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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Peace Not War Music Festival

22-01-2004 19:00

It's a year since one of the most monumental events in human history. We're setting up a monumental grassroots Peace Not War Music Festival in London in February 2004. PLEASE take a look at what we're doing and support us by helping get the word out there!

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Afghanistan: 500 Women March to Register

22-01-2004 15:28

A sea of burqas
A sea of blue and white burqas walked one and a half kilometres through the centre of Mazar-I-Sarif in northern Afghanistan today to register for the forthcoming elections.

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State of the union speech (uncensored) ;-)

22-01-2004 14:26

Here's a much more truthful recording of Bush's speech

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Peace Not War Press Release

21-01-2004 19:18

Feb 15th, one year on and the body bags still pile up.
Free sampler CD of the Peace Not War Festival is available on this
week's Big Issue magazine.
Y' can all slag it off but at least its all encompassing and a focus!

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Labour's 'Big Conversation' - access denied

21-01-2004 18:05

I was refused entry to New Labour's 'big conversation' - why not get ourselves invited en-masse (and undercover, a la Albright @ borders) so we can stop this big conversation crap masquerading as democracy.

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State of the Onion

21-01-2004 16:57

1st draft of the State of the Onion Address

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"Pull It"

21-01-2004 12:19


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Fairford Coach Video #2 (video of 22 March 2003)

21-01-2004 04:57

You may have seen the previous video from coach 3. Here's the other video from coaches 1 and 2. Very dramatic footage of the police searches and detention. This is followed by some footage of the police roughness that followed the passengers escape in Shepard's Bush. This 17 MB *.MOV file features 12 minutes of dramatic moments on the coaches.

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Lebanon says UN probe found Israeli bulldozer hit on its soil

20-01-2004 21:49

BEIRUT (AFP) - Lebanese President Emile Lahoud said that a UN investigation had found that an Israeli military bulldozer hit by a Hezbollah rocket attack was in Lebanese territory at the time of the strike

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video link of US Apaches killing unarmed men in Iraq

20-01-2004 19:57

shocking evidence of us death machine at work

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Richard Perle is not elected!

20-01-2004 18:49

Washington's hawks have sent a public manifesto to President George Bush demanding regime change in Syria and Iran and a Cuba-style military blockade of North Korea backed by planning for a pre-emptive strike on its nuclear sites."

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UK WMD Storage Base Blockaded

20-01-2004 18:18

Yesterday, the 19th January, three activists blockaded the main gate at RNAD Coulport, the storage facility for Trident warheads. Morag from Faslane Peace Camp, Roz a Trident Ploughshares pledger from Edinburgh, and Raggy Jason from Bristol, blockaded the main gate at Coulport for two and a half hours from 6.55 am till 9.25 am.

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RtB Weekend Jan 2004 - Roundup

20-01-2004 13:39

Five bases were visited for the January 2004 RtB weekend - RAF Molesworth, USAF Lakenheath, USAF Feltwell, USAF Mildenhall and Northwood HQ.

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So was the war legal?

19-01-2004 20:12

The results of an investigation into the legality of the war in Iraq are to be announced on 20 January. Read on if you want to attend...

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Iraqi Civilians Increasingly Killed by Accidental U.S. Gunfire

19-01-2004 06:55

Innocent Iraqi civilians are being shot at, bombed, and killed at a quickening pace in recent weeks, but not by Saddam or "terrorist" forces. U.S. soldiers, increasingly nervous and afraid of imminent attack, have systematically followed a "shoot first, investigate later" policy.

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The Apache Killing Video

19-01-2004 01:48

No arrest, no charges, no trial.
The US Army as judge, jury and executioner.
Welcome to the New Democratic Iraq.

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Help Needed With Project in Nablus, Palestine

19-01-2004 01:46


i have been living and volunteering (with ISM and other projects) in Nablus, Occupied Palestine for about seven months. My time has been concentrated on Nablus, particularly in Balata Refugee Camp.

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Bush and Blair are real victims...

18-01-2004 14:10

The Real Victims Let's be honest. The Bush and Blair are the real victims of this war. They were lied to by their intelligence services, maligned by the press, scorned by the public. All for trying to overthrow a rancorous dictator who GASSED HIS OWN PEOPLE, YES HIS OWN PEOPLE.

Let's be a little bit more honest than that...

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18-01-2004 06:56

Peace in Iraq
Peace in Iraq 2004

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17-01-2004 22:55

Seattle Police at June 2, 2003 LEIU Protests...
In a time when Seattle is in deep need of money for its schools, affordable housing, etc., we are paying $250,000, and rightly so, to protesters who were grotesquely violated at the WTO protests in 1999. And Seattle did not learn from that riot, as it produced two more unnecessary police riots in 2003, which still need to be addressed properly by officials, and perhaps the courts.