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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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9/11 Toxic Dust Whistleblower Raided By SWAT Team

16-09-2006 03:21

Ground zero hero Major Mike McCormack says he was deliberately targeted for helping release document

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Why I Hate America

15-09-2006 22:59

I hate America for being a hypocritical white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.

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London 9/11 Truth Movement Protest Video - 2006-09-11

15-09-2006 22:30

Video of the 9/11 Truth Movement protest at the US Embassy in London and at the BBC Television Centre in White City.

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Uranium Weapons - What you should know

15-09-2006 21:52

From the San Francisco Bay View Newspaper, 8/18/04

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Sack parliament - benefit night

15-09-2006 21:37

Benefit night for the October 9th Sack Parliament actions featuring Rass Smallmoney (conscious hip-hop), boogie knight, Stuart P (Hit or Miss), Sarah Bear & Josh (Sunday Sounds), Mad Scientist (Burning Spear), El Crisis (reggae), Excentral Tempest and Vendetta (Fun-Da-Mental).

Saturday 16th September 8pm til 1:30am. Donations welcome.
rampART, 15-17 Rampart Street, London, E1 2LA

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9/11 Toxic Dust Whistleblower Raided By SWAT Team

15-09-2006 21:26

Ground zero hero Major Mike McCormack says he was deliberately targeted for helping release documents on EPA government cover-up, says 75% of police, firemen believe 9/11 cover-up

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Stirling Area Peace Rally

15-09-2006 20:35

Palestine ! Lebanon! Now is the Time for Peace and Justice!
Tuesday 19th September - 6.15pm - University of Stirling, Atrium

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European powers refuse to send more troops to Afghanistan

15-09-2006 18:27

Bitterness and general rancour characterise the relations within NATO one week after its senior military commander called for 2,500 reinforcements to be urgently dispatched to assist the 8,000 British, Canadian and Dutch troops caught up in savage combat in Afghanistan’s southern provinces. In the face of dire warnings that the NATO-led occupation risks losing ground before a resurgence of support for the former Taliban regime, the major European members of the alliance have refused to send a single soldier.

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Press Release : Re-Trial Ordered In Case Of Fairford Defendants

15-09-2006 18:19

This is a forwarded press release:


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Protests Increase in August

15-09-2006 16:25

From: Protest News Website

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Stop the War Coalition ... Time to go?

15-09-2006 13:35

Those pseudo-subversives and fake friends to revolutioneries the Stop the War Coalition (STWC) have called a demonstration in Manchester which they say will 'surround the Labour Party Conference' and be the largest ever demonstration held in Manchester.

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Anarchists Against the Wall UK tour - Grassroots in Israel/Palestine

15-09-2006 12:00

The infamous Anarchists Against the Wall, an Israeli direct action group which is committed to joint popular struggle with Palestinians, is sending two representatives on a speaking tour around Europe, with an extensive tour around the UK.

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Pentagon Think Tank Head Resigns Over EDO Corp Corruption Scandal

15-09-2006 08:42

Trustees of a Pentagon funded think tank, the Institute for Defence Analysis (IDA), have concluded that their own President, the disgraced former EDO Corporation director, Admiral Dennis C. Blair, was acting in 'conflict of interest' when he oversaw the writing of a report for the US government that led to the extension of the multi billion dollar F22 Raptor production programme, which financially benefitted contractor EDO Corp, and his own shares in the company.The trustees of IDA have now forced Blair to resign his position as President of the institute.

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'EDO Must Close' Says South East England MEP

15-09-2006 06:39

South-East England’s Green MEP Caroline Lucas joined Brighton protesters outside the EDO MBM factory on Wednesday and called for the closure of the arms firm.

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US Iran report branded dishonest

14-09-2006 19:59

The UN nuclear watchdog has protested to the US government over a report on Iran's nuclear programme, calling it "erroneous" and "misleading".

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Support Military Families - Send a protest email today

14-09-2006 15:39

Protest at Manchester City Council ban on Peace Camp.

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'Mass Lone Protest' around Parliament

14-09-2006 11:43

Discussion of a 'Mass Lone Protest' to circumvent the idiocy of the SOCPA act

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A noisy event for a distruction aiding company.

14-09-2006 10:37

the latest anti-EDO protest

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The Art of War

14-09-2006 10:15

Likud threatens Latuff

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Military Families to defy Manchester's New Labour Council

13-09-2006 22:26

New Labour in Manchester is trying to ban a peace camp by bereaved military families on the pretext that 'Providing facilities for the campers would not be logistically possible.'