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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Peace & Nuclear Disarmament in the 21st century - meeting 25th Nov

19-11-2004 11:25

Public Meeting - 7.30pm Thursday 25th November
Somerville College (Flora Anderson Hall)
Speakers from Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Greens, Labour, Lib Dem and YCL.


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The Liberation of America (an essay from 2016)

19-11-2004 10:29

Set in the year 2016 this essay "looks back" at the events which led to the "liberation of America."

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Children and War: More than the Innocent

19-11-2004 06:36

More than the innocent in war require our love and concern.

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The Liberation of America ( an historical essay written in 2016)

19-11-2004 04:38

The Liberation of America is an essay written in 2016. It looks back at the history of America's second war of independence.

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"The Streets of Baghdad"

18-11-2004 19:53

** Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches **

November 18, 2004

The Streets of Baghdad

We had our daily car bomb today when a suicide bomber drove his car into
a US patrol as it passed near the Yarmouk police station. Several Iraqis
were killed, with no report yet on US casualties. I felt the rumble even
though I was on a street far away from the blast-at least 5 miles distant.

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18-11-2004 19:42

It's about the lie of war that governments and the military have elaborated over the last ten years, the technological, smart surgical war that is supposed to limit civilian deaths, thereby somehow making the killing acceptable. It suggests that the conflicts at the moment are the on-going practice of a policy of war orchestrated the US administration, both before and after 911, and nothing to do with terrorism.

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Fallujah in Pictures

18-11-2004 13:04

Resistance Fighters? Civilians? Human beings.
The Fallujah in Pictures website (address below) is grim viewing...

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o2 host wap chat with Tony Blair on Thursday 25th November

18-11-2004 09:56

I work for o2 and got an interesting work email today stating that the prime war criminal himself is going to be available to answer public questions, on the o2 active wap site. I read into it, and its maybe not as exciting as directly putting questions to the man, but...

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WAR, CAPITALISM & ELECTIONS: An Interview w STEPHEN GOWANS – Canadian Essayist

18-11-2004 09:35

Read ANGIE's – regular and erudite Indybay-IMC ( Poster fm Canada – incisive interview with Canadian political essayist STEPHEN GOWANS. Angie has scored a previous interview with Israeli pro-Palestinian human rights activist Ran Ha Cohen. We await similar interviews with Uri Avnery and others who speak directly to issues of global justice – as well as global resistance to imperialist racism and the elite capitalists' rapaciousness that will gamble ALL our lives. We, finally, are at an especially critical world cross-roads: we can choose illumination or illusion, enlightenment or inconsequence, mutual respect or profligate death.

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War and Children: Photos from Iraq

18-11-2004 06:48

Photos of children in Iraq

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Ballots Or Bullets?

18-11-2004 03:38

The only choice we'll have is between ballots and bullets if we want to remain free. That is the dilemma facing America today. Do we restore integrity into our election process today or do we face a dark choice later?

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NATO approves terrorist training for US/Iraqi militants

17-11-2004 22:51

Sources say NATO has links to the US Empire and George Dubya Bushit. Bushite has recently committed war crimes against humanity in his war on Iraq along side the Coalition of the Killing.

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Winner Announced: Sharon Short Story Contest + Song for download + stories in He

17-11-2004 21:23

Ariel Sharon Short Story Contest
Ariel Sharon Short Story Contest: Announcing the winner in this onzik special project: Katherine Ludwig, with her story "The Glory of Might."

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Regarding the Progressive Muslim Union of North America

17-11-2004 20:36

Regarding the formation of the "Progressive Muslims Union of North America"

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Arresting Vanunu While Burying Arafat

17-11-2004 05:58

"Mr. Vanunu, who is a Christian and who claims his faith profoundly directed and sustained him during the worse of his imprisonment, gives much credit to the spiritual teachings of Jesus Christ."

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Heroic Fallujah

16-11-2004 16:54

US imperialism experiences a stumbling block in Fallujah and the whole of Iraq in its drive for global hegemony and corporate control.

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Report of Fallujah demo and vigil in Glasgow Monday 15th 2004.

16-11-2004 12:44

Protest outside John Smith House, West Regent Street, Glasgow.
This is a short report with 6 photos of the protest against the Fallujah massacres in Glasgow on Monday 15th November and of the vigil for Fallujah on the same day.

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Bush to Visit UK Early in New Year 2005!

16-11-2004 12:12

Further to press reports that George Bush will visit europe after his inauguration next year in 2005 ( comes uk press reports of a visit to the uk from The Telegraph and Scotland on Sunday:

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falluja pictures

16-11-2004 10:49

click on the link-

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"He's done?" - over my dead body

16-11-2004 09:17

Peace activist and Swindon poet Tony Hillier responds to heart-breaking news of wounded Iraqi soldier allegedly shot in cold blood reported 15 Nov 2004