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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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DSEi Dinner - three short video clips

12-09-2003 03:17

Three short mpg video clips of dinner delegates (arms delears and associated industry types) arriving at the hotel - campaigners talking to some and shouting at others, while being pushed around by an aggressive police force deployed to ensure the dinner went ahead.

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Assorted pics from DSEi Arms Fair Gala Dinner - Sept 11th

12-09-2003 03:00

royal lancaster hotel, host of dsei / deso dinner - sept 11th
Pics from the noise protest and actions outside the gala dinner for europe's largest arms companies.

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Sept 11th: DSEi Dinner of Death Merchants Get Own Tube Station

12-09-2003 01:36

lancaster tube station closed to the public
After holding their arms fair gala dinner on September 11th, the world's arms industry left the Lancaster Hotel under heavy police guard and with the streets around closed by several hundred police, some in riot gear. They were able to leave the area via Lancaster Gate Tube Station, which, closed to members of the public, was commandeered for arms dealer only transport.

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images from the 10 and 11th of september

11-09-2003 23:30

images from the 10 and 11th of september

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Meeting the DSEi dealers

11-09-2003 23:20

Short audio clip of casual interviews with arms deales on the bridge at customs house on the wednesday...

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Audioscape from arms traders dinner

11-09-2003 22:31

Short audio clip from Royal Lancaster Hotel...

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DSEI Thursday: Text messages reports from the hotel gala demo

11-09-2003 19:24

SMS messages received on Thursday evening about the Mass protest and affinity group actions for the "Delegate's Dinner" at a central London Hotel. This is where a lot of the arm's traders networking and deals take place.

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UK defence firm BAE denies existence of £20m slush fund

11-09-2003 16:46

A confidential letter from the Serious Fraud Office to the Ministry of Defence highlighted a possible major fraud operation in which leading Saudis were offered enticements to buy arms. (guardian article)

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Trafalgar Square becomes Red Square

11-09-2003 15:36

Protestors filled the Trafalgar Square with 'blood' this afternoon, in protest against the DSEi arms fair.

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Trafalgar Square becomes Red Square

11-09-2003 15:25

Trafalgar Square became Red Square this afternoon, as anti-arms trade campaigners filled its famous fountain with fake blood. They were protesting against DSEi – Europe’s largest arms fair – which is currently taking place in East London.

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DSEI Reclaim The Streets: Protest Tactics Deja Vu

11-09-2003 15:24

When will we learn? March, stop, kettle, wait, search, film, disperse in dribs and drabs. Not the most uplifting protest tactic in the world, yet once again it's all the majority of yesterday afternoon's DSEI arms fair protesters in East London felt up to ...

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short vid clips from RTS canning town - dsei wed

11-09-2003 15:14

short video mpg clips from dsei RTS on wednesday 10th sept at canning town

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Israel continues to imprison conscientious objectors

11-09-2003 14:49

WRI Logo
Four more conscientious objectors imprisoned in Israel.

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This is a Local Arms Fair for Local People

11-09-2003 14:43

Canning Town Casuals Come Out Against Arms Fair

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pics from rts group at canning town - dsei wed

11-09-2003 14:24

girl dragged into police cordon
pics from rts group at canning town roundabout

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Thoughts on the Anti-Capitalist movement and DSEi 2003

11-09-2003 14:07

Thoughts on focus, direction of anti-capitalist movement with mention of anti-war action, mayday and DSEi 2003.

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wed afternoon pics from dsei

11-09-2003 13:55

marching away from prince regent DLR next to excel / dsei
assorted pics from wed afternoon - dancing marching and blocking streets

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short dsei mpg vidclip - rts break through police line A13 - wed

11-09-2003 13:33

on the A13 around 300-400 people from the RTS meet up point were surrounded by police, some managed to push through police lines, the rest of the crowd was held for several hours before being pushed into a park and released in small groups

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11-09-2003 13:21

couldn't upload 'arms trade' cartoon to indymedia-uk so here's the link:

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ARMS DEALERS and their lackeys PIED !!!

11-09-2003 12:39

Kidney pies war has started ! Arms dealers adviced to buy raincoats and umbrellas ! Location: Pie them whererever they are !