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FITwatch at EDO

fighting fit | 13.10.2008 16:18 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Policing | Repression | South Coast

Download and print the FITwatch spotter card, and engage in a little FITwatching of your own at EDO this Wednesday...

FITwatch spotter sheet
FITwatch spotter sheet

We know that the police will be very keen to document everyone who attends the Smash EDO demo on the 15th October. They will photograph and monitor anyone they decide is 'of interest' and put the data on a central police database. They will also seek to intimidate and deter protesters, and will harass and hassle those they decide they don't like.

Fitwatch is an initiative that seeks to encourage people to protect themselves and others from the intimidation and harassment of police data gatherers. Turning the tables on the police - taking their pictures, and gathering intelligence on them - has proved to be both empowering and effective.

To get the fitwatching off to a good start, we have put together a FITwatch spotter card with pictures, names and numbers of police evidence and intelligence gatherers from previous demos in Sussex. Feel free to print off a copy or two for use on the day. Of course, we don't have a crystal ball, and don't know for certain who will turn up, but we have picked out a few of the more likely suspects. Please pass on to us any additional info you may happen to discover!

Points to note:

There is no legal requirement to co-operate with police photography. You don't have to give them an unobstructed shot!

You have as much legal right to take their photographs as they do to take yours. Taking their photos is perfectly lawful and legitimate. Please send any photos (with ID numbers please!) to fitwatch at

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