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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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The Pits of Humanity!

08-09-2006 10:44

You ain't seen nothin' yet...

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Bullying need not spoil your life...

08-09-2006 10:00

If you would like to share your experiences with others in a openly public environment, in a group setting, please see Charity Sweet

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Dear Sir: Please exit immediately Advanced disclosure part ii/2nd press release

08-09-2006 09:20

If voting could change things, it would be illegal

- anonymous witty, clever, intelligent English young man

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5yrs on - Speak to the hand!

07-09-2006 22:15

Please don't hurt me!
Here is one of W's final speeches, author unknown. (applause.)
President Bush Discusses Progress in the Global War on Terror
Cobb Galleria Centre, Atlanta, Georgia

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Al-qaeda-ology today...!

07-09-2006 21:16

Oh dear, looks like the bloke in the cave is still at it. We are all doomed! Crouch behind the couch and watch the latest in terror if you dare!,7340,L-3301220,00.html

It must be true, why if al-jazeera sezit!

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Propaganda Offensive

07-09-2006 13:46

America will be more secure the sooner Rumsfeld resigns.. In an historical sense, the term "Islam fascism" is absurd, a contradiction in itself.. The fascism reproach is not true for any of the Moslem groups resisting Anglo-American control of the Middle East.

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Blair war crimes arrest

07-09-2006 10:47

Faux terroir latest..

"Since the Bush administration has violated
Common Article 3, officials could become defendants in war crimes
prosecutions. Bush is trying to prevent this by asking Congress to water
down our obligations under the Geneva Conventions."

Bush is trying retrospective legislation to avoid war crimes charges.

Current US deficit now at 3 trillion,
which is a pile of $1,000 dollar notes stacked for over 4,300 miles...

A lot of this has been given to arms/oil cartel..

Blair support zero as war crimes charges avoidance options are less in UK.. may seek refugee status in US puppet state.
(No offers yet)

Updates hourly...

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Pentagon report on Iraq reveals a deepening catastrophe

07-09-2006 07:14

Communal catastrophe
US imperialism, however, has no solution to the communal catastrophe it has created. Instead, the Bush administration and American media are using the Pentagon report to justify preparations for stepped-up operations by the US military and the Iraqi government forces against the Sadrist movement and its Mahdi Army militia.

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Best defence against terrorism is a split with US, say voters

07-09-2006 06:17

In other words, get rid of Bliar and the rest of his criminal Gang.

Such debates give me hope, as they are increasing in volume and clarity, all over the world. I recently read this, and said 'finally, people are waking up'. Though I fear what the "Neo-Con" Fascists will do while backed into a corner, the risk of doing nothing is much, much greater.

Cheney Can't Scare Me Anymore

I'm not sure we're quite ready for this approach, but for the first time since Sept. 11, I see signs that America is gradually coming to its senses. The country is like the addicted gambler who, instead of continuing his doomed search for a game he can win, finally begins to wonder if the real problem is his presence in the casino.

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Australian government sets course for militarism and war

07-09-2006 05:47

The drive to war
The drive to war and the militarisation of society that accompanies it are not passing phenomena, but the surest signs of a deep-going crisis of the entire social order. They signify that the private profit system has become completely incompatible with the interests and aspirations of the vast majority of the world’s population.

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How Hitler Became a Dictator

06-09-2006 22:17

Whenever US officials wish to demonize someone, they inevitably compare him to Hitler. Resist the beginnings is a lesson from German history.

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On The Coltan Trail

06-09-2006 20:03

Before 1998 columbite-tantalite, coltan, was an obscure natural resource. It is a mixed ore containing niobium (formerly columbium) and tantalum. In eight years its necessity and value has increased due to rapid advancements in technology. Without coltan the technological industry would slip into crisis, with catastrophic repercussions across the Western world.

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Faslane 365 - Political Song Group Organising Meeting

06-09-2006 17:59

Sit and Sing against Trident - Political Song Blockade at the Trident Nuclear base at Faslane, Scotland

Planning meeting this Sunday 10th Sept in London; St Anne’s and St Andrew’s – 125 Salisbury Road. NW6. Opposite Brookesville Avenue.

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GAGGED! #13 Autumn 2006 - South Wales Anarchist Newsletter

06-09-2006 11:52

GAGGED! #13 Autumn 2006 - South Wales Anarchist Newsletter • Against Power & Profit • Anti-Copyright
it's alot prettier on .pdf - theres pics too

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9/11 INSIDE JOB, where are our academics on 7/7?

06-09-2006 09:59

75 leading professors and scientists in the US say there is now evidence that 9/11 was perpetrated by the Whitehouse to justify invasions in the Middle East according to a Daily Mail report, yes I know shocking, the Hate Mail publishing anything but it is on the net so not sure if it is in their disgusing hate filled, neo-nazi sympathetic rag.. Fury as academics claim 9/11 was 'inside job' ... could be news as the only Hate Mail story worth repeating ever!!! i am getting ideas from moron press ... i don't even get paid to think like this ...
Where are British academics on the real events of july 7th
Where is the public inquiry
Where are the academics looking at the evidence against so called Al Qaeda operatives in the UK?

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Palestinian schools suffer heaviest days of strike

06-09-2006 08:19

Palestine faced the fourth day of the strike today. Teachers and many other government employees are striking since Saturday 2nd September. They haven't received salaries in six months.

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05-09-2006 19:42

I recognise what Danny is saying, the innocents as he calls them, this may be true - I remain open to these forms of discussions of even the inklings of our humanity and our true nature. I know of an RAF doctor and a UK soldier and quite a few ex-US soldiers who left the army because they did not want to kill, torture and participate in something they knew was wrong. But I think I am asking a separate question, do I want to cry over the death of a solider, no, as that is one less soldier killing innocent people, waging an illegal war, participating in an illegal invasion.

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05-09-2006 19:38

I would like to correct the claims about the Rwandan conflict. The allegations of US involvement in the death of innocent people in the Bologna train bombings in Italy were proven to be true. If I believed the corporate media, the US and UK allies are saviours but thankfully there is something called reality and that even exists in Africa. The fake armies paid for by these thugs are becoming as apparent in Africa as they are in Europe. As Chomsky says even at the anniversary of Rwanda, the same number of people, about 8,000 people, about 8,000 children in fact, are dying in southern Africa every day from easily treatable diseases. We add hunger, it's going to go way up, let's keep to easily treatable diseases. That's Rwanda-level killing among children only, in southern Africa, not for 100 days, but every day. who does what?

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The Next Phase of the Middle East War

05-09-2006 18:34

Iran War Games August 2006.

Israel's war on Lebanon is an integral part of a US sponsored "military roadmap". 

The war on Lebanon, which has resulted in countless atrocities including the destruction of  the nation's economy and civilian infrastructure, is "a stage" in a sequence of carefully planned military operations. 

Lebanon constitutes a strategic corridor between Israel and North-western Syria. The underlying objective of this war was the militarization of Lebanon, including the stationing of foreign troops, as a precondition for carrying out the next phase of a broader military agenda. 

Formally under a UN mandate, the foreign troops to be stationed on Lebanese soil on the immediate border with Syria, will be largely although not exclusively from NATO countries. This military force mandated by the UN Security Council is by no means neutral. It responds directly to US and Israeli interests. 

Moreover, the timely withdrawal of Syrian troops, following the  February 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri has contributed to opening up a "new space". The withdrawal of Syrian troops served Israeli interests.  The timely pullout was of strategic significance: it was a major factor in the timing and planning of the July 2006 IDF attacks on Lebanon. 

In the aftermath of the Israeli bombings and the "ceasefire",  UN Security Council Resolution 1701, drafted by France and the US in close consultation with the Israeli government, has paved the way for the militarization of Lebanon, under a bogus UN mandate.    

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Iraq: Fairford Peace 'disarmers' trial continues

05-09-2006 15:57

A jury at Bristol Crown Court is being asked to accept for the first time in an English court that peace activists who damaged military property should be acquitted because they were trying to prevent war crimes. Dave Cockcroft, a long standing peace campaigner and local Green party member will be a witness for the defence tomorrow for Dr Margaret Jones and Paul Milling who are accused of "conspiring to cause criminal damage to property" at USAF Fairford in March 2003.