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One year on a Libyan student in the UK asks... was it worth it?

Friday Drivetime | 11.02.2012 01:05 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Terror War | World

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European Commissioner for Employment and Social affairs. László Andor on the Greek/Euro crisis & his advice for Council of Europe.

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First anniversary of Libyan insurgency. UK based Libyan student, born in the same town as Colonel Gaddafi, Sirte, describes what has become of his home country and Western mainstream media lies. Nearly 10,000 political prisoners, torture is rife. Fulvio Grimaldi’s Bloody Arab Spring film about NATOs destruction in Libya. Implications for Syria, leaked Arab League report damning of Western media.

Despite being a wealthy Conservative heartland with lots of council tax reciepts North Somerset council services are falling apart. Failing to maintain roads, switching off streetlights at night while floodlighting their council offices. Cameron’s Defence Secretary, North Somerset MP Liam Fox, was sacked for travelling everywhere with a man who had no security clearance called Adam Werrity. How many more Werrities are still out there holding hands with Secretaries of State? Somerset businessman Julian Parry discusses North Somerset council and sharp practice the Weston-Super-Mare Tropicana, a council swimming attraction now being sold off to developers.

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