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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Rough Music In Scoundrel Times

25-09-2005 12:16

After seeing four people carrying a yellow paperback in Hyde Park I decided to investigate further.

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The Washington March: Falsified Numbers

25-09-2005 11:52

On our mainstream TV's and radios all over the world a different and false picture was mostly shown and heard, but it is safe to say that there were HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE marching against the US neocon government and the genocidal war in Iraq, yesterday in Washington.

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Fit Team vs the Grey Bloc.

25-09-2005 00:41

Plucky pensioner's placard prevents police photographer from snapping speakers.
Today the Forward Intelligence Team (FIT TAX WASTERS) found themselves faced by a new enemy. Local peacenik pensioners took offence to the FIT's camera pointing at Stockwell station. The FIT were trying to photograph the speakers at the demo.

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Pictures from Hyde Park Stop the War rally.

25-09-2005 00:14

Crowd in the park.
Pictures from todays speeches and rally at the end of the demo.

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UK soldiers issued with Basra warrant

25-09-2005 00:02

An Iraqi judge said the soldiers were wanted in connection with the deaths of several Iraqis during a confrontation with British forces.

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Stockwell Stop the War demo to Parliament square.

24-09-2005 23:48

Speeker from Stockwell Mosque.
Several hundred people joined the South London Stop the War march to the main demo at Parliament sqaure. Speakers at stockwell included the local MP and a speaker from the mosque. The demo became much louder while going past MI6.

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Audio - something a little different

24-09-2005 23:06

Saturday 24th saw yet another Stop The War Collalition march in London, this time under the banner 'Peace and Liberty'. Rather than ask people yet again about their opposition against the ongoing occupation of Iraq, we sought out people to express a wider analysis of the global war of capital against people. The interviews are available to download or you can tune in to rampART radio and try you luck.

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BBC reports Police number 10,000 doesn't report Stop War March Estimate

24-09-2005 21:28

Just heard 10pm news on BBC Radio Four and BBC News 24. Both simply repeated police estimate and did not mention Stop the War Cooalition's estimate of numbers on the march.

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Political and Spiritual Corruption

24-09-2005 13:52

Hope is what sets us apart from the rest of creation. We can go beyond everything past and present in the power of the coming, the power of the promise. This was Jurgen Molt-mann's discovery in a British prisoner of war camp in WW2. Though not concrete, dreams can still point the way.

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Anti-War Troops Home London Demo Starts

24-09-2005 13:12

Tens of thousands of people gathered in London at lunchtime today to take part in the latest stop the war coalition demonstrations.

Two feeder marches headed towards parliament square where the main march was meeting - the demo ends up at hyde park for a rally.

Protests are also being held today in Washington, as well as in Glasgow and in Ireland.

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US troops admit to systematic torture of Iraqis

24-09-2005 08:45

One sergeant told Human Rights Watch: "Everyone in camp knew if you wanted to work out your frustration you show up at the PUC tent. In a way it was sport… One day [a sergeant] shows up and tells a PUC to grab a pole. He told him to bend over and broke the guy’s leg with a mini Louisville Slugger, a metal bat."

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Basra, Iraq: we have seen the enemy and it is us

23-09-2005 14:38

Irish independant news is reporting British covert action by SS similar during the war in Northern Irland is taking place in Iraq. This week two British covert soldiers were captured by Iraqi police which started the new violence against the British in Basra.

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new faslane peace camp website

23-09-2005 14:27


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Techies top cops' terror profile

23-09-2005 09:25

Allo allo allo - is that an RS-232 cable, sah?

If you think that the police's profiling of terror suspects is something that only happens to other people - think again. Today's panicky Plod doesn't seem to be very discriminating at all. And you could be next.

Techie David Mery has published an account of being arrested, and having his computers confiscated, because he happened to be wearing a rucksack on the London Underground the day after the 27/7 bombings. Or as phone blogger Russell Beattie put it -

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Jury to be Charged Friday in Conspiracy Trial of Irish American Peace Activists

22-09-2005 23:31

Trial began last Monday of Danny Burns, Clare Grady, Teresa Grady & Peter De Mott on 4 felony counts arrising out of their noviolent occupation of their local mlitary recruitment centre (Ithaca, NY, USA) on St. Patricks Day 2003. More background & info

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Al Qaeda, "yes we did it"

22-09-2005 17:11

As the super storm Rita rolls towards Texas this week, Al Qaeda has claimed responsibilty...

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Iraq, Vietnam and Martin Luther King

22-09-2005 13:26

As a resurgent anti-war movement marches on Washington and London we might recall the efforts, and the victories, of a previous anti-war movement, of which Martin Luther King was a part.

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Anti-war news from the USA: Cindy Sheehan Rips War Party in Baltimore Talk/Video

22-09-2005 12:15

Anti-war news from the USA: Cindy Sheehan Rips War Party in Baltimore Talk + Video

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Israeli Anarchists Occupy Main Settler-Road in the West Bank

22-09-2005 09:18

A group known as the "Anarchist Anti-Zionist Enviromental Macho Bicyclist Fashion Police" (spells GRUSHKA in Hebrew) has managed to stop traffic in one of Israel's main apartheid roads, if only for a few hours