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this is how many bombs they dropped from fairford

Andy Newman | 16.02.2004 10:59 | Anti-militarism | Oxford

Information courtey of Stars and Stripes (Official US forces paper)

loading the bombs at fairford
loading the bombs at fairford

This is old news n a way becasue it was published in July 2003, but i guess not many Indymedia types get Stars and Stripes.

I found this while doing some research:

"During the war, the B-52s flying from RAF Fairford flew 122 combat sorties, a total of 1,600 flying hours in 33 days. They dropped 3.2 million pounds of munitions and 9 million leaflets.!"
read the article here

Swindon Stop the War Coalition try to keep an up to date running log of news stories and links to other sites about fairford, you may like to check it out:

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  1. that is 1600 tons — Andy again