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What if Iran had carried out the Gaza carnage?

02-06-2010 22:54

What would happen if Iran, my country, had carried out such a vicious action? The country which has never attacked nor occupied any lands over the past 100 years; the country which has never killed any foreign civilian under fallacious pretexts; would it have been treated the same way as Israel?

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European Campaign: Fleet of Freedom 2

02-06-2010 15:02

`The European Campaign`: Funds are secured for the first three ships of the fleet of `Freedom 2` ... The "European Campaign to End Siege on Gaza", announced that it already obtain the funding of the first three ships of the new fleet which will go to the Gaza Strip, which will be named "fleet of Freedom 2", related to the name of the First Fleet, who was exposed to piracy and a bloody massacre by Israel against the peace activists on board.

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Callout for solidarity Demo as Democracy Village activsts appear in court

02-06-2010 13:09

Tomorrow morning Activists from Democracy Village, the protest camp against the war in Afghanistan will be appearing in court. Come and show solidarity at the The Strand High Court, 10am 3rd of June. Please show support against this repression of our right to peaceful assembly and protest.

10 am Royal Courts of Justice - the High Court
Strand, London WC1

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Craig Murray: "Israeli Murders, NATO and Afghanistan"

02-06-2010 13:09

This extremely important view about the abominable Israeli aggression against the Gaza flotilla explains the significant private disagreements developing inside NATO as a result. It is written by ex British ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, who since he was dismissed for opposing British complicity with torture, has become an outspoken critic of murderous British and US-centric foreign policy.

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Callout for solidarity with the EDO defendants during the trial

02-06-2010 11:19

Support the decommissioners!

General enquiries: 07538093930
Press: 07526557436

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As for Zionism;

02-06-2010 06:38

“It depends on what you mean by Zionism. I was a Zionist activist in my youth. For me, Zionism meant opposition to a Jewish state. The Zionist movement did not come out officially in favor of a Jewish state until 1942. Before this it was merely the intent of the Zionist leadership. The Zionist movement for a long time stood against the establishment of a Jewish state because such a state would be discriminatory and racist.”

~ Noam Chomsky

‘If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.’

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Israel vows to attack next Flotilla boat - possibly tomorrow

01-06-2010 14:17

After the failure of the US/UK states to allow one single sanction against Israel, following the attack on the Flotilla boat yesterday, news is breaking that another two boats are already en route to Gaza.

The MV Rachel Corrie, which was held up in Malta due to technical problems is currently sailing towards Gaza with a crew of Irish and Malaysian activists in a bid to deliver its cargo of aid supplies to the besieged people of Gaza. It is expected to reach Gazan teritorial waters tomorrow, according to a spokeswoman for the Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign said, quoted in the Irish times. However, Greta Berlin, a spokesperson for the Free Gaza Movement said that the boat may not arrive until next week.

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Report and photos of demonstration for Gaza in Edinburgh on 31st May 2010

01-06-2010 13:43

A demonstration was held in Edinburgh against the Israeli attack on the flotilla to Gaza. 20 photos are included.

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Israeli claims weapons were onboard

01-06-2010 11:56

Aids for Gaza: TOYS for CHILDREN
Customs officials deny Israeli claims weapons were onboard ......... The flotilla of three cargo ships and three passenger ships carrying 10,000 tons of aid including food supply, cement, building materials and toys for children. Turkish officials have denied claims leveled by Israeli authorities that weapons were onboard one of the six aid ships attacked by Israel on Monday. ... Officials from the Customs Undersecretariat said every passenger was searched before getting on the ship with the help of X-ray machines and metal detectors. Senior officials from the undersecretariat said Israel's allegations were tantamount to “complete nonsense.”

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Demo to Support the Flotilla at EDO/ITT,suppliers to the Israeli navy, Tommorrow

01-06-2010 09:07

A flotilla carrying aid and international activists to Gaza was attacked in international waters on Monday and up to twenty people were killed. The ship was intercepted illegally and taken to Ashdod where its crew are being detained. Another ship, the Rachel Corrie, is still en route towards Gaza

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ISMer loses eye on West Bank flotilla demo

01-06-2010 03:11

Emily Henochowicz was shot directly in the face with a tear gas canister
21 year old American activist loses eye after being shot in face with tear gas canister

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Audio from the London Flotilla Demo 31.05.10

31-05-2010 23:44

The speeches at the Rally opposite Downing Street.

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Israeli strike on Freedom Flotilla to Gaza is part of a broader military agenda

31-05-2010 22:05

It should be understood that the raid on the Flotilla also coincided with NATO-Israel war games directed against Iran. According to the Sunday Times "three German-built Israeli submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles are to be deployed in the Gulf near the Iranian coastline."

While these naval deployments were underway in the Persian Gulf, Israel was also involved in war games in the Mediterraean. The war game codenamed "MINOAS 2010" was carried out at a Greek air base in Souda Bay, on the island of Crete.

Also, in the wake of the decision directed against Israel's nuclear weapons under the auspices of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the White House reaffirmed not only its support to Israel, but also to Israel's nuclear weapons capabilities. The statement issued one day before the raid on the flotilla points to US support of "Israel's strategic and deterrence capabilities, which also include the launching of a pre-emptive nuclear attack on Iran.

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Exeter Protest against Israeli attack on aid flotilla

31-05-2010 20:50

Protest in Exeter city centre. Tuesday 1st June, 4pm Bedford Square (outside vodafone on the high street)

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Israel's attack on Gaza aid convoy: A horrendous moment of truth for US policy

31-05-2010 20:34

Of course, there is hardly anything new here – Israeli forces using disproportionate violence, killing civilians with impunity. But on this occasion, the murderous incident is not in some poor ghetto in the Gaza Strip hidden from the full view of the world. Up to now, Israeli disinformation could afford just enough wriggle room to sow doubts over such events. The cynical phrases of “terror suspects” and “self defence” parroted by the western mainstream media served to give the Israeli government and its backers in Washington a degree of political cover for otherwise heinous conduct.

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Galway Gaza M&S demo

31-05-2010 20:28

Riders from the Merthyr to Mayo ride blockaded Galway's branch of Marks and Spencer with bikes today, in protest at the killing of international activists and the ongoing siege of Gaza.

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Palestine Today 05312010

31-05-2010 18:23

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the international Middle East Media Center,, for Monday, May 31, 2010.

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Gaza Solidarity in Nottingham

31-05-2010 18:05

Angered by Israel’s murder of unarmed civilians on board the Gaza flotilla carrying humanitarian aid, concerned residents and students from across Nottingham held a protest in the Market Square today.

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Condemnation Follows Israeli Raid On Flotilla

31-05-2010 16:52

"Hamas won an election for control of Gaza over the more conservative pro U.S. Fatah group favored by the U.S. and Israel. In the aftermath of a bloody struggle the more centrist faction was defeated militarily and by the ballot. Please remember this as most western press services have consigned important setails to Orwell’s “memory hole.”

"Officials in Israel said the elite naval units were attacked as they attempted to board one of the ships, and that the commandos used live fire only when they felt their lives were threatened. Dozens of passengers and at least five Israeli soldiers were wounded in the confrontation in international waters."

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Photos from the early, spontaneous Gaza protest

31-05-2010 15:10

Some photos from the early, spontaneous protest against the Israeli armed forces' lethal attack on the Gaza aid flotilla, outside Downing St about noon today.

Photos (C) Pennie Quinton - no commercial use without permission -