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The Washington March: Falsified Numbers

Henk Ruyssenaars | 25.09.2005 11:52 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Repression

On our mainstream TV's and radios all over the world a different and false picture was mostly shown and heard, but it is safe to say that there were HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE marching against the US neocon government and the genocidal war in Iraq, yesterday in Washington.

Amsterdam - Sept. 25th - 2005 - Most TV channels and radio stations in the world only received - and to their shame used - the official but false US neocon's newspeak version concerning the anti war rally yesterday in Washington: the international neocon information agencies were as usual falsifying the numbers.

Checking - apart from CNN, BBC etc. - some other European TV channels and radio stations in different languages, I could hear and see nearly all those brainless prompter readers and collaborating nitwit commentators quote the neocon's falsified reports about "the thousands" which marched in Washington; trying to nullify the impact of all these huge groups of american and other people, all disagreeing with the neocon's lawless genocides now going on in Afghanistan and Iraq.

''Bush Lied, Thousands Died'' read one sign correctly.

But, the info-crooks do it every time, and again and again, and that's why one never ever should believe any of 'their' information sewers, be it Associated Press, which is one of the worst info gutters, or CNN, AB-CIA as many call it, the nuclear broadcasting ilk at NBC, or the info rapers from UPI, Reuters, ANP, BBC, and all the other press prostitutes and information distorters. The average prostitute by the way, has more decency in a fingertip than all of these media warmongers together.

They are a shame for our profession as journalists and a blame on mankind: they represent the neocon crimes against humanity, proving every day to be brain dead but walking on two legs. Like they did here; Falsifying figures of the Florence march against the coming wars - Url.:

According to C-Span TV* in the US yesterday, it was even up to half a million people which took part, marching against the present US managers and their inhumane wars for profit and their problematic, sick neocon ideology. []
Scott Galindez writes in Truthout Org* about what he saw in Washington in an article called "Numbers", and that concerns what they did not want us to see on TV: "Saturday 24 September 2005 - It is safe to say that there were HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE marching against the war in Iraq today.

Police Chief Charles Ramsey's only statement was that the organizers achieved their goal of 100,000. The DC police refused to make any other estimate.


I was on the corner of Pennsylvania and 15th on the steps of Riggs bank when the march began. People were still arriving from all directions. The massive amount of people moving in all directions prevented a front of the march from forming. People just started marching on their own with no marshals anywhere near the front of the march. Thousands of people passed me before any organized contingent.

The first major contingent that passed me were thousands of students with signs that said, "college not enlistment." Thousands of people later I finally saw what was intended to be the lead banner. I saw Congresswomen Lynn Woosley, and Barbara Lee, the Reverend Al Sharpton and other dignitaries carrying that banner.

    Thousands of people behind that came the Iraq Veterans Against the War. Joan Baez was marching with them right next to Marine Jeff Key and dozens of other veterans of the Iraq war. Behind them was Gold Star Families for Peace. About half a block later came Veterans for Peace, with Military Families Speak Out a short distance behind them.

At the time I assumed that they were in the middle of the march. I later found out that while they were not near the front they were much further from the rear.

    I moved down to Pennsylvania and 13th to catch the front again and noticed for hours that there were still people heading up 15th Street. I headed to the concert at 4:30 pm, 4 hours after the march began and people were still marching past the White House, only 4 blocks from the march's starting point.

    To summarize, it took over 4 hours for people clear out of the ellipse area. I have been to several large marches in Washington, DC, since 1989 and this was by far the largest.

[end item] - Truthout - story at Url.:

C-Span - Url.:

See how Google maltreats the information about the march in Washington - Url.:


Editor : Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands

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