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Freedom Rider: The Other Bailout

14-10-2008 14:32

It's hard to keep track of two mega-thieves at the same time. "The defense
bill is every bit as wasteful and just as much a harbinger of doom as the
much discussed Wall Street bailout, but has elicited hardly any debate, even
from progressives." And, just as with the bailout bill, Democrats in
Congress are ever ready to run up the white flag. "The collective popular
revulsion at the very presence of Bush in the White House has never stopped
Democratic party capitulation." War begets war. "Not only is military
spending completely unproductive, but it increases the likelihood of further
American acts of aggression.

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EDO cops in pre-demo propaganda

14-10-2008 11:20

Brighton rag The Argus serves as police propaganda tool. last week the Argus printed a few lines on the demo without publishing any letter or press release from Smash Edo

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Sussex Police erect new cameras at Falmer Station for Shut ITT demo

13-10-2008 17:25

Smash EDO are planning a demo on Oct 15th from Falmer Station

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FITwatch at EDO

13-10-2008 16:18

FITwatch spotter sheet
Download and print the FITwatch spotter card, and engage in a little FITwatching of your own at EDO this Wednesday...

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Bath Bomb #15 out now

13-10-2008 16:03

The latest offering from the Bath newshounds...

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Iraq: US dropped nuclear bomb near Basra in 1991, claims veteran

13-10-2008 10:47

An American veteran of the first Gulf War in Iraq claims that the United States dropped a five-kilotonne nuclear bomb in 1991 in a deserted area outside the southern city of Basra on the Iranian border.

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Smash EDO Press Release - Campaigners Say "Shut ITT!"

13-10-2008 09:45

13/10/2008 For immediate release

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(Im)Precision of U.S Bombing and the (Under)Valuation of an Afghan Life

12-10-2008 18:58

US/NATO bombs kill about ten times more Afghan civilians with a ton of our
"precision" bombs than we killed Serbs in 1999. More than 80% of Afghan
civilian deaths today caused by the US/NATO are due to close air support
attacks. They (Afghans) are only worth one-tenth of an Alaskan sea otter
rather than forty camels. We spend ten dollars on the military in
Afghanistan to pursue our geo-strategic aims and less than $1 on
reconstructing the everyday lives of Afghans devastated by thirty years of

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Venezuela: National Security = Personal Insecurity

10-10-2008 20:02

* This Editorial from El Libertario (#54, September-October 2008, Venezuela) examines – from the current Venezuelan perspective – how authoritarian power builds its own security upon the destruction of collective security.

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Crooks and Killers

10-10-2008 18:22

How justice for those who own a society and those who serve their interests differs so greatly from the justice given to the middle class and poor.

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Heckler & Koch Campaign Benefit Gig

10-10-2008 12:36

Saturday 25th October, Light House, Wolverhampton, 4pm - 4am.

This event is a not for profit event. All money raised will be donated to the Heckler & Koch Campaign. They are attempting to shut down the UK Headquarters of Heckler & Koch in Nottingham:

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Prisoner of Conscience: Conscience of the Israeli spymaster’s daughter

10-10-2008 10:56

Igal Sarna meets a Mossad chief’s daughter who is in jail for refusing national service

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Join the Big Blockade of Britain's nuclear bomb factory on October 27

09-10-2008 15:56

Photo by D. Viesnik
In 2006/7, Faslane 365 saw well over 1000 arrests during a year-long blockade of the Trident submarine base in Scotland. Last Easter, Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) Aldermaston saw its biggest demonstration in two decades as 5000 people surrounded the base to mark the 50th anniversary of the first London to Aldermaston march. Trident Ploughshares now invites you to a major blockade of the Berkshire nuke factory, where billions of pounds are currently being spent developing new warhead facilities that will scupper nuclear disarmament for another 50 years. Help us uphold international law by blockading this factory of death in what promises to be a colourful celebration of life and people power. There is a role for everyone, arrestable or non-arrestable, young or old. This event is supported by CND, Block the Builders and the Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp.

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SOCPA is dead.... but the illegal harassment continues

08-10-2008 22:45

we're here to search
sections 132-138 of the 'serious organised crime and police act' sought to control demonstrations near parliament, and specifically brian haw's seven year vigil opposite the carriage gates. the law is in tatters, but police, unable to use these powers, are resorting more and more to unlawful violence, intimidation, and harassment

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Third world Victory armed resistance to bankruptsUS Empire

08-10-2008 10:30

The Paulson plan is desperate second bailout attempt by the US imperialists to get their economy functioning again as"normal" .It is a brilliant victory for the Third world peoples fighting protracted guerilla type wars to assert their rights to national independence .US militarism,its wars financed by deficit spending,has bought the imperialist economic system already running on credit to the point of economic meltdown.The UK partner in crime has a bank bailout too.But US imperialism plans to use this Crisis as oportunity to plunder the worlds weakend finance institution.

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Sussex Uni Students Strike Again At Royal Navy

08-10-2008 07:13

For the second time in as many weeks Sussex university students have demonstrated their determination to drive the University Royal Navy Unit (royal navy recruitment organisation on uni campuses) into the sea.

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06-10-2008 12:07


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Brighton Against the Arms Trade - 2nd Public Forum

05-10-2008 13:50

6th October

Brighton Against the Arms Trade - 2nd Public Forum

Venue Cowley Club/Time - 7.30pm

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Press release: Menezes family's reaction to London police chief Ian Blair's resi

05-10-2008 11:34

The Menezes family is shocked by the news of Sir Ian Blair's resignation, as it comes in the middle of the inquest into Jean's death.