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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Arafat a possible target

03-04-2004 08:30

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Trident Ploughshares Mass Event

02-04-2004 18:57

Trident Ploughshares have set a "Deadline for disarmament." This coincides with the start of the NPT Conference where nuclear states will talk and not act on nuclear disarmament.

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Disarm DSEi Mayday flyer

02-04-2004 18:05

DSEi-Mayday flyer
This is the flyer for the dsei mayday action on April 30th.

Please note protest starts at 08:30 at Apex Tower and moves to REED at 1pm

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Indymedia reporters in Baghdad

02-04-2004 16:32

Andrea Schmidt of CKUT radio (Montreal) interviews Andrew Stern in Baghdad about the prospects for Indymedia Baghdad, and Iraqi independent media makers under the occupation.

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no charges brought against big ben anti war activists

02-04-2004 11:53

no charges pressed against big ben anti war demonstrators

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Land & Water Services HQ attacked

02-04-2004 10:19

Windows smashed at HQ of subcontracters working on Blackwood bypass.

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Summer of Dissent documentary

01-04-2004 21:49

The Manhattan Neighbor Network has collected footage from protests from all over the world on 20 March 2004 to make this documentary. The IMC footage of the London protest is also in the film. There are two more screenings of this film in April: 4th and 7th. You can watch it on the website (see below).

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Michael Ignatieff and "Empire Lite".

01-04-2004 21:12

Ignatieff. Don't let the name fool you, he really is a terrific moron...

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British Government Murder in Ireland

01-04-2004 16:39

The Belfast based Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ), a human rights NGO, has just published the following summary of the findings of Canadian Judge Peter Cory (appointed by the British and Irish governments) in his investigation into the circumstances surrounding the murders of Pat Finucane, Robert Hamill, Rosemary Nelson and Billy Wright. The full report into the murder of Pat Finucane is now available on the Pat Finucene Centre's website:

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Aldermaston Rally Bonn Square 10th April

01-04-2004 15:25

Come and support the Youth March from Oxford to Aldermaston.
Rally at Bonn Square, 9.30am, Saturday 10th April 2004

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stop the silence - START THE NOISE

01-04-2004 12:28

April 5th sees the anniversary of the shooting of ISMer Brian Avery in Jenin. Brian is one of many thousands of people who have been seriously injured by the Israeli Army during the 37 year illegal occupation of Palestine. Join in a noise demo outside the offices of the Israeli Arms Company - RAFAEL 3/5 Duke Street W1

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American 'civilians' killed, mutilated in Falluja were mercenaries

01-04-2004 11:07

Much has been made of the killing of four American 'civilians' in Falluja, Iraq, for many bringing back echoes of Somalia '93 when dead US troops were dragged through the streets precipitating a US withdrawal. However, even if working for an illegal occupying power can be classed as 'civilian', these people were far from non-combatants.

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"20 march against wars"
ROME Italy

31-03-2004 22:28

these images have to make the turn of the world... Rachel Corrie and Raffaele Ciriello

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Not what the neocons and Bush were hoping for

31-03-2004 20:54

At least 5 more U.S. G.I.’s were killed today in Iraq. Also 4 “civilian workers” form the the USA were attacked and slaughtered in a manner that recalls our nation’s defeat in Somolia. The mainstream account of these events below is not what the neocons and Bush were hoping for. Please share it widely. Peace and an end to occupation, jamie

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is it antisemitic to lie about israel

31-03-2004 18:08

It is now commonplace for those attacking Israel to call it an 'Apartheid State.' EC Editor Jared Israel examines one piece of evidence for this accusation and finds it to be a clever lie. Mr. Israel argues that the answer to the question, "Is it all right to criticize Israel?" is that it's the wrong question. The right question is: "Is it all right to lie about Israel?" The comparison between South Africa under Apartheid and Israel is examined and found to be absurd. In conclusion, Mr. Israel comments on the attempt by the pro-PLO forces to claim Martin Luther King as their own, providing evidence that, once again, it's a lie.

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Labour Party Spring Conference Protest Demo and Rally - video

31-03-2004 16:26

Manchester anti-Labour rally on M13.

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arafat and his discontents

31-03-2004 11:25

this article is by well known israeli historian benny morris, who did a lot to show that the palestinian refugee problem was created by the israelis. in this article written in february 2002, he explains why he has lost hope in peace

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Ann Clwyd: The Vicar of Cynon Valley

30-03-2004 18:25

If the Vicar of Dibley is the nation’s third favourite comedy (appropriate enough, as it’s a third rate show), Ann Clwyd’s sermons ought to studied more carefully by scriptwriters and cast members alike. Comedy abounds in her latest Guardian elegy to Iraqi "freedom" , a dazzling commixture of imprecation and implication, hosannah and high praise, invocation and intimation. Clwyd, in a curious way, makes the war on Iraq seem the result of desperate appeals by Indict, the commission she headed to try and get Saddam Hussein and his band of thugs nailed in an international court of human rights, in absentia. Those attempts, she explained, were blocked by Russia, China and France – and further adds (perhaps with a Welsh cackle?) that Hussein is now to appear in court, defended by a French lawyer. French and a lawyer! Where will the perfidy end? Well, even the devil must have an advocate you know...

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Civil Liberties under attack - public meeting in Swindon

30-03-2004 16:59

This is the press release from Swindon Stop the War Coalition:
meeting 6th April, 7:30 pm - Friends Meeting House

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Nominations now open for World Stupidity Awards!

30-03-2004 14:00

World Stupidity Awards announced on BBC.
Nominations now open.