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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Nottingham anti-arms-trade campaigner on trial

18-05-2010 00:51

The blockade at Heckler & Koch's Nottingham warehouse
On Thursday 20th May, an anti-arms-trade activist will stand trial at Nottingham Magistrates' Court. Kirk Jackson is pleading not guilty to a charge of aggravated trespass for his part in a protest that closed the international sales office of arms company Heckler & Koch for a day.

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Rolls Royce targeted

17-05-2010 14:51

Last night the distribution center of the Rolls Royce factory in Derby was targeted by autonomous individuals against the war machine.

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U.S. threatens a nuclear first-strike against Iran

17-05-2010 00:20

US nuclear weapons in Europe
US President Barack Obama, while announcing the results of the Nuclear Posture Review of the Pentagon’s weapons on April 5, explicitly asserted the right to make a nuclear first-strike against Iran and North Korea if the U.S. deemed them to be in violation of nonproliferation rules. The corporate-owned media actually described this as a disarmament proposal!

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London Campaign Against the Arms Trade at the Spirit of Summer Fair

16-05-2010 20:44

London CAAT raise awareness of the Spirit of Summer Fair's link with the arms trade

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Who is bombing in Iraq?

16-05-2010 12:06

Iraq's PM Maliki displaying photos of a man he claims to be an al-Qaida leader
Christopher King argues that it is likely that the American CIA – or Israel acting on its behalf – is responsible for recent atrocities in Iraq, in order to extend and consolidate the occupation, just as it is probable that the Times Square bomber was, wittingly or otherwise, acting for the CIA or Israel, to justify the US military intervention in South Asia.

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Repeating history with Iran

15-05-2010 09:27

A French court recently recognized the idiocy of one of the U.S. government’s attempts to enforce its sanctions against Iran by denying the government’s request to extradite an Iranian businessman for allegedly violating the sanctions.

Perhaps the court was familiar with how U.S. officials had used the so-called “dual use” game against the Iraqi people during the 11 years of brutal sanctions against Iraq.

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Palestine's Nakba commemoration in London - Saturday 15 May, 12-2pm

14-05-2010 20:17

On Nakba Day, tell the government to take action now:

Free Palestine!

Saturday 15 May, 12-2pm

Opposite 10 Downing Street, London SW1 (nearest tube Westminster)

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NATO In Afghanistan: World War In One Country

14-05-2010 17:05

Afghanistan has, whether by convenience, design or some combination of the two, been transformed into a vast training ground for the consolidation of a fifty-nation military structure that has already been extended into Central Asia, the Caucasus, Eastern Europe, the Horn of Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Middle East.

It is also a testing range for new 21st century weapons and combat systems intended for future use around the world.

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Nakba Commemoration in London - Saturday 15 May, 12-2pm

13-05-2010 20:41

On Nakba Day, tell the government to take action now:

Free Palestine!

Saturday 15 May, 12-2pm

Opposite 10 Downing Street, London SW1 (nearest tube Westminster)

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Is the New York Times misleading its readers again - This time on Iran?

13-05-2010 17:52

Recently, we critiqued a Washington Post article that relied almost entirely on unnamed U.S. officials and a known terrorist organization to make the Iraq-redux argument that Iranian “defectors” are providing the U.S. government with critical information about Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. Yesterday, The New York Times ran an article—by Nazila Fathi, ostensibly reporting on the execution of five prisoners in Iran on Sunday—that epitomizes the same kind of agenda-driven, threat-hyping approach as the Post’s piece on Iran’s nuclear program.

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Peace activists reclaim tree outside Downing Street

13-05-2010 15:02

Photos by Yvonn Jakobsen
At approximately 14:10 yesterday, two concerned citizens from the Democracy Village on Parliament Square climbed a tree outside Downing Street and unfurled a banner which read: "Come on Dave, its time for peace, bring the boys home". This action is part of an ongoing campaign by citizens at the Democracy Village to call on the new government to withdraw British forces from Afghanistan.

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Top media lies about Iran

13-05-2010 14:38

The Times, 14 December 2009
The Peace Prize President in the White House continues to increase his empty, but angry rhetoric in an attempt to garner enough support for a strike on Iran. The propaganda juggernaut is in full action, and thousands of articles, TV shows, and politicians are beating the drums for a war against Iran. If this sounds eerily familiar, it's because it is.

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Manchester anti-arms trade activities

13-05-2010 08:58

Target Brimar are calling for solidarity with the EDO Decommissioners in Manchester. On Monday 17th May at 12.30 pm we'll be leafleting outside Barclays on Mosley Street in Manchester City Centre; please join us.

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Filmshow: The Jewish Anarchists, Brighton, 21st June, 7.30pm, The Cowley Club

12-05-2010 18:15

The Free Voice of Labor: The Jewish Anarchists (Paul Avrich, 1980, Duration 58 mins)

UK: Brighton, 21st June 2010, 7.30pm, The Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton, BN1 4JA Free/Donation

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Decommissioners trial postponed until June 7th

11-05-2010 20:41

plus upcoming Smashing events...

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Palestine Today 05 11 2010

11-05-2010 16:40

Palestine Today 05 11 2010
Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center for Tuesday May 11th, 2010.

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Democracy Village Guerilla Gardening this saturday

10-05-2010 11:56

The Democracy Village in Parliament Square would love to invite you to a Guerilla Gardening event this saturday!

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Bombs made in fareham and Derbyshire used to supress dissent in Greece

09-05-2010 19:24

Grenades made by the Chemring group ( used in recent protests in Athens and Thessaloniki, not just tear gas used, also some kind of fragmentation grenade, and noise grenades made by Chemring scum (

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Women In Black Are Back!

09-05-2010 15:52

Women In Black hit the streets of Oxford (well, Bonn Square) on Saturday 8th May in a silent and pasifistic sort of way.

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IAEA director Yukiya Amano oversteps his bounds

09-05-2010 11:23

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Yukiya Amano
With the departure of ElBaradei as the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), a deep and bitter divide has opened up on the IAEA Board of Governors between advanced nuclear states, including most of the states with nuclear weapons, and developing countries that make up a majority of the membership. On highly publicized issues such as Iran and Syria, consensus has evaporated.

It remains to be seen whether Amano can restore consensus to the IAEA Board and building trust particularly of the majority of its members who represent the developing countries. However, his perfomance with respect to Iran thus far does not bode well.