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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Circus 2 Iraq

22-02-2004 18:04

Many of you will remember our Fisheye from Gate 10 and the RIAT and a lot of you Bristolians will know Jo Wilding, especially for her very memorable letters from Iraq while she was over there during the bombing. These are her pages:

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SSharon's Wall of SShame (by Latuff)

22-02-2004 03:54

SSharon's Wall of SShame
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terrorism.

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Words from the front-lines (Iraq)

21-02-2004 19:37

American soldiers sound off about the occupation of Iraq.

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New Stop the War Steering Committee Proposal

20-02-2004 21:14

The following is the list of people that the outgoing steering committee of the Stop the War Coalition will be proposing to make up the new steering committee.

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Images from Fairford Court Ruling 19th Feb 04

19-02-2004 23:12

Images from Fairford Court Ruling.

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Bushes Legacy

19-02-2004 22:09

This is like a picture collage of Bushes presidency but its a movie

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Fairford Judicial Review : Judegement Online

19-02-2004 20:03

The full text of the judgement is online

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Fairford Judicial Review - Corporate Press Coverage

19-02-2004 12:47

Collecting corporate media coverage of the Fairford Coach Judicial Review

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Eye witness from Iraq public meeting

19-02-2004 12:19

Ewa Jasiewicz, fresh from her return from Iraq, gives an eyewitness account of the occupation at a public meeting in Essex on Monday. She will be joined by CND national chair, Kate Hudson. All welcome.

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Police 'abused power' during demo

19-02-2004 11:11

Protesters have won their High Court battle over a police decision to detain them on their way to RAF Fairford for an anti-war demonstration.
Lawyers for half the 120 passengers, stopped from protesting last March, accused Gloucestershire Police of acting unlawfully.

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Occupation, Inc.

18-02-2004 09:43

The giant steam turbine at the Najibiya power plant is quiet. If the Russian engineers who built the original equipment over 30 years ago stopped by to take a look, they might have a hard time recognizing the machinery: over the years Iraqi engineers have replaced many of the original blue parts with a patchwork of white and grey makeshift materials.

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Court Martials for Israeli Conscientious Objectors

17-02-2004 20:24

Court Martials for Israeli Conscientious Objectors

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Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign: Latest News

17-02-2004 14:17 in a Week
from the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign
February 15, 2004

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ISM Reports: Demonstration Against The Wall in Beit Surik On Friday

17-02-2004 14:11

1) Demonstration in Beit Surik Friday
2) The Way to School _Andrew in Jenin

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High Court rule on Fairford Coaches this Thursday 19th of February 2004

17-02-2004 12:48

The High Court will deliver their ruling this Thursday at 10am. If you wish to support, please join the demonstration outside the courts at 9am. We hope for as successful an outcome as the recent Jubilee Buses challenge to the Met Police.
Please circulate press release below. Next week at 7pm on Thursday 26 February, see the two coach passenger movies at G2, SOAS (with food/drinks, and guest speakers).

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US Airforce admits that they did not have sufficient Firefighters at Fairford

16-02-2004 14:56

US Airforce admits that they did not have sufficient Firefighters at RAF Fairford during the war last year. Air refuelling tankers + 700 troops will be in Fairford March to Sept this year.

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this is how many bombs they dropped from fairford

16-02-2004 10:59

loading the bombs at fairford
Information courtey of Stars and Stripes (Official US forces paper)

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A New Brand of Paint

15-02-2004 15:43

A New Brand of Paint for a new kind of Artist

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Iraq Had No Capability To Deliver WMD, Inspector S

14-02-2004 06:27

WASHINGTON ( -- A top Australian weapons inspector says he never believed Saddam Hussein had the ability to attack his neighbors with chemical or biological weapons, but the Australian government failed to properly consult with the inspector before deploying troops into Iraq.