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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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news told direct from the streets of Falluja to the streets of Oxford

16-04-2004 16:19

A group of Oxford folk, brought together by the recent Schnews gig and the new social centre, decided to bring eyewitness reports direct to local shoppers today.

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16-04-2004 14:34

The "Judges for Justice" who white washed downing street on the day of the commons debate regarding the hutton inquiry, will appear in Bow Street Magistrates COurt on Tuesday charged with £3,500 Criminal Damage. Will they see justice???

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[Beitunia] Israeli Army Shoot Dead Palestinain Boy At Anti-Wall Demonstration

16-04-2004 13:25

Friday, April 16, 2004
For Immediate Release


17 year old Hussein Mahmoud Hussein Awad was shot in the head with
live ammunition

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Iraq News as it is, today!

16-04-2004 09:42

NEW and TRUE story telling in Cornmarket Street (near Northgate Tower) from 12 til 4pm.
Readings from Jo Wilding and others eye witness reports of what is really happening.
Come along for support, to take part in the readings, to be enlightened or entertained.

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Peer to peer sharing of political information

16-04-2004 01:36

Why not use Peer-to-peer networks for sharing of cool content that is legitimate anyway?

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Truce Offered

16-04-2004 01:32

Osama Bin Laden has offered a truce to Europe! The potential end of all conflict! The potential end of war and death and destruction!

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Beijing's Errant Children

15-04-2004 19:10

Now that Hong Kong is anxious for self-rule and Taiwan is serious about nationhood, China is awakening from a dream of a peaceful reunification with its democratic territories -- another round of terror is likely.

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[Biddu] People Continue To Confront Military And Bulldozers

15-04-2004 12:18

1) People continue to confront military and bulldozers
2) The continued harassment of Kafr Ein_TAKE ACTION
3) Aid to Gaza petition _ TAKE ACTION


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Freedom Summer Palestine 2004

15-04-2004 12:10

Join the Palestinian people & the

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From tyranny to democracy?

15-04-2004 10:32

Since 9th April 2003 some 5383 people have been killed in Iraq, including 1200 people alone in Fallujaha over the last week.586 coalition troops have also been killed leaving many embitted back home.But is this the reaction Mr Blair and Mr Bush expected from the liberated people of Iraq? But of cause the perpetrators of these killings, if we are to believe Blair and Bush, are terrorists from outside of Iraq taking advantage of the situation.However neither leader can explain that out of the 8500 people detained only 150 of them are actually none Iraqi.

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Talk: Iraq: one year on

15-04-2004 08:19

Talk by Dr Glen Rangwala, 8pm, Tuesday 20 April
Leckhampton House, Grange Road, Cambridge

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They Go To War - We Die

15-04-2004 08:08

THEY go to war
WE die

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aldermaston wmd hunt

15-04-2004 08:06

On monday the march from London to Aldermaston reached the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment at Aldermaston, having been joined by a youth march from Oxford. A few hundred of us were waiting for them. We believed we had found a site containing those elusive WMD. But the local authorities were not co-operating.

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Logic, Mythology and the Iraq War

14-04-2004 23:07

A logical explanation about why George W. Bush's rationalizations for the Iraq war are asinine and the discussions among pundits and so-called experts on US corporate television are based on false assumptions and are ridiculous as well.

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Cambridge Paper Newswire, Special: Iraq

14-04-2004 22:34

Double sided A4 sheet describing the current events in Iraq (Falluja). Print and distribute widely... AND TAKE ACTION!

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WHAT’S RIGHT WITH BP? (10am, Oil Festi Hall, Thurs April 15th 2004)

14-04-2004 20:58

you’ll to need an industrial-strength stomach pump to get this out yer system
No, not a counter-demo...Here's the text of a leaflet to go out at tomorrow's BP AGM.

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Manchester March - while Tony is in town

14-04-2004 17:40

A report on the a 'Stop the War Coalition' march in Manchester to co-incide with the Labour Party Spring Conference in the city. Made by Conor Hartnett as part of a City and Guilds in Digital Video Film technology run by Hulme Adult Education centre.

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US Now Plans to Recruit Saddam's Security Forces

13-04-2004 20:04

More good news from Iraq. The US are getting fed up with the lee-way being
given to Iraqi security forces and military, some of whom have refused to
fight in the last few days. So they're planning to stiffen them up by
introducing former Ba'athist commanders.

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Demonstration outside Downing St. Saturday!

13-04-2004 14:29

Downing St. Demo