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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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protest against warmonger TONIGHT

13-11-2003 10:32

John F. Lehman will be speaking at Magdalene College in the GKN lecture tonight.

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The First and Last Casualties of War are Civilians

13-11-2003 10:12

In 1917 a North American senator, Hiram Johnson, wrote, "The first casualty when war comes, is truth." In the light of recent events it would appear that truth was cloaked in secrecy long before official hostilities in Iraq began. The new mantra for the 21st Century should be "the first and last casualties of war are civilians."

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Bush Busting Carnival!!

13-11-2003 02:04

Samba-tista's party against Bush. A loose collection of non-hierarchical student groups are planning a bit of a party on the which you are ALL invited.

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13-11-2003 01:08

DON'T BE AFRAID, BE READY!! June 2, 2003 LEIU Protests/Riots in Seattle, Wa USA
All over America, big billboards and loud television commercials are telling Americans "Don't be afraid, be ready." Americans are told to call 1-800-BE-READY or to go to This is a review of that website "by a raving radical," according to the L.A. IndyMedia.

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George W. Bush NOT WELCOME Pretzel campaign and protest list

13-11-2003 01:01

Join the on-line George W. Bush NOT WELCOME Pretzel campaign

And also check out the list of protest events surrounding Bush's visit.

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Gardiner Report on the British and American manipulation of public opinion

12-11-2003 22:53

This is the link which leads to the full text of the report by Colonel Sam Gardiner: "Truth from These Podia: Summary of a Study of Strategic Influence, Perception Management,
Strategic Information Warfare and Strategic Psychological Operations
in Gulf II" which is the best concise account I have so far seen of the manipulation of public opinion in the democracies of Britain and the United States by the intelligence services and governments. READ AND CIRCULATE THIS WIDELY

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The Learning Experience of Rakan

12-11-2003 21:45

Defence of Children International has received previous reports of threatened sexual abuse, usually pronounced during extraction of a confession during interrogation. Threat of such a thing to a child, is a vile act by itself, but now allegedly there has been an actual incident, which took place in Ofer Military Prison just outside of Ramallah.

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55 000 Iraqis killed!!!

12-11-2003 12:45

I was wondering why the recent report of '360 000 Iraqi dead in mass grave' story as circulated in our local pig media came about. Never found the answer until now; It has nothing ot do with Prince Charles getting butt fucked instead probably everythign to do with countering a UK based charities report on 55 000 innocent Iraqi civilians killed since March of this year!

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Bomb at Italian base in Iraq kills six

12-11-2003 11:12

By SAMEER N. YACOUB, Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD, Iraq - An explosion rocked the headquarters of the Italian Carabinieri police in the southern Iraqi city of Nasiriyah on Wednesday, killing at least six Italians and possibly trapping others under the debris, Carabinieri said in Rome.

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End The Occupation Sept 27 Rally: Photos & Audio - 30 speakers

12-11-2003 10:07

Extensive coverage of the End The Occupation Rally 27 Sept 2003 in London. Includes the full speeches in real audio of around 30 speakers plus lots of photos, etc.

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Bridge Protest press release

12-11-2003 00:55

Cambridge station this morning

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Anti-Trident Activists Inside Devonport Dockyard Again: Remand for Woman Activis

11-11-2003 22:25

Two peace activists have been arrested this morning after entering Devonport naval dockyard in Plymouth. One of the women has been remanded in custody. They have been charged with criminal damage and going equipped to cause criminal damage.

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George gets ready for an exciting few weeks

11-11-2003 21:44

Perfect colour coordination!
Five years ago, only a very few die-hards would have crossed a street to spit on G.W. Bush. How times have changed! These days, he is hated and feared by billions of people all over the planet. As people in Cambridge drop banners from bridges and set up film screenings in preparation for the Bush state visit (19-21 November), let's take a quick look at what George will be doing over the next few weeks...

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Bush-Uribe: Assasssins in Colombia

11-11-2003 20:39

From Bogota to Sarevena: Unity Rises, the People Resist
US military aid to Colombia is threatening more people and more biological diversity than the wars in the Middle East. Iraq is a terrible quagmire of US sin and violence. It is visible and well covered by the media and the world social movements. A second twin-tower of US violence burns in the headwaters of the Amazon and threatens all of the Northern Andes.

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The Agenda for Century 21

11-11-2003 16:14

This deeply satirical anti-war song is gaining massive interest on the net and may well become a major voice in the anti-war movement worldwide.

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Bush UK Visit 'Exclusion Demands' Spark Protest

11-11-2003 15:58

President Bush may be subjected to the humiliating sight of an effigy of himself being dragged to the ground by anti-war protesters in London's Trafalgar Square next week.

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up to 55,000 deaths on all sides from Iraq war

11-11-2003 15:41

"Continuing Collateral Damage: The Health and Environmental Costs of War on Iraq 2003 " concludes that between 21,700 and 55,000 people have died since the US/UK-led invasion, with the number of killed and injured continuing to rise. Among the dead, the report estimates 7,800 and 9,600 Iraqi civilians. The number of injured civilians is estimated at 20,000.

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Secret NATO Command Bunker - Indymedia Exclusive

11-11-2003 15:13

NATO Command Bunker Under Our Feet: A Bristol Indymedia Exclusive
To most of us it's just another chain link fence off the road from Bath to
Chippenham, but investigative journalist Duncan Campbell believes the
underground Corsham Computer Centre houses a top-secret and top-level NATO
command post. Recent anonymous reports by contract workers who have been
deep underground say a gigantic new U.S. computer system has just been
installed. And the Ministry of Defence press office still have the cheek to
deny that there are underground facilities in Corsham. So are the U.S.
Department of Defence and our MoD hiding from Al Quaeda... or from the
public who pay their wages? Phil Chamberlain takes a peep down this and
some of their other nearby multi-billion pound rabbit holes.

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A military constitution for the European Union?

11-11-2003 15:00

WRI Logo
The draft European Constitution is worth loking at from an antimilitarist point of view: increase of armaments in the constitution, EU forces all over the world, "preventive wars". Everything we are used to from the USA now in a modern European version - and in a constitution!