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DSEI Thursday: Text messages reports from the hotel gala demo

IMC-london SMS | 11.09.2003 19:24 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | London

SMS messages received on Thursday evening about the Mass protest and affinity group actions for the "Delegate's Dinner" at a central London Hotel. This is where a lot of the arm's traders networking and deals take place.

[19:32] two groups of 100 people - one tried to take the street but was pushed back. a critical mass of 50 is cycling around the hotel
[19:34] a small sound system on a bike joined the critical mass
[19:41] a samba band just arrived with more people, the road is taken
[19:48] police is being very violent
[20:04] police pushed people back to the pavement; one cyclist was kicked to the floor by police; now there is a 200 strong picket with samba band and free food stall
[20:08] people shouting 'scum' at the del;egates as they come in; lots of police are forming two lines protecting the entrance to the hotel
[20:12] numbers swelling to 300. very strong and noisy picket

IMC-london SMS


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