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Man to stand trial because police said he lied?

16-11-2005 04:56

Because authorities 'believed'?
So if the authorities believe someone you know poses a terrorist risk - then if they interview you in alleged connection to their belief - and if police believe that you lied about it - then you can follow old mate here and prove you didn't lie or go to jail? Or be refused bail anyway and go to jail until you prove otherwise - after being isolated in AAA maximum-security with no fresh air or sunlight 'indefinitely' and get drip-fed through the courts?

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Cambridge Students Disrupt Arms Company Recruitment

16-11-2005 00:40

A protestor in bloody shirt
This afternoon, about 15 students attended the University Engineering Society "meet your new employer day" at the Guildhall in Cambridge. This included such lovely folk as Rolls Royce, GKN, ExxonMobil, QinetiQ, Shell and Thales. The demonstrators went inside and screamed next to the Rolls Royce and GKN stands to protest against these companies. They were ejected by University proctors.

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Exhibtion of Palestinian Children's Artwork

15-11-2005 19:28

An exhibtion of Palestinian children's artwork in St John's Centre, Leeds. 14 - 27 November

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15-11-2005 19:16


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CHART, TABLE: CIA Secret Prison Planes--What the MSM Won't Tell

14-11-2005 18:07

The Organization Chart

The European Commission said last week it will investigate published reports that the CIA set up secret jails in Eastern Europe to detain high-profile terrorism suspects. The Commission says the governments of the EU's 25 member nations will be informally questioned about possible human rights violations. News media reported also that the group Human Rights Watch "claims records and other evidence point to POLAND and ROMANIA as countries that allowed their territory to be used by the CIA to jail top suspected al-Qaeda captives." We report that HRW knows that from tracing the movements of CIA planes and WE PROVIDE A LIST OF THE 28 PLANES, 8 SHELL COMPANIES, AND SEVERAL CIA-RELATED COMPANIES.

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Truck bombs blow up Downing Street!

14-11-2005 14:46

Today, three truck bombs exploded at Downing Street taking out half the cabinet that was meeting at number 10 for private session about new anti-terror laws. It has not yet know who are amoung the dead but sources say that the prime minister is alive. A police spokeperson has said that the attack bears all the hall marks of Greenpeace...

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Seder Revolution Raises Red Flags

14-11-2005 02:53

In light of Syrian President Assad's speech that foreignors are plotting against him- Is there any smoking gun evidence he's right?

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13-11-2005 19:11


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“The 9/11 – 7/7 Connection”

13-11-2005 17:57

To follow the increase in film showings RBC (Ruf Broadcasting Core) presents the showing of Painful Deceptions and talk/presentation “The 9/11 – 7/7 Connection”.

19th November at 7:30pm
Dancehouse Theatre (Oxford Road, Manchester, opposite the BBC)

Advance Tickets: 0161 237 9754
Information: 07748 347 367

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Clueless torturer Straw attacks "preposterous and demeaning" Cherie Blair

13-11-2005 12:18

"Impunity" Jack has put his foot in his mouth AGAIN with a vehement, virulent and accidental attack on Tony Blair's wife. Straw blasted former ambassador Meyer's description of John Major being briefed in his briefs as "preposterous", without realising that exactly the same story had appeared in Cherie's book "The Goldfish Bowl", with Meyer as the source!

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12-11-2005 19:02

"Detlev Mehlis’ role in the investigation into the La Belle bombing raises disturbing questions about his role in the investigation of the assassination of Hariri.

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Photos: Chimes for remembrance and resistance: 100 bells ring out

12-11-2005 12:02

Chimes for remembrance and resistance: 100 bells rung out on 11th November 2005 - hopefully photos

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Israeli security expert confirms prior knowledge of bomb in Jordan

11-11-2005 22:40

A quote from a former senior Israeli security official poses questions about this week's hotel bombings in Amman.
What did the Israeli govt know, and when did they know it?
Could they have stopped the bombings?
Why weren't non-Israelis evacuated?

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Carry on up the injunction - Life Drawing Session at EDO

11-11-2005 18:32

The injunction at EDO MBM, Brighton's very own arms manufacturers, makes it illegal to take photos at EDO MBM - however the pen is mightier than the sword...

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Chimes for remembrance and resistance: 100 bells rung out on 11th November 2005

11-11-2005 17:53

Today the 11th November 2005 a small group of Southcoast people decided to hold a bell ringing event as part of the campaign to ensure that over 100, 000 bells worldwide ring out for the people who have died in Iraq from the ongoing war and occupation.

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BOOK ON CIA's SECRET JAILS: "Operation Hotel California" by Guido Olimpio

11-11-2005 16:56

CIA Flights to Hotel California (asterisks*)
The first book-length expose of CIA kidnappings and prisons -- two of the greatest evils in the Bush government, and the world -- by the Italian investigative journalist Guido Olimpio is here, and it's new and as current as todays news stories about the CIA's secret jails! The book is a must-read for anyone wanting to know about the CIA's practice of "rendition": kidnapping people and transporting them to places like Egypt for torture.

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Terror suspects 'kept in dark'

10-11-2005 23:03

Kept in Guantanamo Bay style conditions
"They're all kept in solitary confinement, they're kept in Guantanamo Bay style conditions and they're very oppressive," he said.

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More proof of white phosphorus use in Iraq

10-11-2005 21:30

More evidence of the use of White Phosphorus shells in Iraq, from Infantry Magazine:

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The Champ would not have been silent

10-11-2005 21:29

Muhammad Ali would have rapped against GW Bush at that ‘event’ in the USA

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On the news item about MUHAMMAD Ali being 'honoured' by GW Bush

10-11-2005 20:49

The truth that Muhammad Ail would have fought to uphold today would have been about GW Bush's own wrongdoing and violations and aggressions in all parts of the world as well as his violations of millions of peopel in the USA... But Ali is not speaking .......