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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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ChasingBush: SMS Tracking Website Live + Instructions

17-11-2003 20:18

The Chasing Bush state visit tracking site has gone live from its holding page with info of how to get involved etc:

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Please Help the US Resistence.

17-11-2003 19:51

Bu$hism is the Fascism of our times. We need YOU to help us defeat it.

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Sheffiedl Anti Bush demo pics

17-11-2003 19:51

Posters were put up in Barkers Pool
Some pics from Saturdays anti Bush demo

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Mass murderer lives well.

17-11-2003 15:09

This is the luxurious prison lifestyle of the Lockerbie bomber—the Libyan jailed for the terrorist killings of 270 people.

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Reasons to protest Bush Visit

17-11-2003 14:43

Just a few of the many reasons to protest at the visit from bush:

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Campaign funds to bush/cheney.

17-11-2003 12:05

The tribes chairman and his son have given campaign contributions to the bush/cheney 2004 election cycle. As someone who is a native American Indian I find this most embarrassing to state that I am a Cowlitz Indian after learning that the Chairman of the tribe used Our official name when he and his son gave $2,000 each plus the wife on the council also gave $2,000.

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Legal Action Against War (LAAW) PETITION SIGNING

16-11-2003 23:49

We can not stop the war in Iraq, but we can help the citizens claim for war damages, we can use the legal system to bring war mongers to trial no matter who they are!

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Sheffield Anti bush demo & analysis

16-11-2003 21:17

The unity of Police and protesters symbolises a secret set of shared goals.
An analysis of yesterday's Sheffield demonstration against George Bush.

Demo apathy - what is it, what causes it.

Why we keep on repeating the same tactics that never achieve the results we want?

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Anti-war pupils to face crackdown

16-11-2003 21:13

Independent article: Schools are ready to crack down on pupils who miss classes next week to attend anti- war protests during President George Bush's three-day visit.

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Independent (os) reports MET Police to U-turn on Bush March Route

16-11-2003 19:17

Have to wait until tomorrow's MET/STWC meeting to see if this transpires...

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What is the point of marching?

16-11-2003 12:51

This is suppose to help people re-evaluate the point of protest so next time we can be more effective. Although it is specificly to do with the sheffield saturday november 15th demo.

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A list of all the Bush Protests is now available.

16-11-2003 07:56

Bush is visiting, and there are a lot of London events to keep track of. This page has all the events (mainstream, radical, strange, boring) on one page in time/date order.

The page only has events for London, but there are plenty of them. The events are accurate as of the Sunday the 16th of November 2003.

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Cannon Fodder

16-11-2003 03:13

The Bush administration has cut veteran's benefits and forced wounded American soldiers to pay for hospital meals. They have kept returning sick and wounded soldiers in miserable conditions on US military bases and made them wait months for doctor's appointments. Now, they want to close schools and commissaries on military bases and privatize the remaining commissaries. Oh well, that means more taxpayer money for Halliburton, Bechtel and all the other corporations profiting immensely from the Iraq war.

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Billions Missing from U.S.-Controlled Development Fund

16-11-2003 00:58

A British charity alleges that billions of dollars transferred to a U.S.-controlled account have disappeared. In a report issued Oct. 23 entitled, "Iraq: the missing billions," U.K.-based Christian Aid reveals that the fate of $4 out of $5 billion transferred to the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA)'s Defense Fund for Iraq (DFI) remains unknown.

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Sheffield Against Bush March

15-11-2003 23:43

Sheffield played host today to a march of 150-1000 people. And guess what, Sheffield Samba Band joined in! A quick chat with a Sunday Times photographer suggestions national coverage tomorrow...

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Twelve soilders die. Another bad day for imperialism.

15-11-2003 20:51

Another bad afternoon for imperialism and its' cannon fodder.

One of the helicopters was hit in the tail by a rocket propelled grenade (RPG), a U.S. officer at the scene said.

By MARIAM FAM, Associated Press Writer
MOSUL, Iraq - Two U.S. Black Hawks crashed after sunset Saturday in this northern Iraqi city, killing 12 coalition soldiers and injuring at least nine, the military said. Witnesses said the two aircraft collided in mid-air.

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Second West Bank Wall Protest in Manchester - Video

15-11-2003 19:47

On Subday, 10th Novemeber 2003, a proests against the West Bank Wall took place in Manchester as part of an international day of action.

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ScrapBush Women Collective - action update

15-11-2003 19:07

'Scrap Bush' Women's Collective is calling for action urging The Queen to get rid of Bush. A flyer is attached in this file.