudnations of society little by little and produces tears in the fundamentals of democracy.. A counterpart to the total economic and political rule could be a new social contract for the 21st century.."

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The London Bombings: Vigil - George Square, Glasgow 4pm Sunday 17 July 2005

14-07-2005 07:56

Called by: Stop the War Coalition, Scottish CND, Muslim Association of Britian

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Vigil in Solidarity with Terror Victims

14-07-2005 07:11

Vigil in solidarity with the victims of terror, in London and around the world. 6:00pm, Saturday 16 July, Southampton Peace Fountain.

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14-07-2005 05:00

Herr Roverer and Mr. Novak

He blew CIA agent Valerie Plame's cover. Here's how he's going to cover that: HE WILL SAY: "ALL I TOLD REPORTERS IS THAT JOE WILSON'S WIFE RECOMMENDED HIM" (to check on the phony Saddam-Nigeria-uranium connection).

We are at war, declared by the president. Karl Rove, if he makes the above admission, caused the deaths of CIA operatives and compromised their expressed mission in the defense of the nation in that war. That would make him not just a felon but liable to prosecution for T-R-E-A-S-O-N (imagine Tammy Wynette or Aretha Franklin singing that out).