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Iran: The threat of a nuclear war

09-04-2007 20:51

General Leonid Ivashov (left) at the Axis for Peace Conference 2005 in Brussels
Strongly convinced that a US nuclear strike on Iran is imminent, General Ivashov analysis the probable outcomes of a United-Stator-Irani war. He confirms, for example, that such a conflict will lead to a military one between Tel Aviv and Tehran which will immediately evolve into a religious one, between Islam and Judaism. He raises his doubts about the real reasons behind the US operation, and points out to the reader that Bush administartion and its allies have already started their psychological readying for the likelihood of utilizing tactical nuclear weapons against Iran. Yet, is it possible to avert the bombing ? One of the questions, among others, to which General Ivashov brings an answer in this article.

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Want to Earn Ten Years' Salary? Get Captured.

09-04-2007 20:15

Solitary Confinement
The government is introducing a new incentive scheme for the military. If you get captured you can immediately make a quarter of a miilion pounds, maybe much more.

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Iran releases rebuttal footage of sailors playing chess

09-04-2007 18:23

The Brits really should've quit while they were ahead . . .

Too late now.

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Ahmadinejad cartoons in the British press

08-04-2007 23:03

Schrank, Independent, 8 April 2007
This is a selection of Ahmadinejad cartoons published in the British press in the last three days.

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Beyond the Power

08-04-2007 11:24

The Register carried an unusually gung-ho article yesterday about the US upgrading it's submarine base at Diego Garcia. Despite salivating over the military hardware and name dropping everyone from James Bond to the SBS, it was left to someone in the comments section to point out that the island was shamefully stolen from it's inhabitants by the British.

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Audio: Direct Action in USA

08-04-2007 01:26

From 28 March 2007

Link to radio programme Against The Grain from Californian anti-war radio station KPFA

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Selling out the marines

07-04-2007 23:23

It's just been announced on TV that the UK marines and sailors are being given special permission to sell their stories to the press. You won't need to agree with my previous analysis that they were used as pawns by both governments to be flabbergasted by this.

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You Murderous Tube

07-04-2007 15:51

NuLab mass murderer Tony Bliar, the grinning gimp, launched a new YouTube Channel today. Already they have 16 videos up. Not one of them is about Iraq, which is the only issue most voters relate to Labour now.

Now, if I promise to safetly burn down my local Labour party office will someone else hack this piece of shite website for me ?

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Come toUSAF Lakenheath Demo

07-04-2007 12:00

USAF Lakenheath Demonstration!


from 4 p.m. at Gate 1,

on the A 1065,

--to welcome the Vanunu Freedom cyclists on their way to London from Faslane

-- to take part in the annual vigil remembering the bombing of Libya (April 1986) from this base

-- to sustain our protest over the nuclear and cluster bombs at


--to Say ‘Don’t attack Iran’ ( missions could be flown from this US base)

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The British Royal Navy Personnel Were Spying on Iran: Their Mission was to "Gath

07-04-2007 00:06

Here is the full transcript of Captain's Air's interview with Sky news, which confirms that the mission was to spy on Iran, in the context of ongoing coalition war preparations.

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Jundullah: Iran-Contra Crimes Revisited

06-04-2007 23:59

Jundullah members captured in Iran after blowing up a bus with members of the Revolutionary Guard onboard back in February “said they had been trained for the mission at a secret location in Pakistan.” Back in 2003, the CIA established “secret bases” in Pakistan, ostensibly to hunt for the dead Osama bin Laden and his dour pranksters, that is to say patsies and mental deficients.

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US Foreign Policy and the Iran-Iraq War: review article

06-04-2007 18:16

This article by Professor Boyle, first published in February 1986 provides an incisive historical review of Washington's foreign policy agenda during the Iran Hostage crisis and the Iran-Iraq war.

It is of particular relevance to an understanding both of the US sponsored Iraq war as well as the foreign policy stance of the Bush adminstration in relation to Tehran.

It is worth noting that the Reagan administration's anti-Iranian policy was conducted by many of the same NeoConservatives who are today working for the Bush Junior Adminstration

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Lakenheath 8, SOCPA 128, Trial dates

06-04-2007 17:50

The ‘Lakenheath 8’ Pete, Richie, Mell, Lesley G, Lesley A, Margaret, Irene and Emma now have their trial dates for the action they took last October. The trial will take place on the 6th, 10th and 11th of July 2007 at Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk courts.

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Nottingham folk blockade nuclear submarine base in Scotland - a radio piece

06-04-2007 16:15

This is a short radio piece about the Faslane 365 campaign in Scotland, why we need to resist nuclear weapons and how a load of people from Nottingham succesfully blockaded the Faslane nuclear submarine base in Scotland. The piece is 11 minutes long and uploaded in mp3 and ogg/vorbis format. You can also listen to the stream:

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The Iran hostage crisis in context

06-04-2007 15:16

What were Iran's likely reasons for arresting the 15 British service-people, and who have been the winners and losers in the hostage crisis?

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'We Gathered Intelligence'

06-04-2007 02:57

Considering the illegal, Covert War already underway, and the full-scale Act of Aggression being plotted by Israel, the US, and possibly Britain as well, it's interesting that no real, plausible explanation has been offered for this incident.

Considering the ages and appearances of these troops, it's most likely that they were intentionally offered up to capture, in order to further the demonization of Iran in the run-up to war.

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Torture: Read it in the Israeli press

06-04-2007 02:50

Glorigying monsters is one way world governments perpetuate this cycle of wars.

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Brighton delegation arrives in Palesine

05-04-2007 17:54

Fourteen volunteers from Brighton Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group arrived in occupied Palestine today, Thurs 5th April, for a 10 day cultural exchange and fact finding tour.

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Iran’s release of sailors: A humiliating episode for Britain

05-04-2007 11:19

Iran’s release of the 15 British naval personnel captured in the Gulf is the dénouement of a humiliating episode for the Blair government and for British imperialism.

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Media Alert: A Menace To Us All - Max Hastings and Iran

04-04-2007 15:46

When the big fish of British journalism enter the much bigger pond of the American prestige press, they understand that success requires a willingness to massage elite American prejudices.