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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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ISM Action Alert: Activist Flo Razowsky Arrested By Israeli Occupation Army

15-03-2004 13:32

March 15, 2004
For Immediate Release

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Testosterone Fueled Government

15-03-2004 13:15

The cheapest and most certain way to minimise a terrorist attack on UK is a clean pair of hands to lead the Labour Party into the Next Election to stop all this simplistic talk talk about Evil which stifles debate.
I struggle with my five year old grandson’s simplistic enthusiasm for ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’. We do not need this attitude from our government
After Spain’s recent election results and the possible election of Kerry in the USA
Britain under Blair is going to be isolated. Blairs unselfish statesmanlike resignation for would be for the good of us all is.

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New Fears for Stability of Congo

15-03-2004 08:08

This peace has never been easy. At times, there were as many as seven foreign nations fighting in DRC’s civil war and numerous home-grown rebel militias fought against the central government in Kinshasa, each other, and the foreigner troops.

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Both Houses of Parliament - One Question

14-03-2004 21:40

There is now a call in both British Houses of Parliament to report the United States to the United Nations Security Council for breaching the Geneva Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention by supplying Saddam Hussein with the very biological materials which were the basis for war in Iraq.

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U.S. Unloading WMD in Iraq

14-03-2004 21:25

US and UK planting Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq!!!

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Murdered in Gaza 16th March 2003.

14-03-2004 17:06

For R.C.

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13-03-2004 07:12


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M20. 'War on Terror' isn't working. Peace must come through Global Justice!

13-03-2004 05:20

After massacre Madrid. Stop the war! Peace through Global Justice! Freedom for the Middle East!
New poster for March 20th Demo in London, on worldwide day of protest marking one year since Iraq invasion.

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Condolences for the Innocent of Madrid

12-03-2004 19:29

A Victim of the Terror Atrocities
I would like to take the opportunity of the open forum of Indymedia to send my deepest Condolences for the 200 innocent people who died in Madrid at the hands of terrorists who have no morals. If you would like to leave your signs of respect, leave a comment.

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Israel to leave Gaza

12-03-2004 14:47

Israel is leaving the Gaza Strip

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Why the pisspoor coverage of Bliar coming to Manchester?

12-03-2004 14:30

This weekend, Bliar is coming to Manchester for the Labour Party Spring Conference.

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Democracy and Media Contradictions

11-03-2004 20:54

The contradiction between the continuous adulation given by the corporate media to supposed US efforts to establish democracy in Iraq with the recent US crushing of democracy in Haiti.

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Nick Cohen debates Workers' Liberty on Iraq war

11-03-2004 17:18

Alliance for Workers' Liberty London forum - Nick Cohen debates the AWL on Iraq

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CODEPINK at the March 20th London demo

11-03-2004 17:07

CODEPINK is a women-led grassroots peace and social justice movement. It first hit the streets in November 2002 when around 100 U.S. women gathered to protest the proposed military action against Iraq. The following spring 10,000 women in pink encircled The Whitehouse...

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Indymedia Cinema

11-03-2004 14:03

Indymedia Cinema presents...

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Halliburton and its subsidiaries

10-03-2004 23:08

Below is a complete(?) list of Halliburtons subsidiary companys which I found through . Not strictly news I know but...

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10-03-2004 23:05

The wall -Protect our Children
I wish I had a wall to protect my child from ayatollahs thugs and British electric batons!

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Guardian Supports Pre-Emptive War

10-03-2004 21:33

Guardian Article demonstrates BLIND ALLEGIANCE to the neo-labour dictator.

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The World Still Says NO to War!

10-03-2004 18:44

Anti-war groups throughout the United States and around the globe will
take to the streets on Saturday March 20, the one-year anniversary of
the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, under the banner "The World Still Says No
to War."

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Womens rights in Afghanistan and Iraq

10-03-2004 16:11

The effects of the wars.