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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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US/Israeli "preventive" war and neo-colonialism

18-10-2003 03:30

Comment on the precedent of "preventive" war against Iraq and US/Israeli neo-colonialism.

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Bristol-Stop-The-War News : 18th October 2003

18-10-2003 00:55

STOP BUSH: 3 DAYS OF DEFIANCE: 19th-21st November.
Build The Protests Against Bush's Tour Of The UK.

Buy Your Bristol Coach Ticket Now. See Below For Details.
Leaflets & Resources:

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Chris Eubank And His Protest Against the IIlegal Wars

17-10-2003 17:28

Chris Eubank Protests Against War
Chris Eubank harrassed and then arrested by Police

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Baku-Ceyhan pipeline: urgent action

17-10-2003 11:49


This is if you can bring yourself to do a little lobbying. I met my MP last week - a leftie Labour one - and she was very onside, offering to put down an EDM (for whatever that's worth, which is probably a little in terms of upping pressure on funders) in the Commons. Actually, I'd recommend it in this specific circumstance.
Anyway, this below from the Bretton Woods Project may also be of interest, if you have a minute or two. Feel free to radicalise or personalise the suggested text...

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Dignity, Solidarity and the Penal Colony

17-10-2003 04:07

The Last Essay.
I am honored to post with my name and hopefully what respect Real Democracy teaches by its practice in a civil society.

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The picture which shames US army

17-10-2003 01:50

A secretly taken picture of an American soldier frisking an Afghan child has shocked human rights campaigners across the world.

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We interrupt this docfest...

16-10-2003 19:24

We intrupt this docfest...
Sheffield Indymedia is screening 'We interrupt this Empire' on Saturday 18th October at 9pm.

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Israel/Occupied Territories: Wanton Destruction Constitutes a War Crime

16-10-2003 17:01

Israel's War Crimes :The War Crimes Israel Perpetuates Continue to Feed the Terrorist Mentality While at the Same Time Punishing the Innocent

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Rafah invaded now! Action needed!

16-10-2003 15:42

The situation in Rafah has intensified further still. At midnight, yet another area of Rafah was invaded by the Israeli army. This time it was the Al Brazil refugee camp, again situated along the border with Egypt. It is a continuation of the previous raids on Yibnah and Block J, and the ongoing operation in Hay Salaam.

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Manchester Uni Bush Mobilisation

16-10-2003 14:43

Manchester Uni activists are planning a big mobilisation for 19-21 November, when George Bush is going to be in Britain.

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Chemical (Kelly) trail

16-10-2003 10:16

Notes to the IMC-UK censors:
Article states 'Permission is granted to reproduce this article in its entirety'
This is non news bollocks for Tom for me it is non news analysis.

Could anyone please suggest the TVP some names for secretive operations. Using 'mason' fuels conspiracy theories!

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more photos of F15 anti-war march

16-10-2003 09:06

click on link-

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Were you Section 44 searched at DSEi?

15-10-2003 17:06

Liberty's High Court Case about Section 44 searches took place on 2-3 October 2003. Liberty is still calling for submission of S. 44 search receipts from activists who were searched at DSEi or other London demonstrations.

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15-10-2003 13:04


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More video clips of Manchester Camp X-Ray

15-10-2003 12:39

Woman camp guard being interviewed for Indymedia
More broadband video clips of the Manchester Camp X-Ray.

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Eubank protest against Iraq occupation

15-10-2003 03:20

Chris Eubank protests outside Downing Street and crashes car - against the occupation of Iraq.

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Manchester Camp X-Ray - video clip

14-10-2003 23:15

Broadband encoded video clip of Manchester Camp X-Ray.

To download the entire film rightclick on the link below.

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US bulldozes Iraqi farmers crops

14-10-2003 23:01

The US are now using zionist tactics against Iraqis - report from the Independent.

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The today's answer is simple & bloody

14-10-2003 19:39

pics from turkish embassy blast