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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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US foreign policy and Oil on the BBC world service

10-09-2003 18:59

Got an email from the BBC world service regarding the airing of the prog.... details below

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Anti-War protestor on Racist Charges scores early Legal Victory

10-09-2003 18:25

An anti-war protestor appearing in court for legal debate had all his legal arguments accepted. The charges concerned an allegation that he was stirring up racial hatred by bearing an upside-down US flag with the words "Fuck Bush" on it.

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DSEi roundabout protest

10-09-2003 18:03

Latest news from DSEi at 1800 on 10 September - a group of about 150 pink and silver protesters are being confined to a roundabout by police. They have been subjected to a section 14 order and don't know when they will be allowed to leave - plus the public order act has been read so they could be arrested at any time. Meanwhile protesters are singing and dancing the hokey cokey...

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Mobile photos

10-09-2003 17:46

riot photographer
mobile pix from street party

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DSEI: Pictures outside Custom House DLR Station

10-09-2003 17:27

3 pictures from outside Custom House DLR station

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Police block cause chaos on A13

10-09-2003 17:25

East london in traffic chaos as violent hierarchicalists block A13...

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DSEI: Pictures from inside the arms fair set 2

10-09-2003 16:23

Second set of pictures shot inside the arms fair

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Deputy Mayor of London horrified after visit to Arms Fair

10-09-2003 16:20

London Assembly Green Group
news release
Green Group Press Office: 020 7983 4964/ 07810156886
Tuesday, 09 September 2003

Deputy Mayor of London horrified after visit to Arms Fair

London's Green Deputy Mayor Jenny Jones revealed she was "shocked, horrified and profoundly depressed" after her official visit to the arms fair in Docklands today.

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DSEI: Pictures from inside the arms fair

10-09-2003 16:07

5 pictures shot inside the arms fair

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Demonstrators arrested at Fluffy Dsei

10-09-2003 15:52

Arrestees update from Disarm Dsei demos Tues 9th Sept

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Mainstream support for Liberty

10-09-2003 15:48

Mainstream political pressure mounting against the polic

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Veggie Bullets?

10-09-2003 15:19

US still trying to create Eco fireindly bullets!

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DSEI: Critical Mass Pictures

10-09-2003 15:04

7 pictures

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Video of DSEi Police Clash

10-09-2003 15:01

Footage (video to follow)...

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Fire Alarm Cops

10-09-2003 14:40

The following footage (video to follow)...

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Second Day Of Action: Shut Down DSEi!

10-09-2003 13:47

updated front

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NVDA Blockade of ExCel west entrance yesterday

10-09-2003 13:43

Blockade of western entrance
13 arrests at blockade of western entrance to ExCel center yesterday afternoon.