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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Honduras-The CIA Never Quits

29-06-2009 23:46

The United States has a long history of interference in Latin America and the coup in Honduras could be a part of that.

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Public Debate - Resisting War Crimes is not a Crime?

29-06-2009 14:26

On January 19th this year,during the bombardment of Gaza six people entered the EDO/ITT arms factory in Moulescoombe and caused extensive damage. On May 4th thousands took to the streets for a mass demonstration.

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Shut ITT protester pleads guilty

29-06-2009 13:47

One man, arrested at Smash EDO's Shut ITT demo (see plead guilty to section 5 of the Public Order Act

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EDO MBM/ITT blockaded

29-06-2009 08:39

Early this morning the Home Farm Road premises of arms manufacturer EDO MBM/ITT were blockaded in solidarity with those made refugees by global military aggression.

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Armed Forces Day protest - report

29-06-2009 08:35

SEVERAL hundred leaflets were handed out outside the Armed Forces Day event in Worthing on Saturday by a small group of local campaigners.

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Coup d'etat underway in Honduras: Obama's first coup d'etat

29-06-2009 08:24

School of the Americas Graduate and Coup Leader Romeo Vasquez
In the early morning hours of 29 June, soldiers took President Zelaya of Honduras to the air base and flew him to Costa Rica.

The modus operandi of the coup makes clear that Washington is involved. Neither the Honduran military, which is majority trained by U.S. forces, nor the political and economic elite, would act to oust a democratically elected president without the backing and support of the U.S. government.

Many believe the coup has been executed as a method of ensuring Honduras does not continue to unify with the more leftist and socialist countries in Latin America.

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Coup in Honduras - Protest Tuesday

29-06-2009 03:18

Obama's first military coup?

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The Great Divide-Iran and Leftists

28-06-2009 18:40

A discussion of the possible reasons for the great divergence of opinion among leftists about the situation in Iran

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Iran crisis (by Latuff)

27-06-2009 13:21

Iran crisis
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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America's "Bases of Empire"

27-06-2009 05:05

US military troops and bases around the world
Besides waging perpetual wars, nothing better reveals America's imperial agenda than its hundreds of global bases - for offense, not defense at a time the US hasn't had an enemy since the Japanese surrendered in August 1945.

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DISARM DSEi 2009 - 8th September 2009 - City of London

26-06-2009 23:54


Defenc e Systems Equipment International (DSEi) – the world’s largest arms fair – is due to take place in East London between 8 and 11 September 2009. At DSEi 2007, there were 1352 exhibitors from 40 different countries with a total of 26,5000 visitors.

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Israeli PM Netanyahu: 75% of the Iranians want regime change

25-06-2009 14:21

Shah of Iran's return from Rome after the CIA coup of 1953
The selected quotes below from the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Reza Pahlavi, the son of ousted Shah of Iran, provide further insight into the true colour of the "Green Revolution".

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Zizek on Iranian protests

25-06-2009 01:31

"The following is a guest post from Slavoj Žižek, Apparently the mainstream media has not shown interest in publishing it. The piece is copy-right free and you should feel free to republish this on your own blog. "

one would be expecting a miracle to expect Ahamdinejad apologists, who have been supporting his govornment based on illusioins that a middle class uprising is in place in Iran. Mind you Sepah, the main supporter of Ahmadinejad is a multi- million corporation. most people in the rural areas of Iran, who many in the left believe have voted for Ahmadinejad, are from ethnic minorities who would either, NOT vore, or should they come to the polls is to protests to the pro-regime candidate. Ahmadinejad govornment has the control of the Media, the Police, Riot police, funded by a multi million corporation (Sepaah e Paasdaaraan) and the new regime-dependant corporations and middle class. Open your eyes, only a tyranny who has acknowledged lack of legitimacy, would kill cruch demonstrations in such a scale , to save their position. Is the British left really that blind?

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Lebanon: Short film on the siege of Nahr al-Bared Refugee Camp

24-06-2009 21:19

Still of "Two Years Under Siege"
The anarchist media collective a-films has just published a new short film ("Two Years Under Siege"/10min) from the destroyed Nahr al-Bared Refugee Camp in northern Lebanon.

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Selective Sympathy for Iran

24-06-2009 19:13

Concerned human rights activists find themselves in a difficult situation. While they have justifiable concerns about the treatment of anti-government protesters, they must always keep in mind that warfare is the worst human rights abuse of all. The greatest risk to the Iranian people comes from the American president, who had already proclaimed that military action against Iran should not be “taken off the table.”

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FLASHBACK: Imperial Playground: Marching East of Iraq

24-06-2009 08:36

map of "The New Middle East"
The Anglo-American policy in the region is still focused on efforts of destabilization of the countries, and thus, provide both an excuse and a feasible situation to maintain control over the region.

Afghanistan and Iraq, often seen in the public view as two wars in the US-led ‘War on Terror’ which hopes to ‘rid the world of terrorism’, yet, in reality, these two major theatre wars are simply two geopolitical pivots in the broader strategy of Middle East and Eurasian imperial conquest.

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London Demonstration For Solidarity With Iranian People's Protests

23-06-2009 23:53

Show your Solidarity With Iranian People's Protests, or come to discuss what you think about the recent Iranian elections.

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Protest on Saturday against Armed Forces Day

23-06-2009 18:52

A PROTEST against the nauseating celebration of "Armed Forces Day" has been called in Worthing, West Sussex, for Saturday June 27.