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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Ghassan Tueni: Sharon's Ouster is the Only Insurance Against "Apocalyptic War"

03-02-2004 22:53

"Ariel Sharon must go to spare the Middle East - and the universe – an imminent nuclear catastrophe, Ghassan Tueni opined in his weekly editorial in An Nahar Monday. "

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Palestine: The Hour Before Dawn

03-02-2004 17:32

A British traveller in Palestine reports again on his experiences of the occupation.

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Hutton Inquiry : ACT NOW !

03-02-2004 09:18

This Wednesday Parliament will be debating the Hutton Inquiry. I urge you to contact your MP by fax at to call for a FULL and OPEN independent inquiry.

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Israel Wants US Report Held After the Hague

03-02-2004 06:41

Israel has asked the U.S. administration to postpone publication of the State Department's annual report on human rights around the world, fearing it will be used against Israel in the discussion on the separation fence at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

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More Disasters Hit Congo

03-02-2004 04:05

Following the tragic November 25, 2003 capsizing of a ferry boat in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the waterways have turned deadly yet again. In that accident, the overloaded boat turned over in choppy water on Lake Mayi Ndombe and more than 150 people were killed.

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Terrorist Alert!

03-02-2004 00:54

Don't let the Smoking Gun be a Mushroom Cloud.(tm)
Have you seen these Suspected Terrorists(tm)?

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Aida refugee Camp, Palestine -update-

02-02-2004 23:15

Aida refugee Camp, Bethlehem, Palestine.

Mohammad Abu Odah killed by the IDF. Family house imploded.
5 hours of war havoc on the streets of Aida.

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Doubts about Hutton's role as Coroner's Inquest

02-02-2004 19:45

A clear need exists to scrutinise more closely Dr Hunt's conclusions as to the cause of death.

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Two US Soldiers ask: "When will we stop dying so senselessly?"

02-02-2004 19:13

Over the Christmas holidays I managed to find two US soldiers who were back from Iraq. They were both somewhat willing to be interviewed and describe their time in Iraq in their own words.

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Peace Not War Music and Arts Festival 12th 15 February

02-02-2004 16:50

In February 12th, the Peace Not War Music and Arts Festival kicks off in London.

A year on from the Massive worldwide Peace demonstrations, this 'festival' really could be something for the UK Peace movement. It is a gathering for the whole spectrum of people who came out on the streets last year.

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Bridge Activist Arrested...Again!

02-02-2004 16:02

The protester who was charged with 'Causing a Public Nuisance' after hanging a banner at Cambridge railway station in the run-up to the George Bush visit in November of last year has been re-arrested and charged under section 5(1)(a) of the Public Order Act 1986.

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Happening now in AIDA camp, Bethelehem, Palestine -Urgent- !!!!!

02-02-2004 11:11

Just received this chilling message from AIDA refugee camp in the West Bank, Palestine. The Israeli army has enetered the village, snipers hae been positioned and the little streets are filled with bullets, tear gas and sound bombs......

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Peccadillos proliferate

01-02-2004 19:26

The Whitehouse leak of the name of CIA Spook Valerie Plame has lead to inquiries by the US Congress. To gain a sense of the gravity of the situation the Resolution of Inquiry is a privileged measure that can only be invoked by members of the of the Senate and Congressional Intelligence Committees. This measure is rarely invoked. What follows is a reprint of an article by former White House Counsel during the Nixon Administration John Dean outlining the matter. And you thought the Hutton Commission Report ended this type of chit-chat ! Oh the tangled web we weave.........

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Two US Soldiers ask: "When will we stop dying so senselessly?"

31-01-2004 22:41

Over the Christmas holidays I managed to find two US soldiers who were back from Iraq. They were both somewhat willing to be interviewed and describe their time in Iraq in their own words.

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20th March online protest

31-01-2004 13:19

Progressive Webgroup Alliance
The Progressive Webgroup Alliance is attempting to organise a day of online protests on the 20th March for those who for whatever reason are unable to attend the real world demonstrations.

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Afghanistan condoned, Iraq followed

31-01-2004 00:21

The world allowed Bush to attack, invade and occupy Afghanistan without presenting evidence of guilt or compelling reasons that this action was necessary in that country. Little wonder he did exactly the same thing again in Iraq.

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89 percent of Mancunians say Hutton was bollocks

30-01-2004 21:59

The "Manchester Evening News" did a survey yesterday, 29.1.04, of readers' views about the Hutton Report. It asked the question: Has justice been done by the Hutton Report?

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Scott Ritter: 'The public must look to what is missing from the report'

30-01-2004 19:10

An analysis of the Hutton report in light of other current events.

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International Food Not Bombs Gathering

30-01-2004 08:24

food, not bombs!
Food Not Bombs (FNB) volunteers from around the globe will converge in New
York City August 25-27th. Planned to precede protests against the
Republican National Convention, the Food Not Bombs International Gathering
will host activists from one of the world’s largest revolutionary
movements for three days of workshops, spokescouncils, skill shares,
foodsharing and discussion on the future direction of the movement.

Since its inception in 1980, FNB has grown from one chapter to more than
300 groups all over the world who are organizing against war and
militarization by cooking and serving free meals in their communities with
the idea that the billions of dollars wasted on military spending should
instead be used to nourish the hungry. An autonomous movement, FNB
chapters engage in various projects in their communities from fighting
against poverty, gentrification and governmental immigration policies to
organizing against the war on Iraq. One hope to come from this gathering
is that FNB chapters will be better informed of what other groups are
accomplishing in other parts of the world.

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Iraqi WMDs Destroyed by Regime in 1991

30-01-2004 04:08

This research by Dr. Glen Rangwala, was known by Blair, Bush, Powell, Cheney and most American politicians, including Kerry. This exposes the lies still being used to support the US and UK war propaganda.