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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Support CUPE’s Call to Boycott Israeli Apartheid

21-06-2006 18:57

Action Alert from the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA)

In late May, the 200,000 member strong Ontario chapter of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) approved Resolution 50 supporting a growing global campaign initiated on July 9, 2005 by over 170 Palestinian organizations, including the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israeli apartheid.

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"Cut and Run": A Winning Slogan for Democrats if They Really Want to Win

21-06-2006 18:32

The problem of course is that the Democrats don’t seem to want to win, or are afraid of what might happen if they did win: that they’d actually have to run the place.

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Palestine Today

21-06-2006 16:26

Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media centre, for Wednesday June 21st, 2006

Troops invade Nablus and Beit Ilma refugee camp, killing one and injuring two, Three children dead and ten wounded in Israeli air strike in crowded refugee camp Tuesday. Al Quds Brigades launches projectiles at Sderot and Nahal Oz Tuesday evening, Rafah crossing closed after European observers failed to come to work. Israeli Army breaks into two Hebron charitable societies, confiscates and destroys some of its contents

Those stores and more coming up stay tuned.

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Neoliberal Geo-Politics

20-06-2006 17:08

In truth, the war on Iraq is lost. Military commanders in the field admit this in reports to the Pentagon. In truth, American miltiary power cannot contain the growing violence. War is part of neoliberalism since profit maximization is the supreme and unquestioned goal.

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Iraq: Lies, Deception, and Death… I’ve Seen Enough!

20-06-2006 15:40

Two American soldiers Thomas Tucker of Oregon and Christian Menchaca of my home state of Texas were found dead in Iraq.

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Noam Chomsky: a jester at their court.

20-06-2006 12:25

Noam Chomsky belongs to this group of so called 'liberals' which on behalf of their masters have betrayed humanity. And try to keep betraying most of us. Those 'Megaphones of the Mighty' for instance can write thousands of words about the 'Problems in the Middle East' without even mentioning the word 'Israel' once.

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Corporate Capitalism is run by SATAN

20-06-2006 06:17

Military Corporate Fascism (Military Corporatism) and the fall of the USA from world dominance.
Corporate Capitalism is run by SATAN through the use of WAR.
Satan loves a bomb. Collateral damage is his term.
Military Corporate Capitalism is Godless.

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World Trade Center Destruction Was Controlled Demolition - Now there's PROOF

20-06-2006 02:44

The following is an article posted to the Portland IMC
on June 17, 2006 (with the addition of his source).
It tells of the discovery (proof) that the Trade Center
buildings were brought down by a controlled demolition
on 9/11. He provides a link to his source at the bottom
of this article.

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Palestine Today

19-06-2006 16:00


Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media centre, for Wednesday June 19th, 2006

Israeli Army arrests two brothers from Bethlehem arrests five residents returning home at military checkpoint near Rammallah, jenin and nablus invaded and mother of three arrested and disappeared

Those stores and more coming up stay tuned.

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Shocking Memo from U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Details Increasing Danger & Hardship

19-06-2006 12:43

NEW YORK The Washington Post has obtained a cable, marked "sensitive," that it says show that just before President Bush left on a surprise trip last Monday to the Green Zone in Baghdad for an upbeat assessment of the situation there, "the U.S. Embassy in Iraq painted a starkly different portrait of increasing danger and hardship faced by its Iraqi employees."

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ALDERMASTON: Join us for a big blockade

19-06-2006 12:17

sketchy banner
Resist Britain's WMD programme - Stop the next generation of nuclear weapons!

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THE LEFT AND THE ISRAEL LOBBY – by Joseph Anderson, Dissident Voice

19-06-2006 08:08

Now that Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer have broken the taboo in the mainstream American media establishment of not only pointing out that the Israel lobby exists, but actually analyzing it from their perspective, the only place that open discussion, analysis and debate about the lobby remain firmly taboo is, ironically, ON THE LEFT in the U.S.! It’s a taboo imposed on, especially, the American left by certain leftist icons and their suppression – if not censorship – of free expression and debate on this topic in progressive venues (lectures, panels, press or broadcast). Now, some people will bring up a red herring list of other possible influences in U.S. Mideast foreign policy to deny my analysis, but here I am dealing with THE ISRAEL LOBBY and how leftist icons respond to that topic.

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Summit forges military ties in Central Asia

18-06-2006 21:57

The US, in ignoring International Law and pursuing illegal policies of Aggression, may have forced its Opposition to unite against it. Perhaps this is just what the Extremists in DC, who profit only from conflict, want ... ?

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The Origins And Growth Of The Israel Lobby

18-06-2006 21:55

This could quite possibly be the most important issue facing the world right now.

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ISM Freedom Summer Campaign Approaches - Slander Campaign Against ISM Stepped-Up

18-06-2006 13:40

Freedom Summer 2006 is nearly here. Palestinians are continuing to employ a greater variety of creative, non-violent resistance to the occupation and you’re invited to participate.

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Sir No Sir, A Film Review

18-06-2006 07:10

A review of the documentary that addresses the US antiwar movement among Vietnam era soldiers, and its implications for today.

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Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign vigil, 17 June 2006

18-06-2006 01:08

Guantanamo vigil, High Street, Birmingham
At 1pm on Saturday 17 June 2006, Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign held a vigil on High Street in the city centre following reports of the deaths in Guantanamo of three prisoners - named on a placard as Yassar Al Zahrani, Mani Al Utaybi and Ali Abdullah Ahmed.

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BYU Physics Prof Finds Thermate in WTC Physical Samples, Building Collapses an I

17-06-2006 23:50

author: Jacob Hamblin
Based on chemical analysis of WTC structural steel residue, a Brigham Young University physics professor has identified the material as Thermate. Thermate is the controlled demolition explosive thermite plus sulfur. Sulfur cases the thermite to burn hotter, cutting steel quickly and leaving trails of yellow colored residue.

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Killing season in the Philippines

17-06-2006 23:16

The escalating repression taking place now in the Philippines is no coincidence. Twenty years since the end of the dictatorship and three "people's power" uprisings later, Philippine society is hugely polarized.