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Fitwatch to support fellow domestic extremists outside High Court on Thursday

Fitwatch | 08.02.2012 14:28 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Policing | Repression

Fitwatchers will be joining fellow domestic extremists at the High Court on Thursday when anti arms trade campaigner, John Catt will be bringing a judicial review against the domestic extremist units for holding data on him.

Protesters have been invited to bring along dusters and other cleaning equipment as those labelled domestic extremists begin the clean up the intelligence gathering practices of the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU).

Catt, an 87 year old grandfather with no criminal record, discovered his movements and presence at protests, in particularly at Smash EDO demos in Brighton, were recorded on the NPOIU database after he made a data protection request on the unit. John is also an artist, and is often seen at these protests sketching and recording the scenes that he sees.

Last week, the HMIC investigation into the functioning of the NPOIU found their intelligence recording practices were flawed, citing that "the rationale for recording and retaining the intelligence was not strong enough". However, HMIC have failed, so far, to investigate this breach further, and have simply stated they will revisit the problem separately.

Emily Apple from Fitwatch stated:

"This is an important case testing the fundamental right for people to attend a protest without having information about them recorded by the state. Unfortunately, we have seen time and time again institutions such as HMIC and the IPCC fail to properly investigate serious issues regarding the policing of protests, and it is down to individuals to take action to expose and rectify these seemingly unending intelligence gathering practices.

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