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EDO cops in pre-demo propaganda

presswatch | 14.10.2008 11:20 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Repression | South Coast

Brighton rag The Argus serves as police propaganda tool. last week the Argus printed a few lines on the demo without publishing any letter or press release from Smash Edo



Open letter to Sussex Police

14.10.2008 12:32

“Police Operation Against the National March Against EDO” - Invitation To Oppressers

A ‘Police Operation Against the National March Against EDO’ is being advertised as taking place in Brighton & Hove, beginning at 12 midday, on Wednesday 15th October 2008, meeting at Falmer.

Brighton & Hove is well used to hosting police operations against all kinds of protests. When those operations are conducted with no regard to the law, the protester presence will be increased, ensuring that everyone is able to go about their protest unhindered, while allowing police officers to make their pointless arrests. In order to ensure this happens, the protesters are keen to meet with the organisers of the repression planned for the 15th October, to discuss how it can take place ineffectively, while minimising injuries.

I am extending an invitation to the officers to meet with us to discuss their intentions, which will enable us to plan a proportionate response. Concerns about what is perceived as a criminal stance by Smash EDO at demonstrations can be alleviated if there is a dialogue between the protesters and police agitators. This is a key factor in ensuring that we provide an appropriate level of protest.

If you are involved in the organisation of this operation, please call Smash EDO on 01273 602519 and ask to speak to the Events and Planning Unit at the Hobgoblin. It will not be possible for you to leave a message after hours.

Assistant Manifestable, Karen Eliot
Platinum Protester

Karen Eliot


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