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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Britain’s secret proxy war in Syria

17-02-2012 14:38

The UK has been instrumental in consolidating relations between the disparate and isolationist opposition groups in Syria—not because the British elite want genuine democracy, of course, but because Syria’s President Assad would not acquiesce to the neo-liberal economic policies of the Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiative (BMENAI). Unlike Iraq and Libya, Syria does not have significant quantities of strategic resources to make worthwhile a NATO-led invasion. As a result, Assad’s country must be destroyed via UK-trained militias so that it can be rebuilt along Euro-American-approved lines.

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NATO's "secret war" on Syria: British Special Forces supporting rebels

15-02-2012 14:44

In January, Michel Chossudovsky reported British media confirming UK/CIA/MI6 operatives in Syria training anti-Assad Western-backed insurgents. They're also supplying them with arms, ammunition, and equipment. The Libyan model's being replicated in Syria, so far short of bombing.

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Down The Drones Conference Bristol

14-02-2012 23:58

Bristol Against The Arms Trade Present – Down the Drones Conference – Sunday April 1st 2012

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Imperialism out of Somalia - demonstrate 23 February - London

14-02-2012 20:38

Hands Off Somalia is a campaign organised to oppose the upcoming discussion of corporate, political and military intervention in Somalia by the British government at their conference on 23 February 2012. We are demonstrating outside the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, King Charles Street, Whitehall, LONDON SW1 from 1 to 3pm.

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No carbon budget for Trident and no plans for co-operation on climate change

14-02-2012 18:01

Trident Submarine
If we allow business as usual to continue, the planet will not be habitable by 2050 and the only people left will be the crews of the Trident submarines. We must not let the military industrial complex to continue to profit from irresponsible suppression of public debate.

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US navy prepared for war against Iran

14-02-2012 17:44

The increasingly menacing character of US rhetoric toward Iran was underlined by the comments to the media on Sunday by Admiral Mark Fox, commander of the US 5th Fleet based at Bahrain in the Persian Gulf.

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UN 'Travesty': Resolutions Of Mass Destruction

14-02-2012 15:54

It has been said that compassion is 'the only beauty that truly pleases' (Aryasura, The Marvelous Companion, Dharma Publishing, 1983, p.305). While beauty ordinarily provokes the fiery itch of desire or the sullen shadow of envy, compassion is cooling, blissful, inspiring awe and wonder. It implies an ability to stand outside our own needs as observers, to perceive the suffering of others as of equal or greater importance. But like all forms of beauty, compassion can be faked, exploited.

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Silence Can DESTROY – April 2nd 2012

11-02-2012 17:12

Monday 2nd April is the 27th annual Bristol drone conference, but this years gonna be different. Bristol Against Arms Trade have teamed up with Bristol Stop the War and Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign, with the aim of making so much noise the conference will be a flop.

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One year on a Libyan student in the UK asks... was it worth it?

11-02-2012 01:05

Friday Drivetime - BCfm’s weekly politics show
At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris

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Smash EDO Press Release -John Catt challenges police surveillance

10-02-2012 11:45

Cleaning up ITT's act
On 9th February 2012 John Catt, a campaigner against arms dealers EDO MBM Technology Ltd in Brighton, a subsidiary of American arms company ITT Exelis Inc, brought a case in the high court over the retention of data by the National Public Order Intelligence Unit on the National Domestic Extremist Database.

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Routine repression of Smash EDO activists continues

10-02-2012 10:47

Solidarity Demo
On the 8th February 2012 Chris Osmond, a long-term campaigner against EDO MBM.ITT, was in court for criminal damage for allegedly tapping the fence of EDO with a rock during a demonstration.

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Anne Perry's World War I ...Echoes Still In Afghanistan

08-02-2012 21:53

Anne Perry''s book Shoulder The Sky and others of her over 60 books are understated litanies of the suffering of World War I, written without preaching or opining. They serve as a mirror for the atrocities of present wars. Perry lives on the Eastern coast of Scotland.

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Fitwatch to support fellow domestic extremists outside High Court on Thursday

08-02-2012 14:28

Fitwatchers will be joining fellow domestic extremists at the High Court on Thursday when anti arms trade campaigner, John Catt will be bringing a judicial review against the domestic extremist units for holding data on him.

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Syria: CIA-MI6 intel ops and sabotage

08-02-2012 13:01

The Independent on Sunday, 5 February 2012
For anyone in two minds about what is really going on in Syria, and whether President Assad, hailed a decade ago as “A Modern Day Ataturk”, has become the latest megalomaniacal despot, to whose people a US-led posse of nations, must deliver “freedom”, with weapons of mass, home, people, nation and livelihood destruction, here is a salutary tale from modern history.

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Important update in Scottish Census Refuser court case

07-02-2012 15:25

Barbara Dowling (centre) outside the court in Glasgow on 26 January
The adjournment of Barbara Dowling's Census case in Glasgow on 26 January at the request of the Procurator Fiscal now appears to have been based on a false premise. Read on...

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Demo: Peace for Iran and Syria - No to War

05-02-2012 16:48

Credit: Peace Strike
Wednesday, 8th February 2012, 4pm - 6pm

Foreign and Commonwealth Office
King Charles Street (off Whitehall)
Westminster, SW1A 2AH
United Kingdom

Peace Strike


Bring banners, whistles, enthusiasm and energy!

This is the start of the BIG PEACE OFFENSIVE to prevent a war with Iran or Syria.

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Armed Groups Inside Syria: Prelude to a US-NATO Intervention?

05-02-2012 15:47

Russia and China have vetoed the UN Security Council draft resolution on Syria pointing to the existence of armed groups involved in terrorist acts including the killing of civilians.

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9 Feb, High Court, London: Support John Catt. Protest 'Big Brother' Police State

05-02-2012 15:22

87 year old anti-war activist John Catt is bringing a Judicial Review challenging the legality of the publicly funded, secret 'domestic extremist' intelligence database run by the discredited National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU) under the command of ACPO and/or the Metropolitan Police.

Protest in solidarity with John and against the surveillance police state outside the Royal Courts of Justice, the Strand, London WC2A 2LL on Thursday 9 Feb from 9am. The Hearing starts at 10am. The domestic extremists among you might like to bring along dusters and other cleaning materials.

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No war on Iran! For regime change from below!

04-02-2012 18:18

The war drums against Iran are beating ever louder. The new embargo on Iranian oil, to come into force on July 1, is only the latest in a long list of measures imposed by US and EU imperialism. It bans all new oil contracts with Iran, and cuts off all existing deals. Also, all of the Iranian central bank’s European assets are to be frozen.