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Circus 2 Iraq

fairfordpeacewatch | 22.02.2004 18:04 | Anti-militarism | Oxford

Many of you will remember our Fisheye from Gate 10 and the RIAT and a lot of you Bristolians will know Jo Wilding, especially for her very memorable letters from Iraq while she was over there during the bombing. These are her pages:

While we were setting up the Fairford campaign tent at last year's Big Green Gathering, Fish and Jo were hatching a plot to take a circus to Iraq. Seemed like a wild pipedream at the time, and there were certainly one or two sceptics who didn't know about Fisheye's determination and energy. This is him after a serious evening's planing:

Anyhow, miracles DO happen, and they made it. Performances every day in the street, in schools, with local NGOs and even, the other day, in the National Theatre in Baghdad. They're sending out wonderful reports which are all on here:

Reuters went to see them the other day:


"Jo Wilding, a young British woman who worked as a human rights observer during the war and now spends her time walking around on stilts, said she hoped the act achieved something.

"If all we do is put a smile on their faces and make them realise that the
whole world doesn't hate them, then we've done something positive," she said."

We are collecting money here sending over regular payments to try and keep them going. Don't send money to the details on the c2i website for the moment, unless you want them to collect it when they get back. Instead, I have a little building society account that you can go and deposit money into from any local High Street, or you can make a payment direct from your own bank. It doesn't matter how much, or how little, a regular transfer would be great, but £1 will do, if that's what you have spare. Next Saturday I'm collecting selling people's unwanted stuff at a table sale in a local church hall, sending the proceeds out to Fisheye. Be great if people could do the same.

Please give them as much support as you can by making payments to:

Nationwide Building Society
sort code: 070093
bank account: 33333334
destination reference number: 0514/348774352

Many thanks!
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