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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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~ ~~MY PET GOAT: Lancing the Neo Con Coverup ~~~

20-05-2005 00:37

Jeremy Ellington, who has been critical of some left viewpoints of the Iraq interwar sanctions, demonstrates that his sharp pen is not reserved for intramural discussion, as he blasts neo-con apologist Richard Mintner and praises five time Emmy winner Peter Lance. TAGS: Ramzi Yousef,Oklahoma City, September 11, terrorism, 911 Commission,Richard Mintner, Neo-Con,Cover-up,Peter Lance,FBI,Nancy Floyd,conspiracy, Blind Sheik, WTC, World Trade Center

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Anti-war campaigners protest against injunctions

19-05-2005 19:17

Campaigners today to the right to protest to the London lawyer responsible for attacks on freedom of speech on behalf of arms company EDO. This is the press release sent out. Below are also two PDFs of flyers about EDO and also the law firm Lawson-Cruttenden & Co - please download and distribute widely. This was an action in solidarity with the campaigns against EDO in Brighton.

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In Depth G8 Audio Interview with Mark Curtis (WDM)

19-05-2005 18:20

Mark Curtis Interview (36 mins - 48kbps mono)

Interview with Mark Curtis from the World Devolopment Movement who also wrote Web of Deceit. The detailed interview explains some of the fundamentals of how the G8 works and their aims, and talks about corporate agendas, the truth behind development and debt, protests and campaigns, Bono Geldolf and the Government, the media, as well as Britain's role within the G8.

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WEF takes place at Dead Sea this weekend

19-05-2005 15:25

Poster advertising the WEF in Jordan.
THis is a 500 word piece with one photo about the scarcely publicised WEF meeting which is taking place in Jordan this weeekend.

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No more injunctions protest!

19-05-2005 15:20

stop the injunctions protest
EDO Solidarity protest at office of injunction lawyer.

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'Zarqawi' figment of the US imagination, used time, and time again

19-05-2005 11:26

Is there a psychiatrist in the house?
But you've got to believe that? And he also allegedly said he was going to blow the whole world to bits, just by winking his eye? Therefore the US and its war criminal mates can go on killing and killing and killing.

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Demonstrate against the Uzbek massacres - Uzbek Embassy, London, 12 noon, Saturd

19-05-2005 08:33

*Support Uzbekistan's democratic opposition.

*Demand justice for the hundreds murdered by Karimov in Andizhan this week.

*Call for an end to Western support for this brutal regime.

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FAX ALERT -support imprisoned Finnish conscientious objectors!

19-05-2005 00:58

Please take a few moments to support conscientious objectors sitting in prisons of Finland by taking part in this fax alert.

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Galloway Rocks The House -- or more appropriately, the Senate

18-05-2005 19:58

MP Galloway at Senate Subcommittee Inquisition
The Senate Permanent Subcommittee On Investigations, that is, insisting on making an ass of itself in front of the whole planet by attempting to discredit dissident British MP George Galloway with documents in "evidence" long-proven to be faked.

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Cavlan For Senate In Minnesota needs to contact MP Galloway

18-05-2005 18:30

The Cavlan for US Senate in Minnesota needs to contact MP Gallaway ASAP.

Minnesota is the home state of Senator Coleman, who attempted to slander Gallaway. This is no joke. Any help would be appreciated.

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US Senate Candidate in Minnesota Supports MP Gallaway

18-05-2005 18:19

Independent Media Journalist Michael Cavlan (myself) declared at a press confernce his intention to run for the US Senate in Minnesota. Outspoken peace and justice activist and media critic, Cavlan had called his press conference at the state capital in St Paul Minnesota on the same day that MP Gallaway was being smeared by fellow Minnesotoan, Senator Coleman.

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John Bolton and the Decline of the US

18-05-2005 17:40

Is the nomination of John Bolton calculated to mask the deteriorating status of the US as a hyperpower? And if so, should the anti-war movement be encouraged by this? A brief discussion.

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Medialens and Democrat's Diary on George Galloway

18-05-2005 17:27

A discussion on George Galloway's place and role in media coverage of Iraq.

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US hints at possible invasion of Northern Ireland

18-05-2005 16:23

U.S. to IRA: Lay down your arms now.

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Interview with Independent journalist Dahr Jamail

18-05-2005 15:46

Dahr Jamail
This is a 2,000 word interview with 4 photos of an interview I had with independent American journalist Dahr Jamail in May 2005.

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Al-Qeada's a spent force clain Pakistan police

18-05-2005 15:29

Article in London's metro paper May 17th

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Religion exists to divide successful communities

18-05-2005 02:16

Religion is divisive worldwide. Here is a theory of how that may have evolved and why. And also, some suggestions as to part of what we can do about it.

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Gorgeous George upsets the Senate

18-05-2005 00:20

Accustomed only to hearing ‘positive’ pro-war sound-bites from the Administration, Americans were taken aback by George Galloway’s frank oratory. Facts are his defense in the face of monumental lies and his accusers expose themselves, while attempting to disgrace him.

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Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference 2005

17-05-2005 19:37

Update on the NPT Review Conference in New York this month.